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Writing trouble · 1:31pm Feb 12th, 2020

I'm gonna be honest. These last two months have been super tough for me. Not asking for pity or anything, but I've had to put my dog down and my Grandfather's been in and out of ICU for a while now with brain surgeries.

Mentally, I'm just exhausted.

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Ashfur crashes the barcast! · 6:58pm Dec 16th, 2019

For those of you who are insane enough to enjoy what I write and happen to watch the barcast podcast weekly, good* news! I'm the guest this week!

So hop on over to the Questions thread to ask me anything you want to hear me talk about. Hope to see you all there!

*ashfur being on barcast may or may not end up a catastrophe. Consult your doctor before before use.

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Whoops! · 9:54pm Jul 10th, 2019

Looks like I posted a potion shop chapter under prank war. My bad, I moved it to the right story. Sorry!

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I'm BAAAACK! · 7:27pm Jun 24th, 2019

Who missed me? I got distracted by real life and a few video games, but I've finally forced myself out of the ditch I found myself in. I'll get to writing more often, I promise!

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Hey, do you guys wanna interview me? · 4:47pm Jun 4th, 2019

If any of you want me to answer your serious (or ridiculous) questions live, I've been hanging out with the Barcast on discord. If you guys want me to show up there, let em know! I'd be happy to answer shit live on the air.

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Late Night Q&A · 6:36am Apr 27th, 2019

It's late and I am about to go to sleep, but I want to wake up and answer some questions! Go ahead and ask me or any of my characters stuff. It doesn't even need to be mlp related! I'll answer as many as I can tomorrow when I wake up.

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Regarding the lack of content recently · 5:42am Apr 9th, 2019

I'm so sorry! I've been trying to find the energy to write, but over the past two weeks I just... haven't had my usual edge. I come home from work exhausted (taking care of severely disabled adults, good lord do I need a raise from 10$ an hour), amd even when I try to make time to write my brain just won't work. I'm gonna try and get a chapter of either potion shop or journals of the royal alchemist done tomorrow, but no promises. After all, I can only take so much pain and

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Quick question · 4:57pm Mar 24th, 2019

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been taking so long on updates (it was a long week at work and I needed sleep) but now... it's finally time for the Trade exchange arc in potion shop. Given the length of the story so far, it's time to consider marking it complete and starting a direct sequel/continuation so the original doesn't seem too long for new readers.

Thoughts? Should I keep potion shop as one long story, or should I just continue in (working title) Potions, Inc.?

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Sorry I'm taking so long! · 6:30am Mar 6th, 2019

Tl;Dr: New chapter for Half Past Ten on Thursday, amd then every other day until it's finished if I can. Please be patient!

Uh... okay, I'll just come out and say it.


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The commission that isn't a commission · 10:37pm Mar 1st, 2019

Hey! Guess what.

I'm bored out of my skull! And I refuse to have that.

So, because I feel the need to flex my writing muscles, who wants to give me an idea and have me write it for the low, low price of free? I may refuse, particularly as I am not really skilled in... mature work, but that's how it is. Gimmie ideas!