This group is for all the people on this site that are fans of the amazing anime, Kill la Kill. Whether you like it for its characters, its story, its action, or its comedy, you can't deny that this show has had an impact on your life in one way or another.

Now, before you get to posting in the forums, let me lay down a few ground rules.

1. If your post is going to contain spoilers, be sure to not only put a warning, but put the spoiler tags in the appropriate areas on your post.
2. Don't be an asshole.
3. Just because someone doesn't like the same character, song, or episode as you doesn't mean they don't have good taste. Be respectful of everyone's thoughts and opinions. So basically rule 2 but more complicated.
4. Don't troll. I'm serious. If you start trolling I'm going to fucking ban you.

Anyways, just follow these rules and you can basically do whatever you want. Add stories, make discussion posts, post random bullshit you liked. Hope you guys have fun, and always remember...


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I don't know whether to be proud or ashamed that I know what "Nani sore" actually means.

401115 NANI SORE?

*debated whispering among fellow 'scientists'*

Yes, NANI SORE indeed.

352853 Or having the HuMane Six transferred to Honnouji.

365873 If you still want to do this, I'd be down to help you out. Just PM me and I'll get back to you later today after work.

What's up everyone Brony117 here! I just finished watching the anime I have to say it was AWESOME!!!!

I feel bad about Ryuko loosing senketsu, made me feel all sad inside. but hey, at least we got a happy ending no?

anyway i feel like making a Kill La Kill X MLP fanfic, but there are many things that i don't want to mess up on.

like the names of the finishing moves and the clothing taking over the world and stuff. don't want to mess anything up badly, can any brony give me a few pointers. Plz?

oh and 353001

Nani sore?

... Ooo, kon yeshna!


There are a pair of stories I found that should be in here... one is called Strings Attached i believe, and is about rarity finding life fibers. The other is Gamagoori Ira in Equestria (sorta) and is exactly what it says on the tin.

354314 Not to mention, the 2nd OST is coming out in 33 days.


I'm super happy the second opening is on iTunes!!

353001 Laughed way too hard on that. Oh Vegeta...


Anyone up for Kill la Kill X Equestria Girls?:ajsmug: Satsuki trying to take over Canterlot High.

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