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The Cutie Mark Crusaders have a history presentation today, and who better for Applebloom to bring than her Uncle Apple Strudel? He'd just love to talk to the class about his old country roots!

Applebloom is going to get an A for this, for sure!

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Cheerilee has the perfect bribe currency there.

Some idle comments:

- This is the first fic I've read that really calls out what is either the lack of Equestrian historians (possibly due to Celestial conspiracy) or the lack of competency on their part (again, maybe due to uncooperative Celestial primary source). Couldn't even recall which mare got stuck in the moon. So thank you for that.

- I'm always a sucker for ponified European names. Props for Bavariable.

- My MVP for the chapter is either Scoots for her succinct existential moment or Sweetie for being Sweetie.

Sweetie watched raptly as the feather in Strudel's hat bob up and down.

There's a sudden tense change to present.

In a flash, a fiery eyed slammed his hoof down

a fiery eyed what? Banana?

War lederhosen looks like infinity spooled around threat

I think that you meant to type thread

I mashed the hoof in my chalk!

...Please be able to spot this error.

Good story.

I do love Scootaloo's force-of-habit moment. And the whole thing, really. This was a glorious bit of madness. The bit with the watches and what that implies is especially amusing, all the more so because nopony connects the dots. They don't dare. The ramifications are downright disturbing.

(That said, Diamond Tiara's being kind of horrible for a story set after "Crusaders of the Lost Mark." Still, new leaves aren't turned over in a day.)

Kind of amusing, I suppose. What really made the fic work for me was Cheerilee's comment near the end.

“I believe that is known in medical circles as hypothermia, miss!” Sweetie Belle contributed.

Favorite line, hands down.

Scootaloo waved her own hoof in the air. “If he can't punch Diamond Tiara, can I?”

“No! Nopony is punching Diamond Tiara.”

Much to Diamond Tiara's chagrin, the class echoed with a dim 'awww' of disappointment.

Favorite bit right there! :scootangel:

7025914 Is this set after that episode? I didn't think there were any clues to indicate that it was..

Scootaloo has her cutie mark. Pretty definitive, that.

7026288 Meh, must've missed that part. I was mostly focused on the comedy.
In that case, it is a little strange. Maybe she's having one of her off days. Having a mother like hers', it would be virtually impossible to be upbeat all the time , anyway.

7026200 You'd think she'd show a little gratitude, considering she rebuilt the playground from scratch. I'm sure that's more than enough to make up for years of bullying and harassment... :moustache:

Scootaloo waved her own hoof in the air. “If he can't punch Diamond Tiara, can I?”

“No! Nopony is punching Diamond Tiara.”

Man, Cheerilee just takes the fun out of everything.

Applebloom nudged Sweetie Belle. “You should totally draw it!” was mouthed. “Nuh uh!” was mouthed right back, “I have no idea how to draw infinity!” “It's easy! You just gotta keep drawin’!” “Oh! Okay, I can do that.”

That makes sense, surprisingly.

“They say Celestia herself had a set of war lederhosen commissioned for her fight against the Tindertwigs. She needed a garment that was flexible and fireproof, and steel plate, hoo-wee, well, let me tell you it'll stop an arrow, but it won't stop soaking heat. Silk breathes well enough, and it moves like… well, silk! The diamonds were strong enough to stop even a minotaur's battleaxe, but held between the weave. Oh! Oh, to see our Princess in war lederhosen, crashing through the flaming Weisskuchen to defeat the Flint Tsar…”

That needs to be captured in art for all to behold.

It was a vaguely pony-shaped white blob that seemed to hurt your eyes to look at.


You, sir are a fucking idiot. Good for you we like idiots here. :D

Small? Furry? Pointy teeth?

Hahehahahaha :D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D:D:D


Fixed all that and a few others that were equally embarassingly bad.


7025914 What's the implication, that Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle are related?

Identical pocket watches crafted by the same pony two hundred years ago. I may be reading too much into it, but that seems to be the implication, especially given the watchmaker's name.


Reading the exact right amount into it.

Sweetie Belle was stopped by a hoof touching her shoulder from behind. Scootaloo shook her head. “I think Sweetie's trying to ask if they're from your mum or your dad's side of the family.”

“Oh.” That got a few moments of reflective silence out of her at least. For a moment, all three stared at Uncle Apple Strudel as he held Cheerilee conversationally hostage. “Honestly? Don't rightly know. Never came up.”

There shall soon be an unruly mob of genealogists stopping by. Please have enough pitchforks available.

The unruly mob needs pitchforks? Huh, thought regular forks would do for some good ole Apple-family cooking eatings. Or just hooves!

"So?" Scootaloo asked, leaning forward to be level with Applebloom in the row in front of her. "What'd she say?"

"I got an A! And I reckon if you go up now, you can get on too for getting Uncle back to the train station."

Never have I been so amused at the prospect of getting a elderly person onto a ground mode of transportation before.

lederhosen of +19 Battle Moxy

Someone needs to send this to AnY... :twilightsheepish:

Well, a somewhat strange story, but an enjoyable one. :D

Amusing but a little strange. I liked the commentary from the class.


... What.






Silver Spoon and Sweetie Belle have identical watches made by an ancestor named Silver Bells. They're distantly related, but they either don't recognize this or refuse to.


Well. This was fun :twilightsmile:

I love this. I love everything about this. I love you. 100% homo.

That first line was murder and really set the tone this was beautifully funny. The comedy just kept getting better, but never got in the way to where it was distracting. None of the characters were out of themselves, and the situation is remarkably believable.

Author Interviewer

Yes, Apple Bloom, there is a family reunion organizer.

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