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The Wizard of Words

Come what may and test what will, I always find peace in some form of writing. Be it famous, hidden, or simply my own, it is and forever will be a sanctuary.


After months of practice, trial, error, and research, Twilight finally perfects the Wing Casting Spell. Her friends are more than excited to see the fruits of her labor. All her friends except for Rainbow. Why is the cyan mare so hesitant to congratulate Twilight?

Prior to Season 3.
Story seven in my Twidash Challenge: Slice of Life Theme
Cover Image by Psychodikdik

Chapters (5)
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I've waited for this particular story for so long :rainbowlaugh:

Commence read.
And tapping.

Liked the idea behind the spell. Throws plenty of ideas off and forces an interesting thought.


Seriously, this was pretty interesting. Let's see where this will lead Twilight :twilightsmile:

:twilightsmile: Awesome!
Can't wait for what's next!

Celestia might not be pleased at this, with lots of *alicorns* flying around. And if the spell gets widly known, pegasui might start fearing for their jobs.

“I can’t use the spell unless I have someONE to cast on.” SomePONY plz. And take this. :moustache:

This picture and fic description caught my attention the most I think when I first saw your list of fics you were writing, heh, and here it is getting written.
Also, the fic is greatly written, Twilight and Spike are, in my opinion, well done in character.
And, the idea is nice. Looking forward for more.

Gratz on getting into the featured-list :twilightsmile:
Liked and faved

So basicly Twilight turned herself into an alicorn. :trollestia::twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh::heart:

(Joke) Alt. Title: Wing And A Shipping: R&D Of A Featured Fic
The lucky story 7 in the TwiDash challenge! Or, as I like to call it, WhyCrash.

Okay, props on that title, it made me laugh.
Not quite, but yeah, close enough.
My major finally is good for something!
I hope you enjoy it!

I can't wait for chapter 2! :moustache:

Twilight should troll Celestia by flying up to Canterlot to see her with a pair of wings. :trollestia:

Looks good i'll read it later. I'm not really a fan of Twidash but this might change that:twilightsmile:

Perhaps in the Discussion or Conclusion.

And here I was thinking you would make this an entirely non-shipping intro, but then that last line popped up. Also, I really enjoy the Spike that's being written. He's the assistant/pseudo-son of Twilight, but I don't think I've read a story or seen an episode that actually depicts him as having a mind capable of scientific ponderings.

As usual, it was an excellent read, and I must make the standard request of MOAR PLZ. As I've said before: it's always a good day when there's a new Twidash available, and it only gets better when you've written it :pinkiehappy:

One of the first things Twilight learned about magic, in the advanced studies class under the tutelage of the Princess, was the caster of a spell was the one who determined its outcome. The object that it was cast on was at the complete mercy of the spell.
It didn’t matter what form of spell was being cast. The object that was being casted on couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Silly Twilight! "Your argument is invalid"-isque statements only work on the Internet :twilightsmile:

Even then, such statements are often proven to be invalid in and of themselves.

Anywho, this fic is awesome. Definitely gonna upvote and fave.


brilliant! i love it when the writer adds the whole thinking process behind a new spell into the story. i feel it lets you better understand just how complex the spell is and what's at risk.

And here's another good story by you... You just don't quit, do you? :twilightsmile:

:twilightblush: Hey there, Princess. I've already made myself an alicorn! Suck it!

... Alright. THIS should be GOOD... :pinkiehappy:

Going by the logic implemented here:
In episode 16 of season 1: "Sonic Rainboom", Rarity got butterfly wings. She might have been thinking about a certain pegasi's flank...

Great story though, looks very promising!

I really like the idea, Most "Alicorn" stories are shitty because the pony becomes to powerful, and getting everything in life without any trouble.

But the way you put it makes them simply a unicorn with wings...I like that! A sort of a "disguised alicorn" without the true power of one :P

2030687 Spike isn't a pony:moustache: when Spike is also being adressed, they use "everyone" in the show

2031420 At least it doesn't start out very fast in shipping...

is always a pleasure to see a new story of yours
congratulations for the F.B. no more than you deserved

I like the idea of this... Favorited! :derpytongue2:

Introduction claimed and sanctified.

Moving to chapter one.

Let the epicness begin!

2032809 Indeed. I'm not sure if you've read that 'Muddy Wings' story yet, but the relationship isn't built, it's like a prepackaged item that gets unboxed just in the first chapter. This is a welcome change of pace.

Also, steamy shower scene :rainbowwild:

This looks amazing. I'm really, really interested!

Although Twilight's attempts to curtail Spike's sarcasm seem a little off... both of them tend to be pretty snarky.

How do we solve the problem?

What problem is that? At this point, it could be either the Wing Spell, or getting Twilight a date, because if this is how she spends her nights, she has a problem.

Mammals and dinosaurs (read: birds) didn't split during the Jurassic. Nor even the Triassic. Mammals split off from birds back when the two groups went by the much more latinate names of synapsids and diapsids, about three hundred million years ago (the Carboniferous Era), or one to one hundred and fifty million years before you said they did. The morphological distinction shown between the two that divided them into their current cladistic groups being that we synapsids have three delicate bones in our ears that improve our hearing, while the more rough and tumble diapsids have extra room for their powerful jaw muscles, which is what gives monitor lizards, crocodiles and Tyrannosaurs their absurdly powerful bites.

