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Outsider's Game: Night King - Ch. 15 · 5:02am Aug 12th, 2015

"I don't bring forgiveness, I don't bring peace.
I've come to slay you, Come to kill the beast
I'll search the shadows you wear like a crown.
You know it's coming, and I'm going to hunt you down."
-The Hit House (feat. Ruby Friedman), "Hunt You Down"

Chapter Fifteen - Read Here

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So it’s over?

1876977 Okay. Then when will Night king update?

1874264 She's not. Or at least I'm not planning on it.

Each story in what I'm calling the Outsider's Game Cycle is focused on one crossover, one character. Turning Wheel was Painwheel's story, but Night King is Dougal's story. I find it's best to minimize overlaps as much as possible (for now), so as not to confuse people who didn't read the other stories.

However, because these characters exist in the same version of Equestria, cameos are inevitable. I had Dougal move to Baltimare so as to avoid it, but eventually something is going to give. Plus, I've got plans for the culmination of Outsider's Game.

So sorry, but Painwheel is Lady Not Appearing In This Fic.

So when will painwheel show up in Night King?

  • Viewing 15 - 19 of 19
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