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The Wizard of Words

Come what may and test what will, I always find peace in some form of writing. Be it famous, hidden, or simply my own, it is and forever will be a sanctuary.

The Twidash Challenge

The Twidash Challenge is my goal to write a story featuring the couple of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash in a story of every genre a story can belong to. This includes basic romance, sadness, comedy, song fictions, mature content, humanization, tragedies, fluff, and even perspective changes.

Categories may come and go as I feel that have to. Not because of laziness, but because they may not be a genre, or they deserve to be considered one. Second person, for example, is not a common writing scheme, so can classify as a genre. First person, however, is a common writing technique that does not distinguish a story significantly from another. I am willing to take suggestions, criticism, or provide explanations to the genres I have chosen below.

All stories are tracked by the progress, complete with links to the stories themselves. If any of these are broken please let me know.

Categories: Following this are all the categories, and their definitions, to the Twidash Challenge. They are listed in order beneath the stories.
Mature: A story that occurs with explicit material. Usually sex.
Fluff: A story that focuses on the happy puffy feeling of being in love.
Tragedy: A sad event that horrifically alters a pony's life.
Sad: A tale that makes you shed tears by it's end.
Dark: A telling of a tale that is best done in the dark
Comedy: A merry chant that will make you laugh by its end.
Random: A seemingly monotonous collection of events. Usually coincidental.
Song Fic: A story that is told over a song's score.
Crossover: A legend about the mixing of genres and worlds.
Adventure: An epic tale of wonder, peril, and excitement.
Slice of Life: A non-rhythmic poem of everyday life's challenges.
Alternate Universe: A twist in the norm for an wonderous "What if?"
Human: Turning the famed ponies into bipedal monsters.
Feel Good: For all those times we just want to smile and laugh.
Secondary Pairing: A tale told aside from the main pairing.
Second Pony Perspective: A story directing a pony's actions.

The Study of Dual Female Reproduction

After the incident with Pinkie Pie and Mirror Pool, Twilight tries her magic at replicating the magical artifact. Copying inanimate objects, however, is simple and easy. What she needs is a sentient subject to test on. She needs a volunteer. She gets Rainbow Dash.
Story Category: Mature

In Dreams

Twilight has learned physics, harmonic theories, ancient glyphs, and even incomprehensible spell formations. Now, she has found something she truly struggles to grasp. Poetic Music.
Determined to solve this riddle, Twilight embarks to ask Princess Luna for help. But, so sure that the royal princess could not be disturbed for a matter so trivial, Twilight decides to find the ruler of the night in her element, dreams specifically. Where better to ask the purpose of poetry than in a realm where anything can happen?
The mare she finds, however, is not the mare she was looking for...
Story Category: Fluff

I'll Love You Forever

There are some things that time cannot heal, some wounds that life won't let us forget. These are the scars that are bare for the world to see, and they are reminders that no matter how happy we once were, we are no longer. But still Rainbow Dash takes the trips that festers the wounds and opens the scars, because no matter how awful she feels, forgetting would be worse.
Story Category: Tragedy


Progress: (verb); to proceed closer to one's destination or goal.
It's usually intuitive for us to judge how close we are to something, how much further we have to go. But for others, data and numbers are a comforting reminder that progress is being made. But what if the numbers say something different? What if you're not growing closer to your goal, but straying farther from it?
Story Category: Sad


There is a thing that does not see, that does not sleep, and does not dream.
It waits and ponders while it watches with bait.
Tantalizing the youngest and fooling the eldest.
From a myth forgotten, from a nightmare ended, he walks the forest of the cursed.
The Slender Man.
Story Category: Dark

Time For The Bucking Weather!

Story Category: Comedy

Discord's Helping Hoof

It has been months since Discord was reformed and relocated to Ponyville. Under Fluttershy's watchful eye, he has kept himself from harming or manipulating a single pony. There is only a small problem that came with the larger solution.
He has gotten bored.
Concerned for her new friend, Fluttershy suggests he uses his magical powers to help ponies around Ponyville in ways that no other pony can. Good thing, Discord has such a unique way to help ponies in need...
Story Category: Random


Looking back, it should have been obvious. It wasn't at the time of course and they knew that, but it was now. All those brief moments they spent together, the close encounters, it was like they were dancing around the subject.
And it all began with something so very small.
Story Category: Song Fic


Story Category: Adventure

The Research of Wing Spell Development and Mechanics

After months of practice, trial, error, and research, Twilight finally perfects the Wing Casting Spell. Her friends are more than excited to see the fruits of her labor. All her friends except for Rainbow. Why is the cyan mare so hesitant to congratulate Twilight?
Story Category: Slice of Life


Story Category: Alternate Universe

An Analysis of Alternative Species During Reproductive Activities

Sometimes, couples like to explore new things in bed. Positions, toys, location, or even a bit of role-playing. They're all just quick and easy methods to make a night between two more romantic.
Sometimes, experimenting can be fun, hot, and memorable. Sometimes, it just goes too far.
Then there are the rare times where you wonder why you never tried it sooner.
Story Category: Human

The Best Has Yet To Come

There comes a moment in everypony's life when they have to look back and see what they have done. There is nothing that I regret in my life. I have battled demons, defeated gods, and deciphered mysteries that the Princesses themselves doubted could be unlocked. All of that was just the beginning to a grand adventure.
Story Category: Feel Good


Story Category: Secondary Pairing

Breaking The Norm

You never did like to do new things. Changing what you did meant changing who you were. But no matter what you do, things will change. It can be because you did something well, or something poor, or even doing nothing at all. Things are still going to change.
The least you can do is make sure they change for the better.
Story Category: Second Pony Perspective

An Ode to My Editors

This is long overdue. Seriously it is.

