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There's not enough time for everything, and yet sometimes, there's nothing better to do than doing nothing. So just smile. That's all that really matters.


Anon wants to live a simple life but ends up in Equestria with the powers of an (Eldritch) God. Weeks after his arrival, Rarity buys him a diner/bar as a welcoming gift and business franchise where she can get her clients. Anon then works at his diner/bar and successfully lives a simple life, though things get more exciting each day for every pony he meets. Anon also occasionally uses his infinite powers to poke a little fun. Good slice of life stuff.

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The deed is done. Have a nice day.

The main difference being how you’d just like to live a simple life, and no you’re not a serial killer obsessed with hands.

Instantly faved, tracked, upboated.

More to come my friend. I won’t spoil but references will be made.

There seems to be quite a bit of telling over showing.

it is mostly things along the lines of ‘you did this’ and ‘you did that’ and basically just saying what the action was and not how the action was done, like with teaching the magic tricks, or when reminiscing it feels like you are listing events. That sort of thing.

Hmmm... perhaps it’s just my style of writing. Although I’ll try to fix it from here on. A little bit of chapter 2 is already written so please don’t mind it my friend. Have a good day.

Also, my bad for that mistake. It seems I mixed up recounting events and telling the ones that are currently happening. I haven’t written stories in quite a while though so I’ll try to get better.

Comment posted by Cookire deleted May 6th, 2019

You’d really like to sate her curiosity but you know her questions may never end if you do, so you try your best to avoid that. Nevertheless, you’ll do it someday but today isn’t about either of you so it’s best to leave those for another time.

Seems a bit lazy for a guy who could just answer most her questions by conjuring up an Anthropology textbook. She would probably even be more satisfied since she'd get to read a book full of knowledge no other pony has ever seen.

“Oh, it was a grilled cheese sandwich with potatoes and it was just flawless.

Equestrian ponies don't eat potatoes. The writers even stated that they are toxic to equine stomachs and they changed any dishes in canon that have them to hay.

Anon is a very simple mind when it comes to his powers. Not only could he extract who Angel was from her mind at a glance, he could also just summon Angel with a snap and make him land in a huge bowel of salad...

for some reason, as im reading i imagine someone with a really soft voice, like Fluttershy, or Bob Ross, narrating this.

That’s what I was thinking too but I figured the action means more to work for it than just making it happen, else he could solve all of Equestria’s problems. Also it’s an extension to make the next chapter fairly plausible. Though it’s all in good fun. As King Crimson would put it, it just works. Hope you had a good read and have a good day.

I did enjoy it. I'm acctually happy he is kinda simple minded to not jump to using his powers in such complex well thought out methods. It sticks to the ideology of simple solutions for a simple life. Anything goes wrong, he can just reverse time and show up sooner anyway.

Or he could turn on invisibility, teleport to Angel and create lifelike puppet-monster that would start munching Angel just so Anon could "save him in last second". That would give nightmares to Angel, but he wouldn't think about running away to Everfree Forest ever again.

One of the main differences between you and them is how you’d just like to live a simple life, and no you’re not a serial killer obsessed with hands.

Second sentence and you already had me. Good ol' JoJokes.

Comment posted by PonkaPlatinum deleted Jun 4th, 2019

Already off to a great start. And it has a good Isekai feel to it. I hope you continue makeing this.

I can't fault you for changing things up with Sweetiebelle being in Twilight's school instead of Ceerilee's class, as she is in canon. Writing is hard and it was a convenient way to get him there and inform Rarity that she has more employees at the same time. Love where this is going and good luck with school.

“You like jazz?” you ask freely as you snap your fingers towards them. That sends a signal to Octavia and Vinyl to actually play some groovy jazz. It’s a fine tune, and a catchy one as well.

Nice reference

Leek, not leak. :)

Good story!

The new chapter is indeed adding a new spice to things, as well as building Anon's character.

Hearing what she’d just said, you can’t help but laugh a bit. “Hehe, sticky fingers. Exactly.” you then proceed to pinch the tip of her mouth and zip it all the way to the other as a zipper is magically formed on her muzzle.

Is that a jojo reference!?:pinkiegasp:

One of the main differences between you and them is how you’d just like to live a simple life, and no you’re not a serial killer obsessed with hands.

Wasn’t expecting a Kira reference but I dig it. Also would he go {even more} insane in equestria I wonder no hands

I bet he’ll be thrilled to discover Eqg. Also, anyone’s thoughts on Lyra X Kira?

“Well, I told you, the great and powerful Trixie needs her beauty sleep.” she shoots back showcasing her form.

Anon: "Well, you must sleep more than a koala."

Trixie: "Uh... Thanks?"

Fluttershy: *Pops her head in the front door for a second* "Koalas sleep between 18 and 22 hours each day."

Trixie: *Blushes*

You were bored though. It’s already 10 PM and you’re just reading some Fimfiction fanfics from a different universe.

Hell yeah! When I used to work a projection booth, I had a lot of down time. Before I went to work, I would open up like twenty different tabs, depending on length, of fimfiction chapters on my laptop and read those throughout the day. I always opened them at home and avoided linking up to the business internet, since companies always heavily monitor network access, and I didn't want to get fired for being seen as a weirdo.

One of the main differences between you and them is how you’d just like to live a simple life, and no you’re not a serial killer obsessed with hands.

Or a reference to Jsyrin on Spacebattles. You know.


I think that Lyra wouldn't like him, because she likes humans and Kira has made it a point to reduce the number of humans.

Started out a bit rushed and meh, but now you're really getting more creative with his limitless power I'm digging it.
Keep up the good work.


Needs the Second Person tag.

Should have the 2nd person tag.

Oh my Luna... Another Evening Star fan! :D HUZZAH!:yay:

That was an appalling answer to say the least.

Judging from reactions, the word you were probably looking for was appealing. Appalling is a very negative descriptor.

My bad, as you can tell I lacked a lot of experience in those early chapters. It was my first time writing something long after all. I don't have much time to proofread my writing either. Though winners don't make excuses so all I can do is apologize for all mistakes in my writing. I do hope that you all are still having a good read nonetheless, and I really hope you'll find the more recent chapters to have better writing. Next chapter comes up eventually so please be patient, and thank you all for at least batting an eye in this little novel of mine. Have a good one, fellas.

I've had a great time reading this so far. Anon's good-natured shenanigans always crack me up, and I love the dynamic between him and Chrysalis. Really looking forward to more.

That said, there is one thing that has been bugging me a bit from the beginning.

They were all appalled by your new tricks and you’re pretty thankful for the last one.

Is appalled the right word to be using in a case like this? I've seen it used this way several times throughout the story in what appears to be a positive fashion, similar to "amazed" or "impressed"; however, I've only ever known appalled to have negative connotations by definition, meaning shocked and horrified, or disgusted. Its current usage just doesn't feel like it quite fits to me, but maybe you know something I don't. It's left me rather puzzled.

If Anon gave Flurry Heart and the Cake twins beeps on their noses, would the old NBC chimes play?

Time, my friend. Time is what I don't have. That's no excuse though. This aside, I hope you all had a good read. I'll make sure to change them all as soon as I can, which is probably now. Have a good day, fellas.

A great read Ponka I'm looking forward to more of Anon's shinnanigans definently worth a follow :D

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