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Vocal lurker hereabouts, and going to actually write something EVENTUALLY... Huzzah for ponies!


An introduction and disclaimer... · 12:35am Nov 12th, 2013

(Transplanted from my old bio description because god knows why it was there.)

Why hello there! As a relatively new addtion to the MLP fandom, I'd like to offer my humble greetings and thanks to those taking the time to check out my page. I'm hoping to write a few things for the site, though in the interest of transparency, I feel I should throw out a quick disclaimer.

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Me again, Arc! I'm glad that you are still enjoying so many of my works, and I appreciate you finding a new bookshelf for them! The Santa hat still looks good, too!:twilightsmile:

My pleasure, sir! I was the red-bearded, bespectacled fellow at your creative writing panel at BronyCAN, and you were kind enough to answer a few other questions I had when I ran into you in the vendors' hall the next day. My thanks for that, by the way, and suffice it to say I shall endeavour to take it to heart, going forward. Figured giving you a follow was the least I could do. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for watching!

Hey, Arc! Thanks for the Fave of As a Mother. I'm glad that you enjoyed looking at Tia's little ponies through her eyes.:twilightsmile:


... Well jeez, I'm a little at a loss for how to respond to this. You've got me all a-fluster. :twilightblush:

First of all, if you'll forgive my surprise/bemusement, thank you very much for your kind words, and the follow as well! Getting this sort of response for a comment isn't what I was expecting when I signed in today, but I'm extremely flattered nonetheless.

I know I said it at the end of the comment in question, but that review basically issued forth from my nebulous gut-heart region. It's probably the most I've ever written for this site, and definitely the most I've waxed poetic. It certainly helped that I had just come off about seven or eight straight hours of reading 'Keeping It Simple' (that was not a productive day), and was most likely in some sort of state of giddy delirium.

With that said, I'm glad you found something to like about it!

But yeah, feel free to peruse some of the stuff I have listed on my profile. I have a bunch of stories in my favourites, but the ones on my page are those that I think really highly of, whatever that means by comparison.

And I'd be more than happy to read your future works sir. It'd be my pleasure!

Thanks again!

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