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All you need to know:I would say that I'm addicted to entertainment, and this is a good place for my fix.

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Lux Locus: Unholy Divination. The second book in the Lux Locus series.

I can say they're interesting because Lux Locus was second place in both the sci-fi and fantasy categories of the website I put it on for three weeks, and was in the top fifteen 'most trending' for five.

Sucks with the agent, If i knew any i would hook you up.
Any interesting stories you're working on? :)

Looking at Steamlord while this person does youtube reads of it and noticed your comments.

Also been writing real books (And can't get them accepted by an agent :raritycry:)

I've been on and off reading. :D
How's it going?

*4 years later*

You're back?!

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