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New comedy story on the way! · 4:18am December 4th

So, let's level real quick, wolf to reader.

I'm stuck on ideas for Prank War, and I don't think Tale of a Comet is getting any attention, which is why I've let it sit for a little bit.

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*Bawwwks softly* Dear Ashfur,
May I make a 'very private request for your prank story series, asI need to keep this a secret to only you and myself...

Cheers mate,
Gryphon <><

Interesting, because there’s a character in Warrior Cats called Ashfur

He is by far the most divisive character in fiction

God, haven't touched on that series in ages. No, it's short for 'Ashen Brightfur', my very first pony OC. It was a self-insert, but since he had ash-colored fur...
I'm bad at names.

Is your name based off of the Warrior Cats character?

Thank you for the fave.

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