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Why the name? FMA is awesome. Why the avatar? I like One Piece even more. Welcome to my page and enjoy the stories!


"You can be a hero!"

Twilight Sparkle wants to be a hero. She didn't expect the most powerful hero in Equestria to lend her a hoof. She's now set on the path of legends, but it's not going to be an easy one.

An MLP x My Hero Academia Crossover.

Edited by Emtu

Gore tag because If you know the source material, you know what's in store for Twilight

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"My God Twilight what are you doing?"

"All for one!!!" Twilight shouted before for charging at Crystal.

"SHIT!!!" Crystal shouted before running the other direction.

I’m intrigued. Addind it t read later because right now I don’t have time. But I will read this... eventually...

A fanfic crossing MHA? Hell yeah! Have an auto fave and an eager reader!

This is going to be cool! I can't wait to read more!

You just had to add a story to my immense queue, didn't you?

You already made epicness in the form of your One Piece fic.

Have a like and fave, you magnificent person

Thank you all for getting this featured!

Saw this in the Featured's on the homepage. Pleasantly surprised that the story I saw mentioned on a foam in Crossovers is currently featured

that first chapter was a work of brilliance. it filled me with such a hook that i immediately closed my other tabs and focused on this. i gotta honestly say i'm let down. a paint by numbers of a pony MHA is kinda meh. guess i'll give this a 3 episode rule and see how the next chapter turns out.

but i really do love the bakugo = sunset


this is what is best in life.

Loving this--big fan of My Hero Academia. Even more importantly, thank you for not just doing a line for line re-hash of the pilot episode of the series. Too many cross-over authors do just that, changing names.

Spike aside, it was wholly original...and even he was retooled in all the right ways. :moustache: :facehoof:

Looking forward to reading more soon! :derpytongue2:

I'm already hearing 'The Day Has Come' by Porno Graffiti.

Ah, this was excellent. I look forward to more

Not bad. Not the best I've read but defiantly not the worst. I can't wait to see your rendition on one of my favorite anime. Keep up the work and keep improving, and I have no dought this can be one of my #1 favs.

You know, now that I think about it, I'm a little surprised nobody wrote something like this sooner.

just hope this isn't just a retelling of My hero academia with ponies, that would be lazy and stupid, luckily it looks like there will be some good things that actually mix the 2 together, I'll keep watching for chapters.

So you have Sunny as the raging psychopathic nutjob that in the series the only reason wasn’t a serial killer to make the Joker drool a year after getting his quark was writing?
Eh, what the heck. I’ll follow

Uh. The whole idea beside the crossover are great. At least I think so... But at this point it's just a retelling of MHA but with ponies.

It's a promising start with a lot of potential. So I hope the cover immage is just a placeholder and the Main 6 aren't just Power Pony clones.

It's still very good art that I'm happy to use.

Unfortunately, like fics, MHA crossover art is incredibly rare... despite there being a pony anthro right there as a background character (so far)

Guess who her equivalent is going to be? Heehee!

"You can be a Hero!"

That moment in the show was perhaps the most impacting moment to me, not because of the scene itself, but because of the sheer character development that happened with those five words. It shows the ferocity of Deku's determination that he was able to push on despite no one ever saying that to him before. And when All-Might said it? It was like a God had called him the Chosen One. Doubts vanished, and he just started blasting through the power-scale like a rocket.

I fully expect to see Twilight become a certifiable, and still adorkable, badass in the coming chapters.


I see some potential.

*Raises glass full of soda*

Here's to hope.


I have a hard time imagining Celestia in reduced form. Is she CMC sized or more regular pony sized?

I also immediately thought of Diamond Tiara in appearance based on the first read through of description. While It would be interesting if Luna and Celestia looked like DT and Silver Spoon in their civilian form I'm not sure that was what your intention was.

Faving and watching just because of the source material.

Sorry, but All For One is Sensei's quirk, or Tirek in this timeline. The quirk you are talking about is called One For All.

Hm, interesting combination of MHA and MLP. I can see Sunset in the Bakugo role (though I hope she won't be stuck like that forever), its just strange seeing Twilight in the Deku role, considering she's usually overpowered in canon setting. Her overthinking is a good fit for that role though. Following, curious to see how far this will go.

I came here to say one thing, and one thing only.

"Twilight Sparkle. The absolute madmare."

Oh, and, I guess to like and favorite this story and express my hope that it's a good one. Mostly the quote, though.

