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Akuma Kazama

I am thou, Thou art I. You frauds who are in over your heads... Allow me to show you. How you pale in comparison to us thieves! Go! Arsene!


Has anyone ever wonder how to order at McDonald like a boss? · 6:40pm Sep 27th, 2015

If you read the title, then you clicked this blog for the answer, so here's the video that has the answer!!!!

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Some of my work, hope you enjoy it........

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KO thanks for adding my stories into your favorites and hope you’ll enjoy reading them as well as you click the thumbs up button and tell all your friends about them! :pinkiehappy:(X50):rainbowdetermined2:(X40)

2395850 *sweatdrops with a bit of amusement* looks like, same with me, when I try to pm you, you going to sleep then?

Goodnight turns boops

I think my pms broke

2319989 glad to hear it and I know what you mean, happens to me as well, when I want to make a new story here, but I get stuck on how to start it, so I leave it for now and focus on the other stories and as I do, an idea on how to start it comes to mind, but when I go to put it on, he escapes my mind

2319986 I'm fine for the most part. I'm trying to start a new fic but something just seems to get in the way. And when I do work on it, I'm stuck on how to start it, or how to continue it. Basically, it's a mess, full of distractions in life and confusion.

2317913 thats the plan and besides that, how are ya?

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My Family Tree of OC's

Name: Rebel Blade
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Earth Pony half-devil
Occupation: Junior Devil Hunter in DMC
Appearance: 6 foot 2 tall, light dark fur, snowy white mane and tail, ocean blue eyes, a few scars on his body, include on that look to be a stab through the heart, his right arm was turn into a dragon like arm with red scales and his hand glow a demonic blue. (to those that played Devil May Cry 4, its Nero's Devil Bringer, google it to see it)
Clothes: white tank top with black trench coat, loose fit jeans, black converse, gun holster under his coat.
Bio: experimented and rescue by Dante, now he follow's his footstep into using his new Devil powers to help.
Name: Unknown
Nickname: Decker
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Earth Pony
Occupation: Information Broker and Master Hacker
Appearance: 6 foot 4 tall, light tan fur, golden yellow mane and tail, ocean blue eyes, lean body for running and parkour.
Clothes: Grey sweater, brown trench coat, jeans, black converse, grey baseball hat and a face mask to put on and off, around his neck.
Name: N/A
Nickname: BloodyMary or BloodMare
Age: unknown
Gender: Female
Race: Anthro pony Pegasus/Vampire
Appearance: 5 foot 11, a bit dark white fur, dark mane and tail, bloody red eyes, DD-cup breast, slender frame, wide hip, plum ass, for her seductress skills and sharp fangs.
Clothes: a battle dress, a few pieces of armor around the dress and combat high heels boot.
Bio: at a young age abandon by her parents when they found out she was a vampony, but Dante found her and took care of her, to which now, she acts as his partner in jobs.
Name: Silent Blade
Codename: Blade
Gender: Stallion
Species: Earth pony or Unicorn depending on the story
Age: 21 or 19 depending on the story
Occupation: GrandMaster, Master or Novice Italian Assassin and also Pirate Captain under his own Black Flag
Cutie Mark: the Assassin Symbol with a white feather
Pony Appearance: lean body, tan fur, dark brown mane and tail, ocean blue eyes
Anthro Appearance: 6 foot 2 tall, lean body with muscle, tan fur, dark brown mane and tail, ocean blue eyes.
Name: Duncan Johnson Gonzalez
Nickname: DJ
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Special Condition: body highly enhance with super strength, a bit of speed and agility.
Likes: Music, Video Games, writing, parkour, relaxing, playing a bit of guitar, hanging out, goofing off, break dancing and a bit of singing.
Dislikes: rapists, child abusers, power hungry people, arrogant people, people who mess with his friends, family or love one's, pompous assholes.
Hobbies: playing guitar or video games, listening to music, writing, drawing a bit when relaxing, hanging out and adventuring.
Appearance: 5 foot 10, tan skin, well-built with lean muscle (not like a body builder, but more like built for for speed or a runner) dark brown eyes, shaggy black hair.
Clothes: long sleeves grey shirt, loose fit jeans, black converse all start, a cross necklace given by his grandma and a pair of reading glasses.
Name: Tenshi Kazama
Age: 19
Gender: male
Species: Human Shinobi
Rank: Anbu
Village: Leaf
Appearance: 6 foot 3 tall, spiky jet black hair, ocean blue eyes, Anbu tattoo on his chest on his left side of his chest, lean muscle for speed.
Clothes: wearing a fishnet shirt, a white tee under it, black trench coat, black anbu pants, black ninja sandals, headband hanging loosely around his neck.
Personality: calm collective and would always be there to help his comrades, always thinks of a plan and would improvise to see it through.
Hobbies: making seals and new ones, relaxing, reading, training and few more.
Powers: strong wind, lighting and fire user, would get angry if someone would insult his mother and fathers grave, going in a state of berserk.
Name: Nuclear Virus
Nickname: The Prototype, Zeus and Hades
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Earth Pony Prototype
Occupation: Ex-Scientist
Appearance: 6 foot 5 tall, light dark grey fur, black unkempt mane and tail with red tips, emotionless ocean blue eyes, a scars all over his body.
Cutie Mark: N/A
Clothes: Alex Mercer's outfit from Prototype, minus the hoodie
Name: Remix
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Species: Anthro Unicorn Pony
Occupation: DJ, Singer and Dancer
Appearance: 5 foot 9 tall, white fur, shaggy unkempt black mane and tail with red and blue tips, ocean blue eyes, lean muscle.
Cutie Mark: turntables with headphones and mic
Clothes: white tank top with leather black jacket, denim jeans, a pair of black converse and a pair of fingerless gloves.