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Work in a remote area and trying to take up writing FIMFICs since what else can you do not have much of an internet connection.

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I have made a decision in life to follow the road less traveled. The rough path I follow has shown me many wonderful sights that few people ever get to see. My occupation as a Network Administrator has allowed me to easily follow the path where ever it may take me. Currently I find myself working in the Arctic and Loving the gorgeous untouched landscape around me.

I never really thought I would ever try my hand at MLP fan fiction but I guess that is beauty of the path I follow. There are always surprises around every corner. Through my stories I will talk about my challenges, my experiences and my hopes so they can be used as figurative landmarks (hence my username Inukshuk) that inspire as you pursue your own life goals.

Good luck on your journey

Winding roads (Must Read stories)

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2362246 Its 3/4 of the way there expect it beginning of january. I had some trouble getting the flow right for the beginning of the chapter but I think I have it know so It will be up soon.

Hey! Trouble you for some Shattered Ice. Just a bucket?

I really enjoyed reading Shattered Ice, I was slightly upset when I finished the most recent chapter. It's very well written and has very unique takes on familiar characters, and add in the more diverse use of words rather than repeating simple words to describe the scenes and you have an amazing piece of work. There's no reason to thank me, it's an awesome story so of course I would put it in my faves.

But the thought is appreciated, I greatly look forward to more from you.

Thanks for the fav. :eeyup:

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