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The Elder Brother: reincarnated - part 3 · 2:18am Dec 29th, 2019

So I finished going over a few more chapters and created an organized document with bullet points about how the future of the story will shape up, so I won't do stuff on a whim with no rime or reason anymore. Also after finishing the seventh season of MLP and briefly going through the chronological order of the world's history, I can safely say that there is no way, no how I would be able to tie The Elder Brother to the show without braking major plot points, so yeah. I might play around here

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Nahh, I probably would have abandoned it sooner or later

Oh, that's disappointing. Wanted to see where the rewite would have gone since I didn't read the original.

Oh it was my fic, Two Humans One Equestria. It was one of the first stories I wrote before I knew basic storytelling. I took it down because I was truly ashamed in how it turned out and how everything was so disconnected and led to nowhere

Would you happen to know the name and/ or author of a certain fic? Years ago before I made my account a story with an anthro Redheart as the cover art was getting a complete rewrite if the comments were anything to go on. 2 humans (brothers or close friends I can't remember) were magically taken from their home and turned into their OCs, the one I do remember was turned into an alicorn and admitted to being autistic early on. I could have sworn it was you, little big pony, or reality check before he went to archive of our own.

I've never left

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