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Spoiler Free Fiction Reviews · 8:41pm Feb 28th, 2015

All my reviews are neatly collected in that playlist:

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All the videos in individually:

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"Hard Reset" Fanfiction Video-Review by TheAnYPony & Keyframe (Spoilerfree) · 4:19pm Nov 13th, 2016

Not sure if anybody here doesn't already know Hard Reset, but I would say in all modesty, the video turned out good and is worth sharing :raritywink:
For more fanfiction reviews check out my full playlist here

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Since that I am looking for people to review my fanfic, A series of unfortunate events that leads to another redeemed villain, yay!, I was wondering if you could take a good gander at it :twilightsmile:.

You should do a review/ramble about this one!

Comment posted by AnonYmuss90 deleted Apr 9th, 2016

2145757 Sounds fair enough. :pinkiesmile:

While your accusation of "trying to launch your writing from those who follow that work" can not be entirely dismissed (after all I use my network to promote it), I see it as separate endeavors: I will continue doing my videos, and the fiction is more of a side-project that will probably be over before I give up on Youtube. So it is less about "launching" and more about promoting my other work (like I do for my other YT channels every now and then as well), if this makes any sense :rainbowlaugh:

I will be at Brony Fair in April but so far I have no plans to go to Galacon as well I am afraid...

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