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There may be reason and there may be logic, but much like Pinky, I have yet to find them. Although, unlike Pinky, I have yet to find the 4th wall, as well as the. . . (tangentel nonsenical thoughts)



New series of Blogs & Return to Fimfic · 3:30am Mar 9th, 2019

1. I plan to return to Fimfic soon and get everything revised and perfected as well as start some new stories.
2. I am also going to start a series of blogs in the interim as spoilers:) memoirs.
3. These blogs will eventually be Ponified around the character spoilers:).
4. This is the first of these story blogs.
(to be added later)

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Miss you...

So uh... this person lost their account their other one is called Desert bloom

please follow https://www.fimfiction.net/user/347374/Frosty_rainbow, or if you already do or aren't interested, please spread the word. Thanks

Please don’t be dead

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