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The Wizard of Words

Come what may and test what will, I always find peace in some form of writing. Be it famous, hidden, or simply my own, it is and forever will be a sanctuary.


Twilight has always loved mysteries. Researching them, dissecting them, and finally, solving them. Almost nothing could compare to the joy she feels when finding an answer to a question no pony knew.

But there are mysteries with answers better left unheard, truths that aren't meant to be known. Now Twilight has solved a mystery with an answer she doesn't want, an answer she can never forget.

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Well... Here's your entry... (er, this IS the challenge entry, right?)

Now we just need bats...

Damn... This is gonna be tough.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Also... You forgot the second 'e' in the chapter title.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Can't believe I missed that. Thanks!


Heh, not a problem.
Nice job on the fic, by the way.

~Skeeter The Lurker

It has arrived! I can't wait to read the entries of this challenge.

When did you get that cool avatar? I love it, mechromancer is best vault hunter.

Now I have to read the story, brb.

I loved this, it's definitely going to be hard to beat, but there was one problem you deserve to know about. Not with the story itself - I couldn't find any problems with that - but with the Twilestia banner. I read with a dark background as opposed to a white one, and the banner stays in a box of white. The Twidash banner works perfectly fine, though.

Something that kept showing up that kinda irked me: Celestia is not a monarch; a monarch is a sole ruler of a nation. Celestia is a diarch, or one of two rulers of a nation.

Er, I think you might've forgotten to choose between two words.

caked and matted, stuck with(along) a trail of dried tears

Wiz, you gone dun an' outdid yourself!

This right here? This is probably one of the most beautiful fics I've had the pleasure to read on this site—not just for TwiDash, but for everything. I would go into further detail, but my hopes were proven correct; reading this has refilled my vigor for Dreams.

Time to write sads!:rainbowdetermined2:

It hurts to be in love
When the only one you love
Turns out to be someone
Who's not in love with you.

Could you do me a favor and write a story in which Twilight and Celestia get to be happy together please? This was a great story... and yet I can't bring myself to like it. :raritycry::fluttercry:

Remember me saying "No Wizardry for me"?

Applejack would be ashamed.

I lied. I lied so damn much.

You caught me by surpise, and damn if I'm not glad I made myself out a liar. Twilestia? Not a Fan. But it was perfectly believable for such emotion to exist for Twilight. The feels were quite insistant on plaguing me, and I find myself torn between bats and yourself.

When I saw the title "Unrequited", I expected a TOTALLY different unrequited. You threw me a curve ball.

Coming from someone who once actually may have taken the path of love from afar, I can say that Rainbow's reaction is probably spot on. However, seeing as I was never found out, and eventually made my peace, I'll never know that pain. Not really.

I don't like sad fics much because I hate sad endings, but if this is how your sad stories turn out in the end, I think I better take a second look at all those sadfics I skipped with a "do NOT want!" reaction.

Perhaps you could give me some good suggestions?


I've never been happier to turn you a hypocrite.

For Sad stories of mine, I'd like to just say all of 'em, but my top one would have to be Progress.

Good one,sir.Thumbs Up.

I...I'm afraid I'm not going to try the hardcore more,though.
It hurts so much already.

Great story! Also, your music link in the authors note is broken, heres it fixed!:pinkiehappy:

God damn you two making me chose between my feels

This is sad, very much so, yet very, very good, too.

I've both been in Twilight’s as well as Rainbow’s positions, although back then I wasn't strong enough to come to the same decision Twilight did in regard to Dashie in the end. The description of their thoughts and feelings worked extremely well, bringing me back to those days, forcing me to remember…

Your wordsmithery is outstanding; not only do you write emotion and interaction incredibly well, but your style is as precise as it is easy to read, and I found very few errors in your story, even counting simple typos.

…I think I've got to watch one more author now. :twilightsmile:

Bravo, good sir! Bravo! Fantastic work!

Wizard of Words. You. Are awesome. You and bats... damn, you guys are master writers of Twidash.

I gotta say this story was amazing, and for me, completely relatable. This was a beautiful show of emotions and storytelling. That ending was a nice touch, too. I definitely know what I'm voting for. Well done, and good luck on your showdown.


That was amazing. Great job.

Amazing story, one of the best twidash I've ever read!

I have one nitpicky thing to mention:

a hospital bill from a heat stroke

Heat stroke is a stage of heat exhaustion, unlike a normal stroke, which is an action. The way this is worded is like someone saying they had a frostbite.

By the way - as good as bats entry is, this one has it beat in all categories. On my way over to vote now :twilightsmile:


“Imagine for a moment that I did return your feelings, what would happen then? Time for us would be scarce, barely enough to be called close by even the standards of young love. You will age faster than I, growing older and older as I continue to march and walk without error. Eventually, in time, you will pass on, I will be left to mourn, to cry for a pony that I will never see again, haunted by him… her for the rest of my days.”

And This.

“I am as certain of this as I am of your gift in magic Twilight, but you must have heard the expression eternity is a curse. Let me clarify to say it is hell. The world changes without me, and I cannot act to change it. I rule atop a mountain, but I am as passive as the breeze through a forest’s leaves.

