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A groups for all the Bronies and Pegasisters born in that glorious era when the Internet was born, Y2K was the Apocalypse, comic books had superheros with ridiculous proportions, and computer animation was in it's infancy.

The only requirement to join this group is, you must have been born in the 1990's.

Other than that, have fun, don't be a douche, and other assorted group rules to be discussed at another time.

Group Theme:

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369806 I just drink my coffee as it is... (the stronger the better)

For some reason, I neglected to listen to the theme when I joined... Oh well, time to listen to it because it's a great song.

Hahanineties. Very clever

Welp, I feel obligated to join this group. '94 here, birthday was just two days ago. Ahh, the memories… :twilightsmile:


I disagree with the theme. Too nihilistic.

Now here's a theme.

Born in 1991. I can honestly say I remember watching the premier episode of Pokemon!

Happily born in the '95.

...I regret nothing done in the first 5 years of my life!

Feel free to start a thread anytime.


God, I miss the Rugrats!

Born in 1993

yey for being born in '97

Being born in 1998 was fun.

The power of the 90's is growing. Soon we shall have enough strength to dominate the Universe!

369503 I have no words for this beautiful place.

Comment posted by DBZcrossover fan deleted Jul 30th, 2014

1997 over here!

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