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planning is optional, courage is not defined by the will to fight, it is defined by the reason for which one is fighting,stayclassy:moustache:


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My story - First arc 30% done

my top 5 favorite stories

  • Past Sins Can Nightmare Moon, reborn without her hate, ever escape her past? by Pen Stroke 201,810 words · 147,287 views · 11,160 likes · 379 dislikes
  • My Roommate is a Vampire Silly Octavia, Vinyl's not a vampire, right? by Dennis the Menace 54,598 words · 69,530 views · 5,859 likes · 160 dislikes
  • A New Home A young human child abused by his father wishes to live in a new home, and wishes for someone to love him. by APoeticHeart 138,359 words · 12,913 views · 744 likes · 60 dislikes
  • Chaos Next Door You'd expect that having Discord as your neighbor would be a pain, and you're right. by Sketchy Changeling 23,123 words · 3,121 views · 221 likes · 14 dislikes

just great stories

  • My Overbearing Aunt It's tough being an art school student AND having to live with Princess Celestia. This is my story. by Sketchy Changeling 100,308 words · 21,779 views · 2,071 likes · 124 dislikes
  • Playing With My Heart Four years ago Vinyl and Octavia broke up. It was messy, painful and left scars on both. Four years on, Vinyl receives news that Octavia has been in an accident and is in a coma from which she may never wake. Can she succeed where medicine failed? by ObabScribbler 91,582 words · 11,564 views · 1,337 likes · 29 dislikes
  • The Friend They Lost Celestia and Luna meet someone they will never forget by Soul_Seeker 37,038 words · 9,000 views · 690 likes · 38 dislikes
  • Celestia Is My Homeboy Everyone needs a best bro, and you've got the bestest. Even if it's a she and a pony. by totallynotabrony 1,234 words · 5,071 views · 401 likes · 29 dislikes

great stories

  • Worlds Apart A lonely young man takes in Shining Armor and Cadance after he finds them on their doorstep, stranded from their own world. After becoming friends, the two ponies help the man open up to a woman he's attracted to. by moviemaster8510 32,953 words · 11,912 views · 565 likes · 34 dislikes
  • Chaotic Adventures Eris gets sent to the human world. Chaos soon follows her and her human companion in their wacky adventures. by Krokorokok 25,322 words · 5,791 views · 409 likes · 21 dislikes
  • The Wonderful Life of Ford Mustang Shortly after their wedding, Ford Mustang and Rainbow Dash have already made plans to have their first foal together. But when he starts to receive terrible visions about his pregnant wife, can he find a way to prevent them from ever coming true? by RoyalRainbow 228,911 words · 4,857 views · 428 likes · 95 dislikes
  • To Swoon the Stars When the chilling winds of harsher trials whip through their lives, can Luna and Hendrick find the strength in each other to endure? Sequel to 'To Befriend the Night' by LucidTech 30,331 words · 7,624 views · 982 likes · 36 dislikes
  • Amor Fati Clyde gained a "love of fate" attitude early in his life. How will fate treat him after joining Canterlot High? by BRyeMC 73,269 words · 3,268 views · 126 likes · 15 dislikes

we can learn from pokemon

at risk sounding like a nerd we can learn from pokemon


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Thanks so much for the fav on my two current running stories, and also for the watch. And remember that comments are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for the fave

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Thanks for the fav on Darren's Journey through Estrus Season

Thanks for the fav!

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