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Madness is the price of knowledge.


Signal boost · 11:15pm Jan 30th, 2019

Good evening, dearest Reader.
I'm sending this to you because someone whom I greatly admire is in desperate need of financial assistance.
His preferred genre is something that most people would find to be rather offensive, so I understand if none of you are particularly interested in lending a helping appendage.
His story is not mine to tell, so I shall merely leave you with a Door, behind which you shall find everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

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Pruzah Avond, my fellow Buzzers!
I am Willow the Wisp, the Mad Tinker!
I, and those within mine cranium, would like to welcome you to my little corner of FIMfiction.
So welcome, do come in.
Just remember, there are a few rules here;
If you're going to be a special, sensitive Snowflake, you can go buck yourself with a cactus.
If you're looking for an Editor or Beta-reader, sign me up!
If you're going to be a troll or a shitposter, please try to read the room.
And if you're going to hide out in the background and pretend that you don't exist, feel free! Go ahead, be the best sort of person!
And last, but most certainly not least, please remember to put on your madcap, because sanity is not tolerated here.
See ya~

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...it's possible that you're supposed to consume the glass potentially contained within the water.

... no. My brother ruined water for me.

I might be. I might not be. It's possible that I'd rather keep things simple in complexity, and that I'd rather not be an anomaly, but I'm somewhat dead, it may have been said.
would you care for what might/not be a water of glass?

Perfectly imperfect sensually nonsensical sense, with practically impractical implications and indications of applications and limitations of illogical logic.

Bravo kitty... you're learning.

It's entirely possible that whatever you choose to do will be entertaining. However, such a thing is also entirely impossible, while the very concept of impossibility is impossible, making it possible for impossibility to be impossible.
It's possible that I just gave myself a headache. It's possible that I just gave you a headache, while simultaneously, neither of us have semi-nonexistent headaches. Possibly.

  • Viewing 41 - 45 of 45
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