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It's Alive!!! · 9:32pm Dec 10th, 2012

Hello there my fellow readers this is your favorite neighborhood Spider...*gets cut off and author punts spiderman out of the way* Hello there everypony. I'm back, though slowly. I want to say first off how very sorry I am just disappearing off the face of the map. I could lie and say Pinkie drugged me and dragged me off to Ponyville for a year but now if even that was true. No this year had been very hard for me. Collage, animation projects, and even sadly several deaths in the family had put

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rip StormFox

On hiatus?

Sir, are you alive? :applejackunsure:


I decided to join this site like a month ago but I read this fic since September... Are you coming back soon or I must lose all hopes about this fic? :ajsleepy:

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