I'm a HUGE Hero Academia fan, so I'm looking forward to seeing both the similarities to- and deviations from both sources. Having greed-kaiju Spike in place of the sludge guy already promises to make his dynamic with Twilight interesting when he comes back. At least, I certainly hope he does. Just as long as Shining doesn't find out he's the "monster" who nearly killed his baby sister any time soon. XD

Of course, it's also going to be fun to see which characters you merge together, and how that effects the relationships in the classmates. So if you'll permit me, NERDY SPECULATION TIME.

Since we already have Twilight and Sunset as Izuku and Bakugou, I'll just focus on the others. Setting aside personalities for the most part and based purely on class 1-A's Quirks...

Ochako Uraraka: Derpy (bubble cutie mark making things float)
Tenya Iida: Rainbow Dash
Eijirou Kirishima: Applejack
Momo Yaoyorozu: Rarity
Kouji Kouda: Fluttershy
Rikidou Satou: Pinkie Pie (literally powered by sugar!)
Denki Kaminari: Lightning Dust
Kyouka Jirou: Vinyl Scratch

And just for sheer comedic irony, Trixie as Tooru Hagakure.

No ideas for the rest of them, and you could have something wildly different in mind. This is just playing the guessing game. Though I do wonder if Luna is taking Aizawa's role as their main teacher?

Hmm, interesting speculation.

Odd that you left off Todoroki though.

I just didn't think of a particular fit for him. The others slotted in well with existing Quirks. If Sunset weren't already in Bakugou's role, I would have used her.

I'm guessing we're going to see Pinkie as Uravity or even madmare Mei? Cause, goodness gracious, that would be hilarious.

ok I like how this is starting, with luck sunset will become good friend with twilight and help her out as a sidekick/best friend.
I like how the princess normal look is that of a weak filly

Why not Starlight Glimmer for Todoroki?

I just didn't think of any particular character fitting the "temperature" or "conflicting duality" aspect at the time. Although I'll say that Starlight certainly has the power to fit Todoroki's role.


This is going to be so cool, I can't wait to see more chapter.

"You can be a Hero! "


A crossover of my favorite cartoon with my favorite anime (second to One Piece)?
You have my curiosity.:rainbowdetermined2:

Read the first two chapters...
All right, this was pretty good. A lot of similarity with the original (which I like) but you also added something new (which I like even more).
Also, and consider this is the first thing I read from you, I can tell you have a solid standard regard writing. Grammar, dialogue, narrative, all good.
The only thing bothering me is the lack of suspense, especially towards the ending. You don't shift the rhythm, so it just reads plain as everything else (I already you have a solid pace, but I feel like you didn't shift it enough).
Also, still towards the ending, your POV is way too detached. You barely tell what happens from outside without getting too much in detail. I got this critic too, so let me explain it fully. Think about movies: when you use the third person narrative, it's like having a cameraman filming everything. Now, try picturing an action sequence. Would it be more exciting to just fix the camera on the roof and film everything from afar or to take multiple shots from every character as the events unfold?
For every anime/movie I know of, the second option is the adopted one.

Anyway, I smell a lot of potential from this fic.
I don't know if you're writing this on a glimpse and improvise as you go forward or if you already planned everything out, but would you like some help in writing the plot? It's just that this two chapters... no, just the cover gave me a lot of ideas to make this work.
PM me if you're interested.

(BTW, this is how Twilight meets Spike? You had my curiosity... now you have my attention:rainbowkiss:)

Who said Thai re powers were to match? For all we know he'll go for the names and powers of the Power Ponies

Maybe. I don't know what his plans are. I was just making some light speculation about who I thought would fit best with quirks from class 1-A.

Alright. I'll be honest, at the beginning and most the way through the story I thought this was just going to be just a rehash of MHA, but getting to the end makes me rethink that a bit. I do hope that things go a little different. I would like to see this premise take a different turn than the anime and manga.

just start watch the anime that this is cross ovr with and yea i can so see twilight as main char,

I think this is one of the crossovers that simply replace the original characters instead of joining them in a story?

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Sooo... a month between updates? Is that going to be the standard? If so, cool. The more time you put into it, the better it'll be, so I'm completely okay with that idea.

I'm looking forward to Celestia's reaction when Twilight clears the entire sector early. And the entrance exam... that was one of my favorite moments of the series, so I'm definitely looking forward to that!

Oroboro the Ninja from DS or from something else, Cause if it's the former he's the bane of my existence 12/2 I only got him Twice while he wiped me twelve times in DS1. any way looking forward to how you progress from here.

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