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Fullmetal Pony

Why the name? FMA is awesome. Why the avatar? I like One Piece even more. Welcome to my page and enjoy the stories!

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Is there going to be a story about the Harmony Pirates shenanigans?

Random comment but I just gotta ask. Who your favourite pony?

Comment posted by Chadwick deleted Jul 9th, 2017

After watching Flutter Brutter i can see this happening

'So whats the deal with everyone giving me the weird eye." Aaron stated

"Meh, apparently there was this whole evil trio thing, i don't know. Personally you seem great and your flirting advice for Rainbow sounds great!" Zephyr state

"Thanks, i like to think myself a gift to anyone who needs help." Aaron said with a wink

"Oh god no...." Rainbow Dash said as she saw Zephyr Breeze bonding with Aaron "No! there are two of them now!"

Another One Piece fan! Hahahah! I like your Idea! Wanna work together one day? (even though i dont Post to much... and don't write much)

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