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Fullmetal Pony

Why the name? FMA is awesome. Why the avatar? I like One Piece even more. Welcome to my page and enjoy the stories!


And Thus I made my first Mature story · 5:16am July 9th

It's a train without tracks. Made it in a fit of writer's block, but seeing the end of the Sonic Heroes playthrough really got me revved up.

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Just wanted to say, *really* like your One Pie avatar! Most awesome. :pinkiehappy:

Hey, Fullmetal Pony, me again.

I see that you have started to list the name of Talents and their ability in the latest chapter, and I think you should do it for the others too.

Just an advice.

Ah, so Applejack's power is basically this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdAQJBOHVfA

Thanks for replying, now everything is clear.

P.S. : I guess our Shigaraki-stand in is supposed to Starlight (equal signs and all that). Wonder who All for One is, though. Tirek? (both steal power). But your fic also mentioned a Nightmare Moon and Sombra...

Talent: Appledashery- She can buck at speeds faster than the eye can see. Imagine how many apples she can collect during Apple Buck Season. It takes a lot of fuel to keep her engine running though.

Tree Hugger
Talent: In Touch- This mare can really feel you out. Despite being a earth pony, she can see magical energy and target opponents to throw off their groove. She still needs to understand what she’s looking at though.

Talent: Inner Beast- This animal lover has got a wild side to her. Once she’s formed a close connection with an animal, she can borrow their traits. She can only currently borrow traits from two animals and only one at a time.

Hey, just a question: I read your My Hero Academia x My Little Pony fanfic, and I admit, I am a bit confused

What exactly are the talents of all the Class 1A students featured so far? From what I understand so far, Fluttershy apparently is shapeshifting (even into invisible mode), Rainbow Dash is super flying speed and durability, Pinkie is... well... Pinkie, Maud has a power similar to Tokoyami and Rarity has one like Kirishima, Lyra can turn herself partly into a human (thought it was just super speed at first, but nope. Makes sense, though), the Muffin Mare produces bubbles, and Sunshine generates the fires of the Sun. However, I am kind of lost with Applejacks and Tree Huggers. Pretty sure I got some wrong in my initial understanding.

  • Viewing 62 - 66 of 66
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