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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic IV: The Fall of Spider-Mane

What if things had turned out differently from the original ending of the Spiders and Magic saga?

The Scepter is stolen from Dragon Lord Ember, and it’s up to Spidey to help her get it back. However, there are ulterior motives amidst, and familiar faces aim to take out this unusual alliance. Prequel to Shattered Dimensions.

Collab with Azu

*Thanks to Commander Stelios, Regreme, Lord Lycaon, and cosmic flash for editing!

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Doctor Boom declares this story as a well-done work.

Damn, that was definitely awesome!

The first stepping stone on the road to Shattered Dimensions and we start off with how Dragon Lord Ember came to join the Equestrians Avengers. In the years in-between, Peter has been a symbol of hope and controversy since Celestia's death and at this time relations with the Dragons are not so fully friendly even with Ember leading them, it will take much time at best for all this to pass. And Spike sure has grown up. Even though he's the size of a teenage dragon, at heart he's still the soft and friendly baby dragon that Peter came to call his 'big' little brother. And what sweet irony! Turns out that Garble is the nephew of the dragon Efreet that attacked Ponyville all those years ago, the same dragon that was the catalyst that urged Twilight to use the summoning spell that brought Peter to Equestria as her only way to stop him. Had he not attacked, Peter perhaps wouldn't have been brought to Equestria in the first place.
:pinkiesmile: This is a good prequel one-shot, Max and Azu! It's good that you two decided to go the Avengers movie route and develop Ember's backstory character more in the Spiders and Magic Universe before Shattered Dimensions comes so that readers can be more familiar and understanding of her role, rather than take the Justice League movie route and just introduce and develop her character out then. I look forward to seeing Umbra's backstory once you get that out. And eventually the All-New Wolverine prequel when that's ready.

The dragons grabbed the stallion, leading him to a table. Some patted his shoulders roughly, unknowingly bashing his head against the table. A female dragon walked through the crowd with a warm plate in claw, placing it before the pony. However, Peter could only blink at the boiling substance before sniffing it, throwing a hoof over his muzzle.

“Gah! What is this?” Peter questioned, resisting the urge to throw up.

The waitress grinned. “Molten iron. It’s a specialty for us.”

Peter’s complexion paled while he shook his head, shivering involuntarily. “I know I could probably use a little more iron in my diet, but this is ridiculous.”

:unsuresweetie:Those dragons better pray that they never encounter Magneto. Because THIS is what happened to the last guy who had too much iron in him.

“Outnumbered? Yes.” Ember coyly declared, smirking as Peter soared from the sky and gracefully landed next to his position. “Outmatched? I doubt it.”

Peter waved nonchalantly. “Hey, everyone.”

:rainbowkiss: SUPERHERO LANDING!

The next Avenger has been recruited. This is a very diverse cast of Equestrian Avengers: Spider-Mane, Mayday, a magician, siren, draconequss, alternate-universe dark queen, and the All-New Wolverine.

It was a nice tale. A breather after Part IV as it were, simple yet effective. Truthfully, I even forgot about Garble despite seeing the episodes he was in. Glad to see him in an effective and meaningful role.

It'll be interesting to see how Umbra joins the team, especially after the little reference given by Patricia late in Part IV.

Good job again, guys!

We’ll give them other things over time, too. Slow progression is better than no progression at all

Yikes, My Little Pony: Imperialism and Puppet States are Magic. The enlightened ponies' burden, lol. Though it's different in this case where dragons are in fact inherently greedy and what not so that it's actually a wise decision instead of just a jerk move.

“Okay. Ready, partner?”
Dream folded her arms with a smirk. “As always.”

Ngl, am a sucker for this sort of thing. Very nice to see actual symbiotes at work instead of parasites calling themselves that(speaking of which, it'd be cool if Toxin showed at some point. The cool, Patrick one, not Venom with a new paint job Eddie version)

Whoever stole it can control any dragon if they learn how to use it, and we know a rogue dragon named Garble is the one responsible. There’s apparently a following that wasn’t keen on Ember’s stance with ponies

I'd say it's cliche that Garble is our bad guy let's face it, he would absolutely do this.

Ember threw a swift set of punches, each aimed with precision at the chest, arm, and neck. The dragon’s eyes rolled into the back of his head before he collapsed, seemingly paralyzed.

Oooh, nerve strikes!

