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    Writing trouble

    I'm gonna be honest. These last two months have been super tough for me. Not asking for pity or anything, but I've had to put my dog down and my Grandfather's been in and out of ICU for a while now with brain surgeries.

    Mentally, I'm just exhausted.

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    Ashfur crashes the barcast!

    For those of you who are insane enough to enjoy what I write and happen to watch the barcast podcast weekly, good* news! I'm the guest this week!

    So hop on over to the Questions thread to ask me anything you want to hear me talk about. Hope to see you all there!

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    Looks like I posted a potion shop chapter under prank war. My bad, I moved it to the right story. Sorry!

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    I'm BAAAACK!

    Who missed me? I got distracted by real life and a few video games, but I've finally forced myself out of the ditch I found myself in. I'll get to writing more often, I promise!

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    Hey, do you guys wanna interview me?

    If any of you want me to answer your serious (or ridiculous) questions live, I've been hanging out with the Barcast on discord. If you guys want me to show up there, let em know! I'd be happy to answer shit live on the air.

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Late Night Q&A · 6:36am Apr 27th, 2019

It's late and I am about to go to sleep, but I want to wake up and answer some questions! Go ahead and ask me or any of my characters stuff. It doesn't even need to be mlp related! I'll answer as many as I can tomorrow when I wake up.

Report Ashfur · 173 views · Story: The Potion Shop · #Ama
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How did you came with idea of the Duck? What would be Arca's counterpart doing in EQG universe?

Is it ok for you that i took arca and juniper and put them in my D&D game?

Ah, The Duck. The biggest accidental villain I've ever made. So, back in the very first chapter that was a list of things to not do around Arca (Memo to the Holiday Help), I included the following two lines.

-Don't ask about the duck

Naturally, peoe started asking. The Duck recieved further mention in every list chapter, and eventually I was asked aboht it wnough that I decided to write it into the story.

So, originally? The Duck was two lines meant to be a one-off joke.

Go right ahead, I'm flattered! Remember that Arcane rolls with advantage for anything Alchemy related. Except for mane growth potions. That's an automatic nat 1, no exceptions.

Mind if I hoped into that game? (I know it's a no, but you knew somepony was going to ask that.)

Ah, and I just went and asked about it. Thankfully, I never mentioned mane growth products

What about the second question?

Oh, dear! I missed that part. I had someone say that he'd probably be the 'fun' chemistry teacher. In my opinion, though, he'd probably be a pharmacist. Who makes all the medicine himself.

well im playing in a psychiatry with other patients
so joining is not realy an option
but in a month or so im out and then we can start a game
if my englisch is not to bad :derpytongue2:

I started reading The Potion Shop without ever knowing that it was tied into Prank War until reading it in the comments. Have you considered adding a story note to the description about which stories occupy the same universe and continuity?

I guess? The stories exist in ths same continuity, but aren't required reading. It's entirely possible to read one and never see the other, which was intentional because I wanted one comedy with a human and one without. That way it appeals to both tastes!

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