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Gonna try this whole writing thing again.


Fluttershy had become Equestria's resident villain reformer. So, reforming a now powerless Sombra should be easy, right? Well, there's more to it than that. Take one magic-deprived unicorn, mix in some serious emotional baggage, and you get a disaster.

This road won't be easy to walk, but it's one she has to take. That much remains clear.

A collab between myself and my good friend Lord Despair.

Gorgeous cover art a commission from HiccupsTheNoodle on Deviantart.

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As paper pusher for the local police department, Amelia Airhooves knows a thing or two about justice. But, when complacency takes precedence over justice, it's up to her to bring the Hammer of Justice down on Eincorn International. If only she didn't have to content with the cantankerous dwarf and head of Eincorn's security, Ambit . . .

Just a silly story I wrote ages ago I decided to post. Will likely be a three-parter.

Cover art by Toonebs on deviantart. Check out her page!

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Two-hundred years after Nightmare Moon's banishment, Equestria had moved on. All but one city high in the mountains. A city now lost to memory . . .

In the midst of an eternal winter, one candlemaker rediscovers the meaning of happiness and hope through an unlikely stranger. Strya had more than her fair share of secrets, but they shared one in-particular. A cutie mark. Could two ponies possibly change the fate of the doomed city?


A complete re-imagining of my first story on the site. I've taken the heart of the original and lavished it with the love and skill I've crafted over the years.

This one's been sitting in my gdocs for a while now, but I decided to publish this story at long last as a gift for my 500 watchers. Thank you all so very much. I'm truly touched by the support. :fluttercry:


Phenomenal cover art by the ever talented Koviry on Deviantart. Check out their page and drop a follow! They deserve the recognition.

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Rainbow Dash loathed to think of herself as "sentimental." And yet, with her new penpal exchange, she finds herself not only hoarding the letters, but re-reading them as much as Daring Doo novels. Between work and stressing over her replies, Rainbow gives little thought to what drives their conversations. They are natural—flowing as easily as the water over Rainbow Falls and at the same time heart-wrenching. Finally she must face the inevitable question. Can a lasting relationship form from the exchange of a few letters?

Cover art a commission by ZeeDee/Kell95 on FIMfiction/Deviantart.

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This story is a sequel to An Honest Life

Flam's separation from Flim hit him hard. Harder than he ever dared imagine. Now he finds himself wandering the wilderness in search of answers. While in the woods, he comes across the last pony he expected to see. Will this encounter help him climb out of the pit or will it lead to just another downward spiral?

This story occurs at the same time as An Honest Life. It chronicles Flam's journey while he's separated from Flim. Rated teen for swearing.

Cover art a commission by Kell95 on deviantart.

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[Part of my Aberrant Harmony Universe]: No need to read any of the novels to enjoy this though.

Ever since they began dating, Discord felt an undeniable connection with Twilight: intellectually, emotionally, magically, and even spiritually. But they never considered the other factor: could a Draconequus and a pony ever find a physical connection?

Set before Twilight gets her castle. Contains AU headcanon and backstory from my Aberrant Harmony universe.

Pre-reading graciously provided by my good buddy, CoffeeMinion. Thanks a million!

Full cover link here! Cover art a V-day commission by Zee-Dee. Check her out on deviantart!

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Just when Twilight’s at the end of her rope, weighed down with her latest mistake, Discord pays her a surprise visit for a “dance lesson.” Grudgingly she accepts and finds that there’s more to be had from Discord’s lesson than a simple dance routine. Sometimes it takes an intervention to see what should have been obvious from the start.

A collab with my best friend, Miranda Laufeyson. Couldn't have done it without her!

Now with an audio recording by Crafty Arts! Check it out.

Cover art by BlazeMizu on deviantart. Used with permission.

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Nightmare Night should be a festive time of year, but Discord's past failures continue to haunt him. Lost in his own world, he comes across the one pony in Equestria who can understand his situation.

A Halloween collab with my buddy, GravelordNito.

Cover art by LyraSempaiSketchBook on deviantart. Art belongs to them; I take no credit! If the artist wants me to take down the art, I'll do it asap.

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Twilight and Discord knew the time had come. They must leave the planet and the magic they had clung to for centuries. And yet, this was one journey they would not see through the end. Saying goodbye would not be so easy . . .

[My experiment delving into emotionally charged, non-romantic shorts. I was on a sci-fi kick, so I went for a genre I don't normally touch with a ten foot pole.]

Thanks to treegrowth for encouraging me while I wrote this. Wouldn't have finished if not for his help.

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After capturing Sombra, there is little consensus on what to do next. They turn to Equestria's resident villain reformation expert, Fluttershy to be an arbitrator. To reform or not? If only the decision were that simple . . .

Inspired by wonderdania's comic on deviantart. Used as cover art with permission. Thanks for getting me hooked on this ship! I love it. :yay:

Pre-reading by Darkwolfthelycan and my good buddy, Miranda Laufeyson.

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