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Some men just want to watch the world burn. Me? I'll be standing at a safe distance with a marshmallow on a stick

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Sooo... yeah... · 5:10am Apr 16th, 2018

I haven't died yet... I just moved on. I barely write anymore although when I do I still write new mlp stories. I feel guilty because whenever I visit this site amd see that two more people starte following me they're just gonna be disappointed

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I've never left

2334694 Sure! Give me a moment to talk to a moderator

Yoni, can I adopt the Elder Brother?

2316044 Don't know, haven't written anything for months and I've got so many readers asking about all of my stories. But if I do go back to writing again I would probably finish the sequel to 'The filly and the boy' since it's a one-shot

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