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This story is a sequel to The Moon Glows Gently

When you're the immortal ruler of an entire kingdom, the most important quality to possess is self-control. No princess can rule her nation if her emotions rule her. Celestia knows this better than anypony, and mastered them long ago.

So long ago, she may have forgotten that a little bit of passion can come in handy now and again.

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Do not taunt the sun goddess :pinkiecrazy:

Damn right!:moustache:

I swear, it feels like you release a new story every week these days.
Are you RainbowBob in disguise?

Not to my knowledge. And yes, four stories in six days is a lot even by my standards, but inspiration is inspiration.

Haha that picture is one one of my computer desktop wallpapers! :pinkiesmile:

Of course it is. I never thought I'd be a writer, like ever. But when inspiration hit me, I couldn't let it go to waste. Hence my four current stories' existences.
Back on topic:

“I will pour molten death over your cities. Your great works? Arts? Accomplishments? They will all burn. I will visit such atrocities upon your people that the screams of your babies will haunt my nightmares for centuries. I will become something I hate, and soak my hooves in so much blood that my coat will be red for the rest of eternity. And it will be worth it because I am just that sick of your bullshit!”

This is f:yay:ing epic, I demand more!
:fluttershyouch: Er, please.

Angry princess is best princess.

Man, it was great seeing her slap that griffon around. And that ending. Priceless.

And then many games of chess where played throughout the night.:trollestia:

Check and mate :raritywink:

you mean like.... ON THE MOON!?

See, the one thing I don't understand is that if Celestia controls the sun then she controls the planet. The Griffon government would have to be dumb as a sack of rocks to go against such power.

Oh well, no one ever said that the smartest or best people always rise to lead nations.

She just remembered the 'carry a big stick' part of statesponyship.

It's always nice to get a peek behind the princess mask.

No they do not. Which is why the name of this story in my Gdocs folder is "Celestia vs. North Korea."


Ohh... See that makes a heck of a lot more sense now.

Still, a good story as per usual, even though my personal preference is for works where the Griffons are the good guys.

Taking bets as to how many sequels this story will end up having. 2 bit bet minimum, Odds start at 1:1 for a single sequel and increase by one for each subsequent sequel that follows. Increase by 2 for every sequel after five.

I love it.

Speak softly, and carry a big stick.

If you dont have a big stick, then a directed focused targeted controlled fusion plasma blast in the Petaton range should do the trick. If it doesnt. Well, there shouldnt be much of the planet left to complain. :trollestia:

They should play checkers, at least there the guard can Queen Celestia, unless she promotes him, then takes the knight. Again. And Again, and Again. :moustache:

I'm quite sure that none of us are complaining, my friend :pinkiehappy:

Please do more


I hope I'm not the only one who saw the repeated references to the West Wing here.

It's loosely inspired by the episode with the North Korean pianist who wants to defect, yes. Good eye.

Although I suppose that literally naming one of Celestia's assistants 'West Wing' was a bit of a giveaway.


Yes! I knew it was based off of "Han"!
As for West Wing, personally I thought he was a Josh Lyman stand in.

I swear this story had some dislikes on it not long ago... Glad they changed their minds!

Shhh! You'll jinx it! :pinkiegasp:

This story. This fucking story. This is exactly how I wanted to see Celestia portrayed. She makes every effort to be nice, but there's truth to the saying that you should beware the fury of a patient mare. High bullshit tolerance is, I feel, a character flaw, and Celestia's overcome it beautifully.

I need more.

I will take full responsibility for such an occurrence.
...I'm a terrible fan.


Other than Bartlett being a fan of chess (And the obvious pony name), and well...okay, the Gryphons fitting in rather well with that episode, now that I think about it...what all was there?

Lastly, this story was near perfect. The piece de resistance would have been her ripping up the pardon as it was a forgery. That is my only complaint!

All my love. ALL of it. :pinkiehappy::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

I think the biggest thing was Celestia, who's sort of the CJ in this situation, holding her nose and doing the morally questionable thing to appease the North Koreans/Gryphons and having the negotiations collapse anyway. If I'm remembering it right, the reason they gave was flags in the episode, too.

This ending, I think, is considerably more satisfying than that episode's. Because Tia Unleashed is awesome.

I don't really know what more I could add that would top that rant, honestly. It's very much a one-shot in nature.

Y'know, if they want to know which way the wind is blowing while playing chess, I'm sure Celestia could find a weather vane just for the occasion.

Weather vanes, playing chess, thwarting a robbery, I do manage to sprinkle some bizarre innuendo throughout my pony fics.


KHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHAHAHAHAA!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

3639826 Like what is it with you and weather vanes?

At this point it's more a running inside joke than anything.

Wow, I would totally have spotted that if I'd had my coffee this morning.

Ok, two comments:

1) Trolluna is trolling you better.
2) Dear Princess Celestia: You're awesome and this is exactly how stupid little dipsticks of perpetual wars should be handled.


Very nice story. Have a like and a fav. Glad we agree that beneath Celestia good side lies a dragon (hopefully one with an awesome voice and cheek bones as Smaug/Khan)


I love the hell out of this

The joy of Celestia one-shots: deus ex Celestia makes for a perfectly sensible and highly satisfying ending.

Peace through superior solar power.
I am sorry.

Does this mean Tia gets to tear up the pardon now, or is that concession still necessary for this whole thing to work out properly back in North Griffonia?

Oh Luna, you manipulative little filly, you . . . :twilightsmile:

Given that it was just a symbol anyway, I suspect that retracting it would be too little, too late. Once it's out there the damage is done.

I think that the pardon went the way of all (non-alicorn) flesh about a nanosecond before she overflew the walls of Canterlot. And I'm very surprised the ambassador didn't soil himself when that boulder was reduced to slag.

Can I get in on some of that action, or would that be unfair?

I have the slight feeling she is not really asking for chess. :trollestia:

Ah yes, that sounds about right! And per a later comment, even if they have the 'She signed it!' victory, the 'Twas a forgery' combined with the whole 'We are going to be friends or I will incinerate your feathery asses' aspect will trump it!

Luna is right, of course. Sometimes it's better to bend than to break and Celestia is so very, very unyielding sometimes in her selflessness.

Prices... Prices that you have to pay sometimes, grinning and shaking the hand of monsters... You tell yourself that it's for the greater good but it doesn't change that a single assassin's bullet or a nuclear bomb could make the world so very much... cleaner sometimes.

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