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Update and upcoming Stories · 10:47pm Oct 1st, 2023

Yes, I know it's been quite awhile Beyond the Veil had been updated. I mostly blame a bit of BG3 and also a college master course I am taking in Playwright, so it has taken up a bit of my time. I do thank you Mares and gentlecolts for you patience and I ensure you Chapter 9 & 10 are being worked on. Also I am in current works of a short story, that I hope to get done before December for Hearts and Hooves. Thank you again and as always, cheers.

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Thanks for the fav

Thank you for the fav!

Hey, thanks for the fave, God bless!:twilightsmile:

Level Up! You have earned the Achievement: Thank you for having added High Score! to your favorites! Keep reading, I mean playing, if you want to grind to a 100 percent completion! :rainbowwild:

you're quite welcome. Really cute and can't wait to see how it plays out.

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