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Intelligence is a weapon, not a virtue


Twilight Sparkle is intent on just finishing this accursed piece if it takes her all day. She will stop at nothing to ensure that she gets this absolutely perfect.

This requires solitude, peace and dedicated focus!

Pinkie decides that's boring and wants to help save Twilight from herself. Hilarity and awkward misunderstandings ensue as an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.

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The last scene is unrepentant pandering to Melancholy_Mint in exchange for fan art.


Twipie, and a friend's art as cover art. Me likes.

TwiPie? TwiPie is best shipping! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

Instant like and fav!

Great story! Hope it gets featured!

Heh. Funny.

I dunno if it matters to you, but just so ya know... "Merde" is actually a pretty vicious curse in French. It might crap all over your "Everyone" rating.

2350565 It also, apparently, means good luck in ballet? I think so anyways.

*Snerk* Very cute. I felt like the tense jumped around a lot and some parts were confusing to parse but adorably fun.

2350589 It's used in place of "Break a Leg." You're basically cussing out another dancer because wishing them well is like jynxing them.

AAhh, so this is what you've been working on besides Sonnets. Bravo, very good read :twilightsmile:

Mint-chocolate is my most favorite ice cream ever.


also that was hilarious and blarg my feels aaaaaaaa

This one was excellent, totally deserved to be featured :pinkiesmile::heart::twilightsmile:

Oh god, your writing style is amazing. I've never read a fic with this pairing before, but I gotta say, it's adorable! Favourited and upvoted! Good job friend!

I say, I say, amazing writing.
The way you write is something I've never seen before.
I get everyone's different, but your just amazing.

Whee, present tense. :pinkiehappy:


Both Twilight and Pinkie agreed with Spike and Minty; It was pretty gay.


That was hilarious, I laughed all the way through. Nice work.

Though I do see a few mistakes here and there and some fat that could stand to be trimmed, I overall really enjoyed this story! Your writing style and the over-the-top yet believable ways you portrayed the characters was just really fun and kind of sweet towards the end. Congrats on the feature, too! Upvote and fave from me. :pinkiehappy:



(seriously, I can't find any good twipie that doesn't just kind of die. baker and the scholar, different kind of magic... every time I think I find one, suddenly HIATUS!)

I freaking love that but Mint there at the end..... wah:twilightoops:?

You deserved the feature. Yes you did :pinkiehappy:

372nd gayest story on this entire site. All things considered, that's actually a very high rank. :pinkiecrazy:

Good fic, best friend.

2352372 There's a group for that. Oh... and I do a little story that features Twinkie as a side plot, if you'd care to check that out.

I don't read a lot of Pie x Anything, but this was adorable.

Both Twilight and Pinkie agreed with Spike and Minty; It was pretty gay.

It should be lowercase.

Well, Spike and Minty are right. It's pretty damn hard to be a cynic when you're faced with something as sweet as that.


*narrows eyes*

normally I'd(comedically) flip shit on you for advertising...

but you gave me one of the three otps...

*double narrow*

"It was pretty gay". God that had me floored for a while there. All in all, that was a cute and very funny story. I believe I shall follow you:rainbowkiss:

HAHAHAHA! That was awesome! And sweet! And gave me sugary feels that will probably give me diabeetus some day. :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

...ahem. :twilightblush:

2352372 Have you tried Like an Unexpected Song? It's excellent and complete...


Loved this so much
Jesus numbers I thought you we're bluffing when you said this one was good
/Drools at sugary homos

" So long, that was, as Twilight didn’t directly up." Might want to be "Twilight didn't directly look up.

HA! Yes! Someone else who thought about that! I was like 'They pass through each other?':applejackconfused:



F = M/A

Immovable Object: M = Infinite.

Unstoppable Force: F = Infinite

F = M/A

A = F/M

A = Infinite/Infinite

A = 1

Thus, the unstoppable force will win.

Shipping ships
'nuff said.

2356180 What?

I hope that was a joke.


