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A Day in the Life


Spike is a kind, loyal, selfless dragon. To many, he's not only Twilight's number one assistant, but rather an assistant to the entire town. Tragedy strikes when the adolescent succumbs to a fatal illness. It hits the townsfolk hard, especially Twilight Sparkle.

Sulking in her own despair, the faithful student asks herself the same, fruitless question: 'How does one cope with losing their only son?'

Sadness Porn at its smuttiest. You've been warned.

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YES! Finally someone else who thinks that Twi is Spike's (surrogate) mother. :twilightsmile:

I'm gonna add this to my read later list and read it just after another fic when the roles are reversed and it is Twi who's dead. (From aging, not an illness)

no no no no no. not..no..not tears..
I'm crying, man. This was beautiful.

Manly tears have been shed:fluttercry:

I shall display my current level of sadness in emoticons.

That was a very touching story i actually cried and that is rare for me, but dear celestia that was sad. very good work by the way.

T-Tenbatsu! No! No! Nononononono!:fluttercry:
You DID NOT just end it there!:flutterrage:
Excuse me while I delude myself into thinking Spike shall be resurrected or that this is all I a bad dream...*sob*:raritydespair:
Other than that...excellent work...:raritycry:

You should make a sequel. Where was Luna and shining armor?

This is the kind of story to be featured. Just sayin' watch the feature box.

:ajsleepy::applecry::fluttercry::pinkiesad2::raritycry: all were in tears including me i could hardly see the screen enough to finish the story

Delightfully short, and yet so painfully sad...
It is that awesome I have to comment twice to even HINT at my emotions over this piece of fiction.
The dies not make it less sorrowful.

Must use overlay unit to stop tears.

I'm out:raritycry:

is that supposed to be a manly tear:trollestia:


An event like this happened one day...

I have 3 friends, they were like my older brother and sisters. But, my mom didn't approve of them, therefore, making me never see them again >.> That happened in February, but to this day I miss them most dearly :raritydespair:

My reaction while reading this story:

Thanks for posting this story. I enjoyed reading it and noticing my family noticing me crying.

However in reality I nearly burst crying.
Spike was best non-pony

Very well-structured and nice grammar. Exceptionally sad. There are only 3 fanfics that made me cry, or at least shed a tear.
1. My Little Dashie (Cried like a little bitch)
2. Red Light District
3. This Fanfic.

WHELP! I CRIED! THANKS! Not many sad Fan Fictions have been able to make me cry. MLD and One last apple has but not many others. Enjoy being #3.....:fluttershysad::fluttercry::fluttershbad:

Normally I don't read sad stories but...
I love spike a lot, and it's good to finally see him get the respect he deserves.:pinkiesad2:

Rarity's speech got to me, it really did. Congratulations for breaking me :raritycry:

well done~

:applecry: Manly Tears... This is so sad but a good story..

:fluttercry: .............:raritycry: that was so touching. this is even more sadder than My Little Dashie. And also who ever disliked this is a fucking idiot!

1100533 I'd like to see this 'Red Light District.' What's it about?

i nearly cried....and for me, thats saying something. i ever show emotion over books or things that i read...... i nearly cried. thank you.

1100702 this, i searched for that story in fimfiction and found nothing :(.

about this story, man manly have been shed good job

I'm sorry but...

After 'Memory'...

I can't look at Spike and Twilight being apart.

At some point while reading this I started laughing. It just got to the point where I thought "This is trying so hard to be as sad a possible, yet, this is about my little pony." I somehow found that funny. I'm going to hell for this.
Your writing was solid, and I don't have a soul, so I probably wouldn't have cared anyways. Good job.

Thank all that is good and sacred that this isn't canon. Deary me I am tearing up, because Spike is best. I need to stop reading stories like this, it's bad for my heart...

Anyway, this story is awesome and you're awesome. Best wishes!

*Reads title, Sees picture, Reads description*

You...You monster!


I pictured myself in this story, which made it more sad. Be at peace Spike, I never knew thee... god I have to cry! :raritycry:

doesnt you know, that spike was adopted by celestia, not twilight, cuz she was too young, and its a kanon, cuz Faust says so

I pictured myself in this story, which made it more sad. Be at peace Spike, I never knew thee... god I have to cry! :raritycry:

vengence there will be vengence:flutterrage:

changling base,kill everyone, kill chrisilys :twilightangry2:

for you spike i will make sure they all die a very very slow and painful death i will not stop until i cleanse the land of there existence i will personally rip every single changling apart until they are all DEAD.:ajsleepy:

Oh Spikey-wikey... :applecry::ajsleepy::fluttercry::raritycry::facehoof: I'll miss you...

I think you did a great job with this fanfic, congrats! But it has a lot of errors and the usual common typos in there, just some minor mishaps is all... I give it 4 stars. I don't usually comment on stories, only first timers, and the most I have read are only 3 stars worth. But great job BTW!
Please, could you be kind enough and return the favor by reading, favouriting and liking my stories? Thank you so much...
And be sure to watch me and check out my userpage.
THANKS SOOOO MUCH:heart::pinkiehappy:

Hmmm... I see you focused more on current emotions instead of plot, although you made the situation clear.
And quite frankly, sometimes that really works for short-fics like these. Besides some spelling and grammatical errors here and there, this was done nicely. I could visualize well what was going on and what the characters looked like, especially over Spike's grave. Plus the scenario along with the characters' actions and reactions were believable and stayed true to who they were. All in all, while this is an unrelenting tear-jerker, it works and is well executed and an enjoyable read.
Personally, I didn't cry. I never do. Which doesn't surprise me considering some of the stuff I wrote as well as the fact that I didn't cry while reading MLD.
However, like I said, thats just me. And besides, a sad-fic really shouldn't be evaluated by the volume of its collected tears, but rather the quality and sincerity of the story and the emotions brought about by the writing. Which is why I think this is actually better than the sad stuff I wrote!

Keep Writing, Friend. :ajsmug:

the dam that is leaking! and by that i mean the tears are rolling down my face.

Wow. I've read -a lot- of fics on this site, 26M words worth, And I've never come across a sad fic this short, yet so moving.
You almost got me there, Honestly, Good think my tear ducts can reverse and suck water back in.

-Heavy Weapons Guy

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