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Dusk Shine is a stallion that would do whatever he needs to survive. Even if that meant lying to himself and sleeping with Nightmare Moon herself for bits. But when he stumbles across a crystal table deep in Everfree, he'll realize that there is a lot more than the Night.

He doesn't know what to think about this.


(Mostly from Dusk Shine's perspective, so if somethings are obvious to you, doesn't mean its obvious to him)

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You got my interest,

But, Um, How is that an Author's Note?
Its just the last paragraph.

The Monk

Im following this.

its not really an authors note! its just a lil snippet of what happened after, i didn't know where to place it but i thought it'd be neat to place it there

Very interesting story, I wonder what changed in history has happened for Dusk to be a career thief, and that Nightmare Moon seems to already be the rule of Equestria for long time. I wonder how they got hitched together and what from the look of it it's a sort of Steampunk setting with the pollution part. I wonder how twisted Dusk's morals are in this story and who he would be willing to sell out to be in bed with Nightmare or what he is willing to do for another night with her.

Looking forward to see how this story develop.

Also if you are ever looking to commission a cover art let me know, here is some of my Dusk Shine work if you want to see.


Nice to see a little expansion on the situation between Dusk and Nightmare Moon, so he found, possibly one of the Elements, and sold it to her that got him into her good graces; could she know that he had handed her over a tool that could defeat her which only he could have used?

I wonder if Nightmare Moon have put any charms on his to keep Dusk leached to her. How abusive is she to him, and how much does he actually crave it. I hope to see some of the toys and outfits she showers him with. Does she do pet play with her, does she parade him around the castle as her pet and play thing?

Does Dusk have any sense of curiosity to me, or a desirer to learn for his own sake or is money all that matter to him in the end, or let the gravy train come in until it dries out. Would he let an ancient book be burn if he was ordered to, without question; can he even read? What magical skills does he have that helps with his thieving, teleportation maybe, or is he inept at magic and only count on his hooves to get the work done?

I wonder if Nightmare moon will send Dusk to steal the other elements that are in the possession of other great houses, that just so happen to be other bearers and somehow always find himself ending up being fucked by them, before he has the chance to steal the elements?

I wonder what other benefits Dusk has for being Nightmare's lover, can he have access to resected areas of the city(where he can steal more), get free meals, clothing, anything that would help him look more attractive for her in his visits. How does he compare to other stallions?

I wonder what happened to his family are they pore too, crippled, outcasts, or was Dusk simply disown by them, trap in prison or work house, or was an orphan all his life?

Can't wait to see more of this.

Things are about to become more interesting

Nice chapter, so Dusk is homeless and is more likely a runaway from home rather then an orphan, and from the sound about making the mistake of charging something with magic it sounds like something happen during the magical examination of the CSfGU analogous of that world that went so bad that he was thoroughly rejected; did his magical outburst kept on going out of control with no Celestia to calm him down, did he fry Spikes egg did he left his parents as potted plant really making him an orphan, does shining disown him? From the looks of things it is still unclear if NMM took over Equestria a few years ago or that her reign was uninterrupted for a thousand years; could it be the same world that Twilight visited or is it a much more divergent one. It is nice to see that Dusk seemed to have have a very similar upbringing to Twilight Sparkle and similar inclination, but in his desperation to just survive lost in academic interests and is just out to steal things that is of monetary worth to others and lost the spark of curiosity that he once had, seeing that he is more interested in pulling out a chunk of crystal of the Cutie Map rather then learning what the mysterious magical artifact is.

I wonder which of the elements that he had stolen, maybe it was laughter, which was whispering in Dusk's mind to sell it to a rock farm. I loved that he mindlessly broke the rock. I wonder who he had stolen it from, and why they were keeping something that looked so worthless at first glance.

I wonder what he will do if he arrives at Twilight Sparkle's world and if he will learn anything of how things turned out so much better for her then for him, and if he will draw out all the wrong lessons from the experience and that he will think that friendship is more of a better to get what you want rather then for it's own worth? I wonder if he will ever come back to his world with a new drive, ambition, with wanting more then just staying a thief for the rest of his life. Or would would he just want to find a way to be more useful to Nightmare Moon and fall even deeper into her clutches.

Looking forward to seeing more of this.

He actually didn't know that the cutie map was a magical artifact! Simply thinking that it was some fancy crystal table that must've been tossed away.

Thank you once again for your comments, its certainly a joy to read after every posted chapter.


He actually didn't know that the cutie map was a magical artifact!

I had guessed as much, there just wasn't any obvious clues for him to pick up, it just highlighted how he lost that spark of curiosity to him, with just not really even bothering to inspect what it was and only consider the monetary value it had. I am sure that if he ever comes back to NMM with a chunk of the table she will both be delighted and enraged of him for potentially damaging such an powerful artifact. Maybe she could use Dusk to spy on the Twilight Sparkle world and get other magical artifacts, promising treasures and sweet nights of delight at her side, with Dusk always falling for her promises and her body.

By the way is this a fetish story or a full fledge one with actual character development to it?

I didn't even realize that was Laughter. Dusk seems to find all sorts of artifacts. Well, "finds."

I have to say, I'm really enjoying the story so far. I look forward to reading more!

i got no idea what a fetish story but i do hope i can achieve the second.

Okay, well I will be looking forward to see how the plot develop, and I will hope there will be more occasions Dusk being dom by NMM again.

I wonder what he will think of Princess Luna and how he will compare her to his NMM.

aha... i feel like you misunderstand the dynamic of their relationship but absolutely! i am so very excited to post Luna and Dusk meeting


aha... i feel like you misunderstand the dynamic of their relationship but absolutely!

Oh, I was so much hopping that he become NMM collard pet to parade around; oh well. Still, I love the premise of the story and I can't wait to see what sort of mischief he will be up to in Twilight's world. By the way does Dusk have the same cutie mark as Twilight or did it went in an other direction like a picked lock, domino mask or a opened box with an I.O.U.?

oh what makes you definitively think that it was the Element of laughter that Dusk stole? I was just inferring that with the tenuous connection that Dusk might try to pawn it off to a rock farm.

Most ponies that work in the castle do think that dusk is mayhaps similar to that but things are rather different inside doors yknow? they're definitely both switches when it comes to taking charge tho

Got it, thanks for the clarification.

A fetish story would describe them having sex. Instead, you went for Dusk longing for a relationship that's more than just the physical side– as fun and gratifying as that is. Really, you're already skipping the parts that make a fetish story a fetish story, so keep on trucking. I absolutely love Dusk wanting to feel needed, and feeling kinda depressed that NMM was so cold and distant.

Makes me wonder just what's in that letter. When its first described, Dusk makes it seem like the letter didn't come from Nightmare Moon, being so un-showmanship. Makes me doubt that the letter is just the average summons from NMM to Dusk... I'm sure when he opens it up and reads it while in another world, he's going to regret not opening up before messing with the table.

A carved sphere with a gem symbol on the front matches perfectly how the Elements look in the pilot. As for the element being laughter, I just assumed you knew for sure, lol.

So it seems the Elements of Harmony never received their users. Would explain why NMM is still around.

I knew it was one of the Elements but I have no definitive clue that it is Laughter.

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I really hope this story continues

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