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Why the name? FMA is awesome. Why the avatar? I like One Piece even more. Welcome to my page and enjoy the stories!


When the only other alicorn in Equestria is its ruler, a lot of questions don't have answers. There will be times of trial and error, there will be times when nothing makes sense, and there will be times when it's lonely. Was the crown given to you or forced on your head? It's heavy either way.

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Comment posted by aaaa_aaaa deleted Feb 6th, 2014
Comment posted by Insertwittyname deleted Feb 6th, 2014

this is an interesting reboot, I'll keep an eye on it for the future

* reads *

After 2 years? Its some remake or what?

Please do not abandon this again.

...so...this popped up in my unread favorites and this was my reaction:

...I hadn't even realized I'd even been on FIM:Fiction for 2 years..

Wait, how old is this?!
Btw, lil Cadenza sounds adorable


Same here.

Dear author, please don't do that again, we like you, swear we do! I'll even try to get the broken ones to stop biting, just don't abandon us readers again! :C

Were is the ending I loved the story but I need more like a book 2 maybe it was amazing keep writing :derpytongue2::pinkiesmile::ajsmug::rainbowderp::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::twilightblush::yay::moustache::trollestia:

Oh, we have only just begun

on the one hand, looks interesting.

on the other hand, those deleted comments worry me...

Also, 65w, 6d? that's even more worrying.

(oh and cadance has been established as having been a pegasus before becoming an alicorn, similar to how Twilight did, just with a different cause, so there's that, for what little it's worth.)

Had to reread the last chapter. Not only is this old but it has had so many different story redos. Like I think I remember a version where the mother died after giving birth. Just hope this stays stable and continues.:trixieshiftleft:

Gratz on the EQD feature! Hopefully we'll see some more updates soon.:pinkiehappy:

I love the start of this and the idea. Please continue :) first fic I've read here :)

“After that, things become much more manageable.”

At that point, Celestia will have personally hunted down and executed every single member or the paparazzi, bringing true harmony to the land.

Quite a serious rewrite. Still good to see it rolling.

EDIT. Fixed.

And it continues to get even more interesting. I'm all in for a well-thought look at Cadence's early life like this.

When Aria was situated and Willow had a hold of the chair’s handles, Celestia turned around and began trotting across one of the curved bridges.

Trotting is far too fast to be leading a wheelchair with. Plus, I don't think we've seen Celestia ever trot.

Trot at 1:50:

3916558 As far as I'm concerned, they are just wings. Becoming an alicorn doesn't grant you immortality or extra magic, not sure what the deal is with Cadance's dome in Crystal Empire, maybe the Crystal Heart is powered by love? Cadance will die just as old/young as any other pony.


Man I wish I had even the slightest idea where that response came from. I didn't say anything about immortality...

Interesting, I'm going to keep an eye on this one

Interesting fact, The leader of the crystal empiure before Sombra was named Amore. make of that if you will.

Something sparked in the reflection of his platter— a glint from up in the ceiling's rafters. He glanced up but saw only shadows.

Uh oh...:twilightoops:...Do we have a fly on the wall, or rather, a changeling in the rafters? :duck:

I simply love it.
4717808 that could be a good point
I can't wait to find out

Now, the moral dilemma. Cadenza finds out about the enchantment, she'll despise her wings because everyone seems to want her to hide them. She'll start seeing herself as being unable to intigrate with society without hiding who she "truly is".

She's young, but she's smart. She should be told the truth, that she is a vey unique pony, and many ponies will have their attention drawn to her. The best way to deal is by being nice and courteous.

As a kid who has been in the 99% percentile for hight since I was an infant, this works. Any social interaction involves someone commenting on my height in some fashion. By making the best of this attention, I never saw it as a problem or hinderance. Hopefullyx Cadenza will learn the same thing.

“But it doesn’t taste the same!”

Waffles are better!


WAFFLES HAVE SUPERIOR STRENGTH! We shall crush your weak and flimsy pancakes.

You say I am blasphemous when you are the one in error? The delusion you live in is far too deep, you shall be sentenced to death by maple syrup. May the Canadian Gods of Sweetness have mercy on your wretched soul.

Yes, all according to plan. No one even suspects the true mastermind behind this chaos, bidding its time in the rafters and getting toasty

HA! Like French Toast can do anything, it's French. Now, if it was German Toast... we may have a problem.

4750578 I have lived in the loving embrace of maple syrup for years! It holds me in a gentle embrace and I fear it not!

And French toast is weak...needing other things to give it taste! Pah! At least waffles have the guts to face the world as they come!

But it is pancakes that rule the world! And nothing shall stand in their way! Muahaha!

