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Just a Red Bird smashing a keyboard in an attempt to make a story.


Waking up in ponyland was weird but it's something i can deal with. Waking up as a main character of a cartoon show? That can be easily dodged. Suddenly have a screen that keeps on forcing me to be said main character? Hell nah!

I was fine with living in a rock farm, it gave good work and it occupied my mind, it also allowed me to spend time with my family but that all went out the window when a screen started spouting some crap about me being the 'Element of Laughter' and a quest I couldn't refuse.

I didn't sign up for this!

RGRE, a hint of romance and an annoying game screen that's trying to make that hint larger than it is.

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looks neat so far i would say go to sun butt and see if she has any idea of the gamer rule set. also see if said screen pause time thing would at lease let you sleep for some time(lol) if you did it a favor or something.

if he is the protagansist insted of twilight does that mean he will become an alicorn insted? imagin celestias face :rainbowlaugh:

lol i was 10th like

Looks interesting, make more

I want to see a version where his reaction is "Guess the world is fucked then." And he keeps living his life as he pleases

Eager to see where this goes.

Will everyone think him to be a female???

Looking forward to the next chapter

She, like the rest of the family, hopes that you would be able to find a good herd...

Please no... Resist the whiles of the screen and embrace your patriarchal and monogamous heritage.

Pink is just red in a different shade just like gray is just black in a different shade so technically pink and gray don't exist they aren't colors just shades that's why indigo is in the rainbow and pink isn't even though pink seems to be in the Rainbow by visual reference

Is this story dead

Necesito más. Sobre todo la consecuencia inmediata de la madre.

Next chapter when?

Cool, don't know if this is dead or not but it seems interesting.

A-[You can always feel me, mom]

B-[Of course mum, what made you think otherwise?]

As yes the classic example of an incest loving american pig, and a polite, honest, British chap.

This is a pretty good premise. I’d definitely like to see more.

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