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I love fluttercord way too much.



Fluttershy hears it. She hears it all the time.

Ponies always talk about Discord--they whisper about him, even when she and her friend are around them. Ugly, they say. They find him ugly! They think he's a beast!

It makes Fluttershy's heart ache. She's afraid their words are hurting Discord--that he may think he's ugly too, because of what they say.

So when she holds an event for pets in need of adoption, and the gossip starts again, can Fluttershy stand up for him?

And what in the world does Discord mean by "You'll figure it out"?!?

Cover by TheTalentlessPony

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*Screams* *Kneels to your power* *Cries* Oh my god this is wonderful. I love how you write everyone! Discord is FANTASTIC! It's just all so cute and so heartwarming! THIS is what we should have instead of making Discord into a pony. Yes. Good.

So. Much. Fluff!!!! ^_^

Ha! I knew that perusing the recently added story section would yield fruit eventually! Nice story. Well written, and, although I haven't watched any of the show after season 1, I think you got the characters down quite nicely as well.

One little thing that threw me for a moment:

... Who had once taken over Equestria in hostile takeover.

A bit of redundancy there. I would probably suggest changing it to read:

... Who had once seized control of Equestria in a hostile takeover.

Otherwise, great job.


ahahahaha that was brilliant!

Discord was amazing here with his glorious ego stroking.

He whipped out a mirror from his back, and looked at it. He winked at himself and blew kisses into his reflection, his magic causing little red hearts to appear around him as he admired himself. “I am one hot Draconequus,” he said. “I absolutely adore me.”


“Hurry it up, will you? I can only wait for so long! Honestly! And once you do, you have to let me know right away. I have plans for it.”


He chuckled. “Oh, yes, Fluttershy. Plans. Many, many plans

*eyebrow waggle*

Bonus points that he considers himself a Princess rather than a Prince and wants Fluttershy to be his knight. Discord WOULD.

Right! This is immediately going in top favorites!

This was great. And adorable. And Discord is brilliantly full of himself. The funny thing is, if I had been any of the stupid ponies badmouthing him, I'd have been worried about his widening smile.

And you probably did derail the ponies for the purpose of the story, but I can live with it because the story is great.

Shouting Shy is adorable.

Nitpicks now!

"His goat hoof was always polished, and looked to be as tough and unworn as a young stallion’s, though she suspected his were more like a goat’s." I suggest losing at least one "goat" in this sentence, preferably the first. A goat hoof is more like a goat hoof than a stallions. Obviously.

"Who had once taken over Equestria in hostile takeover, with all its little ponies serving him as his playthings." Too many "take overs". Lose either "taken over" or "hostile takeover". I suggest "made a hostile takeover of Equestria,"

"Angel pat her head in support before continuing to brush her pink locks, hoping it would help her calm down." Think "pat" in past tense is "patted", but I might be wrong.

"while Angel Bunny glared at his least favorite friend of his pony’s and hopped away. Discord had suddenly appeared there," Think it should be "his least favorite out of his pony's friends" or something like that.

“You’re the one who had grass stuck to your face, Fluttershy. Why are you concerned that I’m upset?” Think it should be "worried". Worried can imply uncertainty, while "concerned" implies that she knows that he is upset and that she is concerned about it.

“Well, if I told you that, then you’d figure it out, wouldn’t you?” Don't you mean "then you wouldn't figure it out"? Because you don't figure things out when you are told, you are told.

Great little story. Thanks for the laughs and the d'aaaaws.

Happy writing.

Oh my gosh I absolutely adore this! I loved positively every thing about it :rainbowkiss:
It's just so perfect in every aspect and I personally found no faults at all.
I think the only thing that can really express my love for this story is *squeeaa*

That was cute.

One thing that bugged me, though, was the very end of the story: He mouthed only two words to her. ‘She has good taste’. "She has good taste" is four words, not two. Maybe there's some kind of subtle joke that I'm not getting because I'm too sleep deprived.

Anyway, good story.

I just read a work of art.
An intricate lace made of words.
Like, HOW?! You're like so totally like amazeballs I just...like...like...like...
But also...why? I had this idea! I mean, not specifically this, but I came up with the idea that Fluttershy thinks Discord is handsome cuz he's made up of all those magnificent animals.
And that's a large (future) part of 'Wild Butterflies'.
People are gonna be like "oh my glob u DID NOT just steal tater's idea 4 ya own gurl!"
But...it...it's...not...fair! It wus mai idea twu! :applecry::raritycry::raritydespair:
I...ugh. This keeps on happening. I have this amazing idea and it goes down the drain cuz someone's already done it.
I mean, have ya seen 'Tale of Discord'? Nobody luvs the re-write of BOD. It's badly written and poorly paced.
But I can't discard this idea, cuz otherwise the prologue isn't relevant AT ALL.
I love this story. It's goin' on mah 'favourites' shelf.