You sir, for those things deserve a medal and a hug, as for the rest of you, I'll let you all figure out why.
Lovely story, I expected this to be the kind of sad theme where Rainbow and Twilight fall in love with each other, but then it doesn't work out... and you know the rest...
But as I read through and realised that this was reserved for Twilight and Celestia ( though Celestia didn't return the feeling in the way Twilight did )
and then reached the end, I was more than happy. :twilightsmile:
Now its time to read Bat's piece, and then its off to VOTE! :rainbowkiss:

Happy/bittersweet tears flowed freely as I read this. I still need to read bats', but seriously. I applaud this.

Easily gets my vote. bats story was a good, although average Twidash. Unrequited is definitely one of my favorite Twidash one shots.

...bats is gonna win because he's got twilycorn though.

What constitutes "beating" hardmode? Is there a maximum amount of tears shed or feels felt? Cause no tears =/= no feels, lemme tell you that :fluttercry:

This... the feels... :raritycry:

I didn't actually break down and cry, but I had a frog in my throat the whole time...and I ate a pint of ice cream afterwards.

This was simply wonderful. I loved it.

Damn, voting's going to be difficult.

This was... holy crap, I can't even describe it. If I could, though, it'd be positive, so don't worry.

Just... wow. This right here shows you don't need chapters of endless fawning to make a good love story. My mom would be upset at stuff like this, since the stuff she goes for usually ends with them getting together (usually marriage). What I think she doesn't get, though, is that the life after isn't part of the story. It's the story of how they got together.

Rambling aside, I think you nailed this. Excellent work.

This is one of the best pieces I have read on this site, bar none. You capture the character's personalities perfectly, the story is believable and logical, and you write clearly and beautifully.

The emotions that you draw out of Twilight and Rainbow are so well done, I can't even begin to describe it. You even wrote Spike's part in such a way that you feel for the little guy. You could give classes on how to invoke emotional responses in readers.

Just fantastic, all the way around. You certainly live up to your name when it comes to writing.

Challenge accepted, lets see if i can cry with this :D

Welp. If my piece loses to this story, I will not feel cheated at all.

You brought your A game and any way the contest ends will be a satisfying conclusion to me.

Amar y dejar partir (Loving and letting go)

I'm not a big fan of shipping stories.
I do not like the TwiDash ship. At all.
But this?
This whole story?
I love it.
I really, really do. I can't put into words how I feel about it, or how you just made it work. Like I can't even get how I actually like this.
But I do.
Probably 'cause its awesome.
So here- Take my star and like.
'Cause damn boy, you earned them.
(P.S. The story breaks slowly shifting color were a really nice touch. They just topped the whole thing off perfectly.)

Didn't take you that long, did it?

Okay, I have a couple things to say here.
1. This was adorable, and the feels have penetrated deep into my very being.
2. I LOVED the sad twist at the end, where it shows how Celestia had to let Twilight go- such feels, such feels.
3. This was just one thing that irked me:

“Thanks, really.” His smile fell though as his serpentine eyes looked up to Twilight’s room again, door still shut tight. “I just hope Rainbow can help Twilight now.” He felt the hoof on his shoulder give him a small assuring squeeze.
“We all do, Spike.” Applejack assured. “We all do.”

Did noone notice that Rainbow was acting extraordinarily caring and out of character? I mean come on, I don't think they'd usually leave dash as the one to comfort twilight, unless they all knew about her crush or something.
Irregardless that was quite good.

Away I go to read Bat's fic!


Not at all.

~Skeeter The Lurker

2639575 Ah, but we have the potent weapon that is Twilestia on our side. Do you see it Wiz? Do you feel the power trembling in your hands as the two largest ships in the fandom combine to take the featured box by storm?

Poor Celestia:raritycry:
For that ending you have my vote man:fluttercry:

i didn't need those heartstrings anyway:fluttercry:

I LOVE sadfics, I don't know why, but something about the emotions, the pain, of a good sadfic really speaks to me. But this one in particular was certainly a cut above what I usually see, this was more than a good story, it was an excellant one

Wonderful read.

:ajbemused: first of all good job capturing the characters mannerisms and manner of speech. its pretty believable. a few typos , but considering a piece this long it could have been worse. now my feels though said nah forget it and went ice cold.:rainbowwild: noonetheless commendable delivery and cheers.:twilightsmile:

This, I mean, it's just, I, amazing, this, I just this *flails arms dramatically and collapse to the floor sobbing and mumbling and breaking down simulataneously*

This story is, with out better words to put, very "gripping", an proper grip on the hearth. It's shows love true bitter sweetness all the way. Would be a lie if this story haven't been a twister to read due personal experiance, but so does make it even more out standing. Faved and upvoted by defult, looking forward to read more of your stories:pinkiesad2:


you combined it? not joking, seriously shit, that's an incredible coincidence.
well, what can I say, very well written, very well thought out, a piece of art and etc ....
but this is not what you want to hear, right?

...sorry man, but I think that bats won this round

nevertheless, I wish you luck and may the best writer win

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