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Hiya everyone, I made this group so people could explore the awesomeness of Spiderman stories more.

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Okay here Is a question for you all Mysterio Vs Nightmare Sparkle who wins. Just to make it even Mysterio does have powerful arcane abilities.

Had just caught up in the spiderverse comic and was strikingly reminded it deals with the multiverse henceforth, "Spider-mane" could have unknowingly been there despite it not being written in.

I like to imagine the conversations and interactions he could have had with his alternate selves and how that could have gone.

382704 Yeah. Can you imagine if Monster Ock ended up in Equestria? There would be no chance

You mean when Spidey gets chased by Monster Ock?

335736 Then I have a got an idea that we can both be satisfied with. Remember the last level in first one? The one where you run from.... (This is the part where you guess)

You know, I would like a Spider-Man/MLP crossover thats based on the Spider-Man PS1 games (Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro)

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