5852063 I think the two words are 'Thank you'
'She has good taste' is probably Cadance's musing

Are you calling me a liar?
I ain't calling you a truther!


If I was Fluttershy, I would have totally snapped and started pulling rank. Like this:

ME: Well, I don't give a damn what you ponies think! I am a friend of Twilight Sparkle! I personally know each an every alicorn that runs your precious little country, and guess whose side they'd take if I brought this to them? MINE!

THEM: But the Princesses don't understand-

ME: Hmm? You don't trust your Princesses? Well, why don't I tell them that, that some of their ponies scorn them and the ideals of FRIENDSHIP! The thing that has save this whole country five times over! Listen up, because I was part of the group of friends that defeated every threat to Equestria in the last year, so you'd better shut your mouths if you want me to save your puny little asses from the next huge catastrophe!

THEM: But-


THEM: Meep.

5852063 I believe that the joke was that Discord had said earlier, put 2 and 2 together to make 4. But he was also referring to how Fluttershy didnt yet know that Discord loved her. He said the "two" words and Fluttershy has to say the other "two".

5852063 Two plus two makes four, remember?

A playdate between Majesty the eagle and Angel Bunny. That's gonna go well. I mean, Angel will probably get eaten, but I'd say that still qualifies as "going well".

God, cocky Discord is certainly best Discord--and one you don't see a lot in romance fics. I've said it before, but it's refreshing to see something different. And so very sweet and amusing (Discord calling himself the princess and Fluttershy his knight in shining armor made me squee). It kind of makes me crave more of this. But as it is, it's going in my faves.

I do wish some repercussions were given to those jerks. Speaking of them, my only criticism is slightly nitpicky. All they discuss is his appearance. On one hand, I expect ponies to be prejudice as seen here. We've seen ponies act similarly before. However, I'm kind of surprised all these ponies talk about are his looks. I feel like ponies would be gossiping more about the controversy of an ex-villain being "reformed," and not just how "ugly" he looks.

That doesn't detract from how this good story, though. I know why this was done, so as I said, nitpicking. This was just something stuck in my head when it started out. Also, hey, it's not about those jerks, it's about Fluttershy and Discord. So forget the rude ponies. On another note:

Appejack glared at him. “You callin’ mah friend a liar?”

“I’m not calling her a truther!” he shot back.

I now love you in what I hope is the non-creepiest way possible because of this. Just sayin'. :P

One moment she had looked horribly nervous, and now she looked nearly like a raging bull.


“I know, I just like to brag about it.”

This attitude is what makes a Discord romance feel right!

Drake and Josh reference? Nice :pinkiehappy:

Very good story, I love the way you portrayed Discord! Also you didn't give us the end, you left it open for more. Two thumbs way up!

5852063 I think it's referring to the part where he said 'two and two make four.' Put two and two together. Like, two lots of two words, maybe, so each of those 'lots' is a 'word'? Idk. Frankly I don't really get it either, but that's what I think it means.

Fluttershy was excited about it, already planning play-dates for Majesty and Angel Bunny


SEQUEL PLZ :pinkiehappy:

He tucked his tail between his legs, underneath himself, and sproinged up in the air like a coiled wire. “I can even use it like a pogo-stick!”

So he's part Tigger huh?

Discord totally shoulda broke out "The Greatest Love Of All".

I liked it, but was Fluttershy supposed to come down or calm down? Cuz you wrote come down.:yay:

I’ve got this tail, which I can use as a third arm if I wish, or--!”

He tucked his tail between his legs, underneath himself, and sproinged up in the air like a coiled wire. “I can even use it like a pogo-stick!”

Tigger! You've come back! yay for tigger

He mouthed only two words to her.

‘She has good taste’.

That's four


One word.

It is Discord.

That's three words.

The end killed me.
I was like 'but that was fou- oh you little sweet honey iced tea'

If anyone's not getting it, remember when he said 'two and two is four'?

I said "awwww!" way too many times in this story. Great job.

Yes, you are correct. Your comment did indeed have three words. Nice addition skills there champ. And my first comment had two words. And this one has nineteen.

5853295 Oh god yes please

Angel needs to be taken down a peg

D'awww this was adorable. Adding to my favorites <3

I absolutely, completely and totally loved Discord's dialogue in this story!
Seriously, this story had me grinning like a maniac.

Example of something that got me grinning:

“You mean…Because you and I both think you’re…” She shut her mouth. “Um…”

“Exactly, my dear!” he said, pointing at her. “Because we both think I’m um! I’m the ummest of the um! And you, too, are um!”

