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Just some 29 yr old demigirl from Ohio who enjoys ponies, call me Aqua and I'm also a furry. I'm more of an artist then a writer. ^^; Worth a shot, right?


Aquaberry Paintbrush
An ice blue Pegasus mare with a dark brown mane and brown eyes. She wears blue glasses, crystal necklace and Bisexual Pride bracelet. Her special talent has to do with art. Prefers to go by Aqua. She works as a freelance artist. She has a younger sister named Zoester and her coltfriend is Quill Pen.
(My Ponysona)

Quill Pen
A yellowish-green Unicorn stallion with a shaggy orange mane, short tail, and brown eyes. He wears glasses and two gold earrings in his right ear. His special talent has to do with writing. He works in Ponyville's library. His marefriend is Aquaberry.
(My boyfriend's Ponysona)

A tan Pegasus filly with black and white markings similar to a Boxer, a pink mane and hot pink eyes. She has yet to find her special talent. She is Aquaberry's adopted younger sister.

Minty Cocoa
A mint green Pegasus filly with a shaggy dark brown mane (with a lighter streak) and brown eyes. Future daughter of Quill Pen and Aquaberry. Older sister of Night Song.

Night Song
A dark blue Unicorn colt with an orange and pale yellow mane and hazel eyes. Future son of Quill Pen and Aquaberry. Younger brother of Minty Cocoa.

Southern Days
A large rust-colored Earth pony stallion with a purple mane and green eyes. He wears a pendent around his neck given to him by his father. His special talent is carpentering. He speaks with a Dixie accent. He comes from Appleoosa and works as Ponyville's local carpenter.

~My personal favorites~

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Thanks for the watch!

thank you for the faves on my two fics

No problem at all Rupert. :twilightsmile:
Thought I'd give a fallow after you said you had one on FA.

Thank you for the kind follow, fellow brony. :twilightsmile:

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