You should check out Like an unexpected song for that. Or perhaps the "Twixinkilda" chapter of my tale Contra the Heresies. I know there are others.

Aw yeah! Twinkie shipping! :pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

That last scene! :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, shouldn't that be A=M/F, not F/M?
Let's step through this process:
whether or not that works out to be 1 either way is questionable as infinity divided by anything, including infinity itself, is in fact undefined rather than either 1 or infinity.

“Twi-Pie. I shall dub thee, Twi-Pie, my marefriend, to have and to hold parties for.”

“Twi-Pie?” Twilight nodded gravely, “Hmm, and what makes you think I might agree to that?”

“Because the alternative,” Pinkie declared, “Is Sprinkles. Or Twi-Pie Sprinkles.”

personally I like the name Twinkie Pie :pinkiehappy:

Oh my, this was simply golden.

I do not think I have ever seen Pinkie Pie characterized so well before. Most authors go way over the top or just completely fall short. This... this was perfect Pinkie Pie. Twilight's character was pretty spot on too.

I would love to see a sequel or something to this... Just tossing that one out there.

Good effort, well characterised (and at least one moment that had me chuckling out loud), but I found the switching between past and present tenses very jarring. It would be best to pick one and stick with it (or at the very least keep the tense consistent in one character's point of view). Spotted at least one typo in there, too, but damned if I can find it now (and it's getting a bit late, sorry). So good but with a little more polish, it could be even better.

Guh, your tense was all over the place. I'd highly recommend homogenizing it, preferably on the past tense.

Well, unlike the two above me, I found the tense switching un-noticeable and thoroughly enjoyed this cute little pile of fluff.

I laughed all the way through this story. :pinkiehappy:
The mix of tense is a bit disorienting, but I was able to ignore it in favor of the story itself. Excellent work!

Huh... I liked it:pinkiesmile:

Aside from a bunch of verb-tense changes mid-sentence, a "coul d" and, unless the drug is suddenly an adjective, "mushie" rather than "mushy", It's a fun read:pinkiehappy:

I actually did laugh at the bluntness at the end. "It was pretty gay" Pfft:rainbowlaugh:

Naive Pinkie was pretty cute. Really enjoyed her throughout the whole thing.
Stressed out Twilight is naturally cute as well (what an odd thing to say):twilightblush:
Both their conversations:rainbowkiss: They're just so adorable and clueless and :raritystarry:.

The bit with Rarity and Spike was sort of... eh, but I guess it's just to expand on just how scary Twilight can get, even to her friends:unsuresweetie:

So yeah, nice going! Time to check out your other stor- wait. Oh! You did "Sonnets by Twilight" as well?:pinkiegasp: That's my minimum two well written stories count. Guess who's been followed:raritywink:

PS. Without watching that video, an immovable object (Mass = infinity) and a unstoppable force (F = infinity)... nothings going anywhere, theoretically, in a perfect world without energy loss, friction, etc... or at the very least, you can't just write it off as infinity/infinity = 1, since infinity, rather than an actual number, is more of a figure that exists at the extreme ends of a spectrum; no real value there. Part of the reason limits in Calculus II were a pain... everything always wants to approach infinity (or negative infinity):twilightangry2: Sort of in the fun way that Zero is a value representing a lack of value...ahem...
PPS. writing this with a lack of sleep, but for the most part everything should make sense:twilightsheepish:

huh, so THIS is where twi-pie came from...

"pretty gay, wasnt it?" PFFT THAT WAS SUPER GAY

“Because the alternative,” Pinkie declared, “Is Sprinkles. Or Twi-Pie Sprinkles.”

No, I can think of other alternatives, so adorable in fact that it's deadly! I give you-

Funny and sweet and had plenty of :moustache::moustache::moustache:

Most excellent.

grumbled externally

Did you mean "internally"?

She was obviously winning with her superior sanity.

Great line.

Fantasitic! I only noticed a few errors, all of them very minor (I think you had found instead on find or something like that.)
Liked and faved :pinkiehappy:

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