For writing the best Discord fic I've read in...who knows how long (I suppose best since Tirek's Shadow? If you haven't read that, by the way, I wholeheartedly recommend it)...I present you with a gold star! *pins star on you*

But, yeah, seriously, I love how you tackled his unique appearance in this story. I've often thought about how easy it would be for him just to snap his fingers and change himself to look like anything he wanted himself to. It must really take a lot of self-confidence to be yourself even when a world of...'nasty technicolor equines'...are always heckling you about who you are.

I wanted to write some fluff.

Well, congratulations, you wrote the fluffiest fluff that ever fluffed in fluffville. XD

First, question. He mouthed two words, but then he actually said/mouthed four. Maybe I misread that line.

Second, OMG! That characterization was spot on! I don't think I've ever seen someone pull off Discord that well! You really really really got his character!

Third, this made me ship it more than I did, before. I'm a little more on the Twicord side, but this made me like Fluttercord almost as much. Oh, how I want a sequel, but the story does end in a good place and it doesn't need it, yet I need one.


And what in the world does Discord means by "You'll figure it out"?!?

That should be "mean" and not "means".

He mouthed only two words to her.

‘She has good taste’.

Was Discord channeling Philoctetes towards the end there?

Wow. Who is crazy/stupid enough to poke that bear? Err, draconeqqus.

Hear ye! Hear ye!
Our favourite FlutterCord writer once again has made her move!

Fluff you did wanna write and fluff written you have. That was absolutely adorable, Tater :twilightsmile:
Fluttershy was ever so thoughtful and full of worry and Discord was rare example of perfect superiority without showing to much of it.
He understood how she ticks and he understood how he ticks. He understood what was important yet didn't act like a teacher who explains everything but as someone who let her figure out things on her own.
I always like how well you manage to make Discord compassionate and empathic towards her while staying true to himself and goofy all the while.
Discord is not one for healing-hugs. He's more like Pinkie in that regard. He heals through laughs.
You always manage to create the most natural character dynamic between the two of them. I enjoyed it very much.
5855589 oh and I totally have to agree with ChaoticKindness. If there is ONE Fluttercord-author who shines through Discords dialog it is you.
Your Discord is neither a guilt-laden sinner, nor a cynic jerk, nor a super superior Q. He is something of his own. He is a good guy but not one who is part of the club. He is exclusive to Fluttershy and that makes their relationship all the more special.

Thank your for writing this gem, Tater :twilightsmile:

I liked it. Good story.

One minor nitpick: In the beginning, Fluttershy refers to Discord's "dragon tail". But I'm pretty sure the show refers to it as a snake tail (Spike in Keep Calm and Flutter). Not a big deal.

That was quite an enjoyable read! Nice to see Discord being the fabulous draconequus he really is without fear of reprisal; it suits him brilliantly.

One little nitpick I have though...

“You give me too little credit! I could care less what those haughty little buggers think of me

'Could care less' implies that he actually does care, even if only a little, which I reckon isn't the case given his behaviour and statements to the contrary. I might be mistaken in assuming such, but I'd imagine he actually 'Couldn't care less' about what they think of him because he doesn't care whatsoever.

Okay, I'm gonna cluster some of these together, just so there's less room taken up...So here we go...Might do this in a couple different ones so I don't have one huge one.

To all of you, thank you!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! Your happiness with it, makes me happy. :pinkiesmile:

To those of you who connected the 'two plus two equals four' thing with my error, well...As you can guess by the word 'error', well...And to those of you who also thought maybe it was Cadance, or some other really cool poetic interpretation...You guys are so clever and the idea that y'all would think that I'd be clever enough to think of such a thing is so...nice! I was tempted to nod my head and say 'yep, yep, aren't I a clever little scamp?' but unfortunately...It was just an error. I'm so sorry! :raritycry: I originally had it written as just Discord mouthing 'good taste', but I thought that would be confusing and something that would only make sense in a visual episode or in real life. So...I changed it to 'four'. It should have been four. I'm so sorry...! Pascal, kudos to you for being the first to catch it.

5852909 (For you, specifically, the way you worded that was hilarious and it made me laugh because hahaha, people don't like Angel. XD)
LOL. I did not even think of that when writing this. I shall comfort myself by saying that this is a kid's show and that therefore the hawk will not eat the bunny. After all, there's a giant bear that hangs out with him too, right? I'm sure a bear in reality would find a bunny delicious, they just would have a hard time catching it. That, and I wrote that Majesty's favorite pony is Fluttershy. So hopefully, out of his birdy love and respect for her, he would not eat her pet. Yes, let's go with that. :rainbowlaugh:

I knew somebody would reference that, I knew it! :rainbowlaugh: Do you have any idea how much of a kick Discord would have gotten out of that if she had done that? Well, either that, or he'd jump into Twilight's hooves again like he did with the Tatzlwurm, but I like to think it'd be the latter. XD

5853216 (Thank you! I left it open for possibilities just in case. ;) I'm glad you like how I do Discord as well.)
I was REALLY hoping that reference would get recognized!!!!!
And let's all remember that iCARLY RUINED IT ALL!!!!