“You pack a mean punch for a pony, and if our Dragon Lord gave you her respect, then I guess I can give your kind a shot. I can’t change right away, but I guess I can give it a shot. I mean, if there’s a pony like you around, maybe there’s hope for you bunch.”

A fic with Garble where he isn't brutally tortured as a character? Do my eyes deceive me? I mean, he still got lasered, but it's more respect than usual.

Pretty good my friend

Sweet continuity with a plot twist from the first story

Do I sense a Samurai Jack reference with that judo throw scene? Though to be fair Peter is totally strong enough to lift the same boulder the dragon just threw. But oh who am I kidding the guy had it coming anyway. Fun fact from this video. Spidey is at least FIVE THOUSAND times stronger then the average man according to this scene from civil war....let that sink in. And in that film Peter was still a young teen and hadn't even developed his powers for that long!

7745699 Yeah. I was definitely channeling Samurai Jack: The Scotsman Returns with that scene.

In regards to Spidey's here, let's see. This Peter is in his prime, having gone through countless experiences. With his eternal life link with Twilight, he's still the equivalent of a 20 year old. In the comics, Peter can lift 40-60 tons. As a pony, Peter can life a bit more , around 60-80 tons. So to answer an old question, Peter is indeed stronger and faster as a pony.

But yeah. 5 thousand times stronger than a human, and that's only six months with his spider powers. That means he'll get a LOT stronger with time. In Civil War, they're all lucky the guy pulls his punches.

this story is so fantastic I wish you could do more for the rest of them

Interesting concept at least. Ember's gonna need a while to really grow on me (not a fan of hers in the show really), but at least she has a starting point. Nice to see Spike appear again, hopefully he can be a greater knight than Peter, give him come competition.

Interesting addition to the Equestrian Avengers. I feel like Ember is going to be the weakest of them, though. With Eris, Spidey, Umbra, and X-23 (apparently haven't read that one yet) Ember definitely falls a little flat in terms of power.

Slow progression is better than no progression at all.

Glad to see Peter decided to ignore the way Celestia did things.

7860028 She might not be the physically strongest, but she is still a dragon and they're known to be very durable.

Plus, she's more of the strategist of the group.

UPDATE YOUR CHARACTER TAGS NOW MAN!!:pinkiehappy: They added soooo much!!!!

7861364 Thanks for the info! I hadn't noticed!

7862184 I know I literally found out at 11:40 and started alerting everyone to update:pinkiehappy:

The scene with the shaman and Peter's test seemed pulled straight from Samurai Jack when he was helping the Scotsman get his wife back. In fact, a lot of these scenes seem heavily borrowed.

7978969 Indeed. I did this when I heard Samurai Jack was returning for its final season. I'm just glad someone finally pointed it out. :trollestia:

7979418 Seriously? I'm the only one who caught that? Damn.

7980246 Samurai Jack is an old classic at this point. Maybe most of the kids haven't heard of it.

7980695 I'm not even 30 yet. Stop trying to make me feel old.

Spike readied himself to respond, but he paused, stealing a glance at the surrounding spectators outside. He closed the doors to the bar before locking them tightly. “It’s a huge deal, and you’re the only one who can help out with it.” The dragon glanced about his surroundings with an arched brow. Once certain they were alone, Spike folded his arms and leaned against the nearest column. “The Dragon Lord’s scepter has been stolen.”

“Stolen? That’s not good. You should buy a tie for it,” Peter muttered, waving a hoof dismissively. His eyes widened at a belated realization. “Wait a second. The scepter. Are you talking about that thing you helped Ember earn during her trial? Twilight told me about that. Is it really that important?”

Spike folded his arms before nodding. “Only the Dragon Lord is allowed to use the scepter. I don’t understand its full power, but I do know that it can force a call to dragons, which causes us to feel an irritating burn and glow until we heed the summons.” The dragon raised a claw objectively. “Whoever stole it can control any dragon if they learn how to use it, and we know a rogue dragon named Garble is the one responsible. There’s apparently a following that wasn’t keen on Ember’s stance with ponies.”

Garble is causing shit once again.

7984951 Iago is easily one of the best minion sidekicks in history. :rainbowwild:

7984988 Agreed. :twilightsheepish: Glad you were able to tell I meant no harm by my comment. After what I've done, I'd imagine you'd be angry.

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