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Bluegrass Brooke

Gonna try this whole writing thing again.


My artwork. Commissions are open if you'd like a piece, but NOT requests.

Please visit my deviantart. I'm far, FAR more active on there than on FIMfiction.

"Twilight. It's the time just when the world is at its most beautiful. It's a perfect harmony between the day and the night. You are the same."
—Discord, This Cruel and Random World

"I was like that sink when you found me. Sure I tried to repair it myself, but I didn't get anywhere. So you came along and tore it all out so we could fix it the right way . . .You saved me, Pinkie. I don't want you to be guilty for the bit of hurt you caused. It was necessary."
—Cheese, What Changes May Come

At that moment, Discord could not think of anywhere he wanted to be other than beside her under the stars. He leaned down, resting his head against her own, breathing softly, "Thank you, Twilight. Thank you."
—This Cruel and Random World

Flim knew he was in trouble. Knew from the moment he started off towards the creek. But that did not matter. All that mattered was getting to the scared filly before time ran out. He urged his legs to keep going despite the now searing pain. Come on Flim, run faster.
— An Honest Life

Without hesitation, she began to talk like she had not for centuries. For the first time in her memory, she felt free, free to speak of her fears and her mistakes knowing full well they would understand. Perhaps she was not so alone after all.
—Celestia, A Simple Request

Welcome to my page.

However you happened by, I'm glad you're here.

You'll find I'm a very "floaty" member of the site. I struggle with depression, and the community aspect was stressing me out too much. My depression has recently escalated and, that combined with my other medical issues has left me unable to write for the most part.

I have been working hard not to obsess over other's opinions etc. so I will often just not comment. Though I'm sure to like comments I read. It's not your comments, it's simply the fact that it's too stressful for me.

I am an aspiring professional author with lots of experience writing. I try to produce quality novels for you all to enjoy. AU's, OC's, and detailed headcanons are my favorite parts of writing fanfiction. I also adore drawing, though I'm not the best. ^^"

Thanks for visiting! I hope you'll find a story or two of mine to enjoy. Feel free to message me anytime.

God bless,


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God loves you. Now and forever.


Done and done. Request sent, my friend.

Give me about an hour or two and I'll shoot you a message.


Thanks. ^w^ That would be nice.

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