I really liked the parts on the afferent and efferent nerves. I really needed that neuroscience review after a full year without it :twilightsmile:. I caught Twilight's mistake about halfway through the conversation, which shows how well you explained the concept.

As for the character writing, this is probably the most developed Twilight and Spike I've seen since I cracked open stories like Composure and Eternal so very long ago. Although you're competing with The Lavender Letter on the Twilight front. A shame this is TwiDash, I would love to see how you write for Celestia or Pinkie Pie. But I've never let a thing like shipping preferences get in the way of reading a good story. Consider yourself followed, liked and faved.

Well holy freaking hell, we gotta scientist over here!

But in all seriousness, I knew all of those points, but if I tried to explain those through the fic, I made as well have just inserted a bunch of empty paragraphs. I'm a biomedical engineer, so I know all about the varying bone structures, synapses, cartilage, and nerve structures between animals, mostly because it's one of the main tools for studying the evolutionary pathway, which you are 100% correct that I did f:yay: up on. But hey, when you're away from a biology class in place of materials and mechanical eductions, it begins to show.

Thank you for the kind words and endearment!

2034662 eh, it's easy enough to just change "Jurassic" to "Carboniferous". It's not like any non-scientist is going to know what the Law of Transitivity is either unless they google it :raritywink:.

As for the praise, meant every word of it. Go look up the final chapter of A Bluebird's Song and check the comments section. I don't pull any punches if I see something I don't like in a fic. Call it a character flaw. :pinkiecrazy:

Uh... what are you talking about? For reference, this is not alicorn twilight. This is that spell she used from season freaking 1.

That what she thought he said.

Shouldn't there be 'was' there?

Mistakes aside, the story is really well made, the pacing is good and it's easy to read as well. I'm excited for the next chapter already. :pinkiehappy:

Twilight let her mind wander as she waited for Spike’s return. She thought about the joy that would come from flying by yourself, independent of every force but your own. No gravity to worry about, no carriage to cling to, and only the sensation of wind running over your coat.
To put in the words of a famous pegasus, it would be awesome.
Twilight couldn’t help but smile as the mare filled her mind.

Yes, Twilight. Let yourself think aaaaallll about her. And soon, you will have her wings! MUHUHAHAHAH

Seriously, though, this is great. I love the inclusion of the scientific explanations of everything, and using Spike as a foil for the audience was a nice touch. And we haven't even gotten to the TwiDash part yet!

I'll be watching you, sir. :pinkiehappy:

I had thought the exact same thing Spike did about the spell. That the kind of wings the subject got was dependent on what the subject was thinking. Anyway, loving the story! Only 1 mistake found! One could be, but most likely isn't.

The mistake is as follows, with a correction below it.

'into a carrying smile'

That should be

'into a caring smile'

So i woke up, didn't have much sleep anyway

made myself a cup of coffe and was like "maybe i should read something nice"

so i checked my "read later" list and picked this up, because come on, The Wizard of Words is awsome and i have NO idea why i delayed reading this

so i began to read this, and all this magical theory stuff, my brain still half dead/half asleep

and I finish reading it and im all like "...wait, what?" and had to re-read the whole thing

SO ANYWAY! now thats my (not)interesting story of my life is out there

Nice one, had fun reading it (second time) like all your work

I r want moar plawks. :3

Your name fits you well. You are quite magical in your writing style. I like that. :moustache:

Instafave/follow. I'll be watching you in your sleep. :trollestia:

Nice job at number 1 in the feature box! :pinkiehappy:

2034876 Holy crap 4 dislikes! People really can't take sarcasm nowadays, can't they? And I knew it was 'a spell from season freaking 1', I was just making a joke on how these (blank) (blank) of (blank) stories seem to be popping up like weeds.

Amazing story, I can't wait for you to continue! :pinkiehappy:

2035956 What world do you live in where sarcasm is easy to convey and understand on the internet? You gave no indication you were joking, and sounded more pissy than sarcastic when I read it. :L

2036165 Well, the fact I used a picture of Jesus doing a 'bang-bang' gesture should show I'm not being serious, and how I said 'go away! Get out of here!' is rather childish.

On top of all that, why would people care in the first place?

2036376 I'm just pointing out my initial reactions to the comment itself, also said images caption was pretty much the polar opposite of the intent, and compared to the context of the comment it didn't fare too well. Plus it's not uncommon for people who hate certain things to go to where those certain things are and express their distaste for them. The comment had poor conveyance, and judging by the response to it, I'm not the only one who thought so. Still, no harm done, you were joking around and I can accept that.

Now, onto the perusal of horse fiction!

Top 1 with only the introduction? Damn, you have become the CaptainSparklez of FiMFiction.

Really good, but two points.
1. Got a little dry in the middle. Try to keep overly scientific descriptions as simple as possible.
2. Spike didn't have a theory. He had a hypothesis. Twilight should know this.
Other than that, I loved it. Keep up the good work! :pinkiehappy:

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