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Ashen Heart

Hey guys, just a random person writing for some fun. Stick around and see if you enjoy any of my works, always love to hear feedback. ^^

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I think I'm throwing in the towel... · 2:01pm Sep 8th, 2021

.. I don't think I can do this story anymore... With the first chapter being poorly set up, the lack of motivation I feel towards writing it, and the way I feel like its going to be a let down to many on how I plan to finish it.. I'm not sure I want to continue this story... This is where I'm throwing in the towel but that doesn't mean this story has to end with me... I've been thinking if some-pony out there would like to finish this story I'll hand it over along with the outline of where I

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Thanks I appreciate u checkin in
No news is better then bad news right?

Aww, I'm here if you need to talk ❤️


I'm alright, I suppose. Nothing unusual to report 🥴

Dealing with some shit but could be worse u?

Hanging in there, mare?

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