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Emotional Flight

A guy who enjoys reading other's stories and occasionally stays up late slamming his hands into the keyboard in a futile effort to make something coherent come out the other end.

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For the interested, I also have a Fictionpress account and a Fanfiction account, at which I am currently having an Inside Out kick.

I also have a random dumping ground for my ideas and concepts at my blog like thing.

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In Sight Out Of Mind

Riley has run away, Joy has been forgotten, and Sadness and Bing Bong have come up with a plan. There's more to being an imaginary friend than poking around Long Term Memory, after all. Meanwhile, Joy has an in-body experience, and Disgust leaves Headquarters to find her coworkers. A Movie AU.


Irony · 3:44pm Dec 5th, 2015

When your neighbor names their dog Cadance, your friend names their dog Luna, and when you laugh, no one has any idea what it is you are laughing about.

“All I need is to know someone who gets a dog and names it Celestia and I’ll have the full set!”

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As long as the idea train keeps rolling, I'll keep writing. (It was really hard to get this up to 1000 words in the first place - I certainly wasn't going over. :twilightsmile:)

Heh, you're definitely at least tied for 'shortest story', and you've got a great start on 'most stories'...
You're just snapping up all those prizes, huh? ^.^

Thanks! I've written some more.

It's an interesting read! I'd love to see more!

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