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The wheel kept turning: ages came, time passed us by. We lived in perfect harmony!


Excuses, excuses · 11:24am Sep 22nd, 2017

Sure, you say, the Autumn Equinox was yesterday/today. Sure, you say, most of the 24-hour cycle is Luna's problem now. Suuuuuure.

Well is somepony gonna explain to me why it's been clouded over the last few weeks again, and why despite Summer only having officially ended yesterday I haven't been able to sleep without heavy clothes in weeks? Why I feel freezing whenever I get up in the morning?

That's it, I'm joining the Sisterhoovists.

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You ever gonna bring Fog of World back and just edit out the part you don't like? It was such a small and insignificant part of the story, I don't get why the whole thing has to be nuked over it.

Thanks for the follow!


I'm actually writing an ending to my main story that will hopefully capture a Gurren Lagann moment (Tengen Toppa is a bit more than I can hope to do at this time.)

  • Viewing 87 - 91 of 91
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