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Constantly distracted by shenanigans. Empowered by comments/messages. Exists as something between utter trash and the alicorn of comedy.


Injured, broken, and nearly powerless after Luna learned to accept her own mistakes, the Tantabus was presumed long gone. But the truth is that it lives on, trying to lead a normal life under 'her' adoptave father, Jake. Stranger still is that not everypony can see her, and she feels oddly weak when nopony else is around...

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 58 )

Oh god, please don't let this plot turn into a Displaced one.

It's a thing! A new thing! Let us watch the new thing!

Another Ashfur fic? Sign me the hell up. Tracking.

Who'd voice the Tantabus?

I am already invested in the adorable shenanigans that are coming. LET'S DO THIS!

Alroght, let’s do this!

eric cartman thats whoo lol

Buddy, I don't even READ displaced stories.

This looks interesting...

Interesting start! I'm curious to where this leads!

Oh boy. Here's hoping the Tantabus doesn't still want to do the whole 'apocalypse' thing when it gets itself back together...

Though I wonder what it's like for it now, now that it's in the real world and not a dream.

Here we see a wild Ashfur working on a new fanfic, and I have no idea where I am going with this joke...

You got my curiosity

I do however

be careful too mutch negativity could scare them off


You have an unnatural obsession with Displaced.

Displaced is when the main character gets turned into a character from other media, yeah? We don't do thag here.


I know what it is; just stating that dude sounds completely irrational. A statement I still stand by because he kind of just pulled it out of his ass for no reason.

And now we hear the wild Ashfur's favorite song, the Rickroll

I am so ready for this! Bring on the fluff!

Hmm... I'm generally not a huge fan of HiEs (except one that I'm supposed to still be editing), but I've been a fan of AltU Tantabuses since another author's stories came out (not gonna promote another author's story in the comments, that's a dick move). So yeah, I'll keep track of this one.

Whenever I look at the title, I can't help but think of this song.

Interesting. Look forward to more

I love these stories :]

Can we get more of this please?


It's weird. Like sitting worrying about octopus attacks while you eat lunch.

and his name is

10/10 would snuggle

Give me all the snuggles

Would you snuggle a Myst?

Do you even need to ask? Duh.

Of course I'd snuggle with her. Bring her to Light Heart's booth and he'll give her any stuffed animal for free. (The first one is always free)

I love this story. It's a different style then what you usually use, but it's beautiful. I want to see more of this.

Well you were one half of the inspiration for this! Glad you're enjoying this so far.

I would.

Is there a reason why it mentions 4 alicorns when there are actually 5?

Also, her name is clearly Slim Shady.

Tantabus: Season 5, episode 13
This story: immediately after
Flurry heart's debut: Season 6, episode 1

The only known alicorns at this moment are Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Twilight.

Check the (in the immoral words of Silver Quill) CONTINUITY... this is pre birth of the (in the immoral words of Lily Peet) THE SWEET LITTLE BABU that is F. H. Flurry Heart ..

Is that even a question?

Would you snuggle a Myst?

I dunno, would i?
Yes, yes I would

Ok, I didn’t read the fine print.

What kind of a madman would deny snuggles? :pinkiegasp:


Hm... Pinkie would be a good place to start all things considered...

Oh, yikes that's scary. First her apparent ability to make anything out of nothing, and then the implications for the disbelief of others.

Time to start hanging up a BUNCH of fliers.

So... She work like some kind of goddess. Have faith in her and she will accomplish a lot of miracle!

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