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Bluegrass Brooke

Gonna try this whole writing thing again.


Just when Twilight’s at the end of her rope, weighed down with her latest mistake, Discord pays her a surprise visit for a “dance lesson.” Grudgingly she accepts and finds that there’s more to be had from Discord’s lesson than a simple dance routine. Sometimes it takes an intervention to see what should have been obvious from the start.

A collab with my best friend, Miranda Laufeyson. Couldn't have done it without her!

Now with an audio recording by Crafty Arts! Check it out.

Cover art by BlazeMizu on deviantart. Used with permission.

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That was nice. Well done!

A fun little story, have a spike!:moustache:

A nice little story :eeyup:

Oh, I can't wait to read this! :twilightsmile: I didn't even know you were doing a collab with Miranda. You probably told me plenty of times, but me being me, I forgot. :twilightoops:

Well Brooke, that was wonderful, now how about a sequel to This Cruel and Random World?

This was a very beautiful story. Keep up the good work.

Quite enjoyable, though you sent my headcanon alarms into a fit when Discord referred to Twilight as a 'woman'. Especially since as far as I can tell none of your headcanons have ever involved Ancient Humans or some other silliness/tragedy.

Wanderer D

Nice short story! It's good to see one of the few decently written 'feel-good' stories make it to the Feature Box!

6582769 Have you not been paying attention or something?:rainbowhuh:
Brooke's taking a break, to deal with some real life-problems. As far as I know, all non-colab stories are on hiatus until she feels she's back on her feet.:ajsleepy:
I hope you feel better soon, Brooke!:pinkiehappy:

Very well done and a perfectly described description of life.
Though I hold true to the "Life is a card game and dealer's a crooked card shark." Either way though, both are correct and both are wrong.

my discord X twilight senses are tingling!!! :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiegasp:

6583320 Ah, I must have missed that, sorry Brooke.

I don't think Twilight is second favorite any more.

Hazzah! You should have tasted Feature Box fame a long time ago with all your fabulous stories. The actual meat of this story (the part that you wrote) is so magical, it actually fills me with a warm and fuzzy sensation. Except this time, the readers can stay that way and not anticipate the inevitable heartbreak in future chapters. X3

Edit: This song also comes to mind!

Good story! Even though i don't ship this, i like the idea!:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Neko Majin C deleted Oct 30th, 2015

This is adorable.

It's weird to see a really nice, compassionate Discord. He's being so...so normal. It's disarming enough to make me raise my guard that little bit more, if that makes sense. It is definitily a very warm little fic, this, but what I feel is the slight over-stretching of Discord's character into straight-forward and understandable benign leaves me expecting some kind of hook or bad thing all the time and that spoils a little bit of the niceness for me.

Would not Luna have played the better support role here? She could well check in on Twilight just as well as Discord, but by dream, has a personal vested interest in doing so, and could well set their dance up the very same way. The message of bettering one's mistakes and accepting that there will be mistakes is as much her lesson to share as anyone's. The story is lovely as is, but I do wonder why you didn't back what seems to me the obvious horse to pick in this race.

Life's a dance you learn as you go,
Sometimes you lead sometimes you fallow,
Don't worry 'bout what you don't know
Life's a dance you learn as you go.

I love the sone, and this story was just too cute.

Bree cheese

's spelled 'brie'...

I was wondering if this would end in a ship. Forgot to read the tags. Anyway, nice story.


~Have a good one.

Aw maaaaaan so cute! :heart:
Always loved this ship. More even than Twilestia

Haven't read it yet but I have to do this:



EDIT: Now that I've read it I've discovered that the relevance was intentional and the same song, if not the same video, is linked in the AN. Oops...

OMG this is so good 10 out of 10:heart::pinkiesmile::twilightsmile:

Twilicord is quite cute when done right. And you did just that! :pinkiesmile:

Edit: Listened to your inspiration for this story. I liked them both, but Poor Boy's Delight was my favorite of the two. The melody is truly beautiful! And those fiddles/violins (I assume they're fiddles) in the songs bring a smile to my face. I play the violin, you know? I'd like to learn to play a proper fiddle someday so that I can perform some classic folk tunes. I really need to learn to play the piano first, though. Just so I'll have an easier time learning all the other instruments out there (right after the piano, I'm definitely learning to play the accordion!)

A favorite for the cute story. A dislike for the OOCness of the two of them. A fair trade.

I've honestly never really given much thought to TwiliCord, the only content creator I see do it much is that artist with all the next generation of characters, but I liked it. It makes perfect sense that Discord would have a sweet kind of adorkable side just like Twilight just because it makes NO sense.

I enjoyed this read, well done.

But near the very start my reading flow briefly stumbled when two consecutive paragraphs started with someone 'jerking a nod'. First Spike, then an guard.

No big deal, I had fun all the way through.

6585960 OOCness was probably my fault. :P

Very sweet, thanks for sharin. This type of story is why I keep coming back.

"The sun had long since set by the time Twilight managed to stagger into her chambers." Soooo, did Twilight set it or did Celestia?


Really loved how you used the flickering lights to emphasize Discord's feelings and intentions for Twilight and what he really wanted to say.

Why did I put off reading this? It's perfect.

Awesome story :yay: but I don't like you. :pinkiecrazy: mainly because I have had that song stuck in my head for like 2 days now, then I go and read this.

LOVE <3 <3

:trixieshiftright: Miranda...Seems too familiar...



and then they banged

seriously though i hope to see another part of this! maybe tia turning over protective mother? :P

6610331 Maybe I'm your cousin.

6610828 I don't know...Well, whatever the reason, it shall remain anonymous

"Allow me demonstrate."With a snap

1. Just forgot your spacing here.

So subtle, yet so strong at the same time. It's a good story that touches on the difficulties we all face. True, some came for the romance tag but stayed for the journey. I'm one of those that did and don't regret it at all.

6750512 Just fixed the spacing! Thanks for that. Glad you enjoyed the story. I appreciate the lovely comment. :twilightsmile:

This was beautiful. Thank you.


To her surprise, Discord did not take advantage of her lessoned focus on the steps.

Think you meant "lessened" here. I didn't catch anything else, so it must not have been important. So moving on, good work!

Maybe I'm blinded by my absolute love of that song, but this story was beautiful! Well paced and well thought out. It gives me the warm fuzzies <3

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go listen to that song... this story made me dying to hear it!

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