We may be in agreement over French toast, but you are wrong about pancakes.
Pancakes cannot grasp what is put atop them, allowing the syrup, butter, and fruits to slowly roll off the sides. Waffles, on the other square, trap the other sugary delights upon their crust! They do not allow that which tastes delicious to escape.

4753222 pancakes don't need to little themselves by pretending to "capture" the syrup. Pancakes lets the syrup spread about it's body freely, insuring that the maximum amount of pancake is covered. All the the pancake slowly absorbs the syrup into every inch of it's being.

What you see as a strength is only a weakness. The spread is uneven, more syrup needs to be used when it soaks in ultimately drowning out the taste of the pancake, and you didn't even address the issue with butter and fruits. The only thing the pancake has going for it is that it is easier to produce, needing not but a hot skillet.

The creation of a waffle takes specialized equipment and proper measurement. A waffle takes is precise and takes time, whereas a pancake is sloppy and quick.

4755265 Butter spreads easily over a pancake, creating a smooth and even spread while becoming trapped by a waffle. You must then scoop out the butter to spread the butter. It's the same with syrup. Plus any syrup that goes off the sides of the pancake are then able to seep underneath and wrap the wonderful piece of breakfast in sweetness and wonder.

And what fool puts fruit and other things into pancakes without cooking them into the pancake? The fruit is held within the loving embrace of the pancake, letting you spread the fruit so each bite is a wonderful mix of fruit and cake.

And by using a skillet you may cook the pancake to your own desire. If you wish it to be a bit crispier you may, if you wish it to be a bit doughy you may. With a waffle iron you're at the mercy of the machine.

Mercy of the machine? This is just another of your misguided views. A waffle iron is nothing more than a crafted skillet, heating elements top and bottom. I have already said that a waffle takes more time and skill to make properly. But I can see that you like the quick and easy route.

Some 'fools' like fresh, uncooked strawberries on their waffles/pancakes, who am I to tell someone how they should eat their fruits? What I can say is that the waffle is the better breakfast pastry to eat the fruit with do to qualities I have already stated.

Syrup does roll off the edge of a pancake, but it only pools at the edges, making them weak. Waffles are far more robust and hold together due to the more even application of heat they get. Maybe you will have issues with very soft and warm butter, but butter straight from the fridge with destroy a pancake. Waffles can take this abuse, each square removing a smattering of butter depending on how hard the knife is pressed down.

4766400 Smooth and warm butter spreads easily and freely over the pancake, but no matter how smooth the butter is you'll always need more to cover the pancake.

And a little fresh fruit can be a wonderful thing, and it's wonderful to sprinkle them on top. However they don't need the clingy arms of a waffle to hold them. You only need those clingy arms when you have fruit en mass, and when it's en mass is when fresh fruit (lets be honest if anyone isn't using fresh fruit for pancakes or waffles their infidels) should seek the warm comfort of the insides of the pancake.

And I don't care how long something takes. I prefer the control that pancakes grant me, allowing me to make them how I like them, and then make them how my friends like them. Each pancake slightly different.

So you are a butter hound and cannot get enough butter on your pancakes? No problem, join us on the waffle side and you can fill all the little squares with butter till there is barely any waffle left. You can't do that with pancakes.

Fruit can be cooked into a waffle as well as bacon, you are gaining to advantages by pushing this path. (You also used the wrong "there", "their", "they're"; it should have been "they're".)

So you don't care how long something takes; waffles take longer to cook in general. You like control, something that a waffle iron grants with its precise temperature dials and discrete heating elements. And you like each one slightly different, which waffles will give due to the nature of time and how little people pay attention to it. Also, your point about control almost flies against the desire for each to be a little different; little control would give the same result.

4768488 ...so basically we're running in circles because waffles and pancakes are somehow so similar while being so different. Basically neither of us will backdown and we'll run in circles for an eternity. (Figuratively not literally. I have little to no desire to actually run around about this, now Console Wars on the other hand :derpytongue2:)

Pancakes vs waffles, the endless war of breakfast foods.

Yeah, I like both, though I like waffles slightly more cause they have a crunch to them when I get it right. Pancakes, however, are nice and quick and almost as good.

Haha, Console Wars. I stopped paying attention to what console was coming about about 6 years ago when I built a PC. I have a 360 and PS3, but have no interest in the XBone or PS4. They are about as powerful as my old desktop, which predates them by 4 years.

(Just so I sound like a snob, can't have you thinking I am nice and all.)

In closing, I think we both have seen that what we like is due to our personal preferences. Waffles and pancakes, it is truly in the eye of the beholder.

4771588 True. Waffles and pancakes are both beautiful foods...
But I'm so glad to see that you understand the true meaning of power and the glories as the PC Master Race.

Wait, I am confused, are you a Master Racer as well? :pinkiehappy:

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