Discord is TOTALLY fugly!

His lion paw is on the wrong side!

*Alondro starts a war between those who have lion paws on the right side vs those who have it on the left... many years later, the Starship Enterprise visits and Captain Kirk finds the last two dudes remaining.*

And that's how this:

... actually happened. :trollestia:

Did you just start liking mlp, or do you not like it after season one? I'm just honestly curious. But besides that, thank you! I'm so glad that you liked it and found it all in-character, and that this 'fruit' was what you were looking for. Also, I fixed the nitpick, thank you!

Oh, yes. I absolutely HAD to have the 'ego stroking', as you put it, in there in a story that combats Beauty and the Beast. That, and there are a lot of great Discord blogs on tumblr that have him do the same thing, and I read them, and let's just say I have a lot of material to use (such as yours!) to help me write my own interpretation of him. I'm glad you found it brilliant! Also...*eyebrow waggle back* :duck: You know it. What are those plans that Discord has? Hoohoo, that's the beauty of it, no one knows...:raritywink: (Gosh, the Rarity icons on here are amazing).
Now that I think about it, as I wrote the princess/knight part, I thought of you, and had a feeling you'd have a particular appreciation for it. And I'll admit, I had so much fun writing that part. I dare say, perhaps it was my favorite scene to write! I even looked up the name of the coned princess hat everyone knows about! Hennin. I'm just learnin' stuff all over the place.
And YES! You put it in your top favorites, I'm so honored!!! I admire your work so much, so I'm thrilled!!! :pinkiehappy: And yours is in my top favorites and it's mutual and FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!! :rainbowkiss:

*salutes* Nitpicks spotted, examined, and fixed! Thank you, my friend. Your presence and reviews throughout my entire experience so far on this website is highly valued, appreciated, and loved by me. I always look forward to seeing what you think. I'm glad you enjoyed it, especially with Discord's attitude and Fluttershy's yelling. And it's actually a relief that you're okay with how I had the ponies act. I knew beforehand that perhaps I was making the ponies wayyyyy too stupid and narrow-minded, so I said in the comments outright that I knew I did that, myself. I don't want anyone thinking I'm not thinking about these things, after all. :ajsmug: And yes, I will continue to happily write, indeed. I hope you continue to happily review my work and enjoy them! :twilightsmile:

Oh my goodness, I never reviewed Wild Butterflies, did I?!? Oh my goodness! It's going spectacularly, darling. I'm enjoying it so much. It actually helped save me from boredom too, as I had to stand outside during a charity walk and direct people to go to the left, which they already knew anyhow. But you had updated that day and I got to read it while standing out there in the cold air and the fluff made me so happy!!! Thank you for that!
Also, let me soothe you, hopefully. Actually, the part of it being because of the animals...It has been used before, my friend. I read that idea first in a WONDERFUL fluttercord story that if you haven't read, I DEFINITELY recommend that you do. It's called More Than Trust by TheTalentlessPony. Don't let that username fool you...I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I HAVE READ IT LIKE TEN TIMES. It's wonderful, brilliant. And in it, Discord muses that perhaps it is his animal parts that make her like him so much. That was written shortly after the reveal of the s4 finale, and I used that idea in this fic.
It's very hard to be original in today's world, but it's okay, because there are an infinite number of ways to use the same idea. It's not the idea, it's the details that do!!! I encourage you to do that, and don't let it get you down! You'll do great!!!

5858613 Honestly, I didn't really enjoy the show in general. For a show designed for kids, I can see that it is objectively excellent, but I found it a bit too simple for my tastes. I originally watched the first season after I read some MLP fanfiction--Rainbow Factory, I believe--and thought that, if I was going to read fanfiction about it, I ought to watch the source material. After Discord (who is superb, of course), I realized that, even if the show had excellent writing; interesting, dynamic characters; and quality animation, it was still going to be a show produced for little girls, and it was unlikely to ever really appeal to me.

Obviously, I wouldn't be on this website if I had anything against My Little Pony, or its fans, and I am regularly blown away by the quality of this community, and I'm glad to see that it's still thriving; however, I probably won't watch any more of the TV show unless I start writing fanfiction of my own.

Anyways, I'm looking forwards to seeing more of your work!


Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that Ponyville is full of superficial jerks.
...I'm moving to Neighway.

Twilight Sparkle


It's so fluffy! Such a fluffy story, I love it!


Appejack glared at him. “You callin’ mah friend a liar?”

“I’m not calling her a truther!” he shot back.

I understood that reference.

He mouthed only two words to her.

‘She has good taste’.

That's four words...

“You callin’ mah friend a liar?”

“I’m not calling her a truther!”


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