I have some amazing pre-readers and editors working with me. They catch things I almost never see and help me with ideas that just never quite mesh. They're honest, thoughtful, and I'd reckin a few are better writers at heart than I am. I'm just benefited by a little extra time between work and classes. Let me put it this way, for every one mistake you may find in my stories post publication, there were at least 10 more in the original draft. Based upon my stats, that's actually an underestimate.

So, as is appropriate, I gotta give them props, because the new FIM Fiction set up removed the original page I had for them. Here we go!

Previously known as The Warlord, at least to me, he is one of the fastest pre-readers I have ever had. It takes almost no time to go through a story, noting his emotions at each point to be able to describe what everyone else is likely to feel. As a writer, this is invaluable. I while my other editors and pre-readers also do this, Goat here will do it likely 6x as much as the rest of them, and he's funny about it too. Seriously, comedy is worth more than gold some days. He's got his own story going now too, so give him a thank you and check him out!

With a name straight of the TVTropes page, and a mind about just as large, he is my chief editor, for whatever that may count for. While most of my other pre-readers and editors look for obvious mistakes or missing sections, he'll name EVERY MISTAKE POSSIBLE! The best example possible is where he found a mistake at least every other word for a whole page. It took me longer to fix that page than it did to write it. It takes time, no doubt, which isn't great with my impatient mind, but for everything he fixes, I'll re-upload and correct.

No matter what happens, I'll always have respect for this guy. Just don't ask him for a contract...

You know those myths about the fairies that come and help you while you're asleep? Quick Study reminds me of that a lot. No messages, no PMs, no comments on the Google docs, but I'll just come back to check some time and I'll see a five or six dozen corrections on the page without a comment. It's an awesome kind of haunting, getting edits and corrections from a ghost instead of scare jumps or nightmares. Nothing wrong with that set up at all!

While many people are quick to remind me that my stories are far from perfect, a fact that I am very much aware of, they are leagues above what the rough drafts were and these three individuals are the keystone behind that.

Returning fresh from his duties and real-life commitments, soulwinds is one of my oldest editors, plus the only one to ever come back after leaving. He isn't big on sifting through and finding every error possible in a story, oh no, he's more about finding mistakes that you think you made intentionally. "You say she's stuttering? No, that doesn't make sense." What do ya know, he's right! That doesn't make sense. Thus, the story becomes more real. And I guess that's why Soulwind is a great pre-reader, he helps make the story feel more REAL. Less like a fan fiction and more like a professional novel. You usually have to pay for this kind of help.

Seriously, I'm more than just a little thankful for all his help.

That being said, two of my other editors have left recently, both for reasons that asked me kindly not to specify. However, if you want to help me and can put up with my obnoxious superflous writing style, I will greet with open arms and a warm hug. No salary though.

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Well, seeing as you've been off for nearly half a year, though I suppose that doesn't mean anything, I assume you're gone. I hope I'm wrong, but in any case, I've always enjoyed your writing and I wish you the best.

I can let you know once I upload the first chapter (Heavy Editing underway)

2157745 ineresting. can you tell me where I might find this?

Forewarned, it's not MLP. I haven't actually written a lot here recently. Just come in to check every now and then how my stories are stacking up to the newer entries.

2156026 can't wait to see it then.

Another crossover, with the singular character being mysterious yet intuitively powerful. Yet, far from removed from the world. Like Pangur Ban, I've always had fun seeing how a believable link between two different worlds would transpire. Like that.

2155273 Spiritual successor? How so?

A multitude of reasons, the biggest two being that I am writing a lot less recently with my job searching and career building (master's degree thesis work). The other being my focus on other stories that I'm hoping become spiritual successors to Pangur Ban and OLG.

2154941 well then, Why not remake it?

I know you are not the only one who feels that way and in truth I feel regret over what I did. The truth is I deleted it and two of my other stories that were gaining criticism sometime over a year ago due to a bout with depression. Recovering now, I know what I did was a really bad decision, but seeing as I deleted it not only from the site but also my folders, I really can't bring it back.

I'm sorry, but if I could, I would.

Hello, I wish to ask about your old story, Panger Ban. Now, I know you took it down. Why, I have no idea, but is there any chance you could bring it back. I know its not completed and I understand if it will never be completed, but still.

I saw the movie, I love the character, and even if I'm stuck rereading the same chapters over and over again I will because that is how much I love it. Just think about what I am saying, alright? I doubt I'm the only one who feels this way.

2117554 no prob ^_^. Someone showed me that fimfetch site and i just was scrolling through the deleted fics section and happened to stumble across them.

You are a saint, prodigy, and wonderful human being. Thank you so much! I gotta read over them. Maybe I'll be inspired enough to re-upload/continue them.

No promises on that, but still... I really do regret deleting these. Thank you so much!

wow, phenomenal writing!

Yes, right, like the "Dark Music" in the basement.

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