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SHOOOOOCKEEEEEEEEERRRR!!!!!! · 7:12am Sep 13th, 2016

"YOU can't escape MEEEEEEEE!!!!" :flutterrage:

Spiders and Magic/Equestrian Avengers Collection

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No prob, by the way I do love the story thus far so plz advance it in whichever you feel you want. I do not know why the dislikes pile up as much as the likes. I find the the story delightful and wish it to be seen to it’s finish. Should you find the comments robbing you of inspiration then remember that there are equal amounts of fans yearning for more. Hope you do continue the story and not nay sayer’s to influence your product.

Thank you. I needed to hear that. :twilightsmile:

You are the author. What is your vision? Plz know you are the conductor on this train and say where it may go, regardless of fan likes or dislikes. We are along for ride for good or bad, if we like what we see we will stick around and if not then there other stories. Plz don’t feel you must bend to our whims, tell the story you want to tell and not the one we want to read. True fans will be there and those who are merely there to troll will find other targets in time. Be true to you and your vision and all will be well with you.

Saw it Thursday evening. It is easily my favorite Spidey film and MCU movie.

  • Viewing 606 - 610 of 610
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