Trouble is brewing in Equestria, and Spider-Man is summoned to save the day! However, he takes the form of a pony upon his arrival and slowly starts to lose his powers. Now as Peter Pony Parker, he must become Equestria's new hero as the Amazing Spider-Mane, but with past failures haunting his mind, will somepony be able to give him the happiness he deserves and save him from a prophecy that ends with his death?

Across Equestria and through Earth, two hearts will join together, but one may die to ensure the survival of reality...

A crossover universe between Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man and Hasbro's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the source of the ParkerSparkle shipping. Created by Maximus_Reborn. Additional credit goes to editor and collaborator. Azu

The Spiders and Magic Saga
Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane
(September 2011 - August 2014)
Spider-Man is brought to Equestria for a second chance at life, but his luck may ruin his opportunity before it can truly begin.

Spiders and Magic II: Eleven Months
(November 2014 - January 2015)
Sequel to Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane. Peter Parker and Twilight Sparkle prepare to tackle parenthood.

Spiders and Magic III: Days of Friendship Past
(February 2015 - May 2015)
Peter finds himself in a far future where Empress Chrysalis and the changelings have taken over the world. Is the future truly set?

Spiders and Magic IV: The Fall of Spider-Mane
(September 2015 - October 2016)
The series finale to the Spiders and Magic saga.

The Spiders and Magic Saga Side Stories
Spiders and Magic 3.5: Rise of Spider-Mare
(June 2015)
Discord travels to the rule 63 universe and trades places with Eris.

Spiders and Magic: Forty Reasons Why
(December 2015)
A collection of drabbles featuring the pros and cons of Twilight Sparkle's and Peter Parker's relationship

Spiders and Magic: What If Luna Revealed Her Feelings Before Twilight Sparkle?
(December 2016)
What if Princess Luna revealed her feelings for Peter Parker before Twilight Sparkle could?

How the Spiders and Magic Series Should Have Ended
Based on the Super Cafe series. A short series of what-if scenarios had everyone in the series practice hindsight, foresight, and common sense to prevent some of the story's biggest plot-holes.

What If? - The Equestrian Avengers Saga
What If?
- Equestrian Avengers: Shattered Dimensions
(March 2017)
Starlight Glimmer unleashes the power of the Tablet of Order and Chaos, and it's up to the Equestrian Avengers to save the very fabric of time and space.

What If? - The Equestrian Avengers Side Stories
What If? - Equestrian Avengers Chronicles: Rise of the Dragon Lord (November 2016)
A prequel to Shattered Dimensions, showing how Ember was recruited into the Avengers.

What If?-
A prequel to Shattered Dimensions, showing how Queen Umbra was recruited into the Avengers.

What If? - Equestrian Avengers Chronicles: Second Best There Is (December 2016)
A short tale showing how the All-New Wolverine was recruited into the Equestrian Avengers.

Ultimate Spiders and Magic
A sequel/reboot series of Spiders and Magic set in the EQG universe.

Episode I "New Beginnings"
Peter Parker transfers to Canterlot High, all while forgings new bonds with friends and enemies. Typical Parker Luck ensues.

Episode II "Rainbow Rocks
Life in Canterlot High continues to be challenging for new student, Peter Parker, and rookie superhero, Spider-Man. It seems to only grow worse for both as the Battle of the Bands nears, and three mysterious new girls show an interest in his misery.

Episode III "Genetic Conscription"
Spider-Man and Wolverine are forced to team up against the Unstoppable Juggernaut in order to protect a young mutant named Eris as her X-gene activates.

Episode IV "Friendship Games"
The Friendship Games are set to begin, and figments from Peter's past resurface in the form of Crystal Prep's Twilight Sparkle and Abacus Cinch. Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer struggles to find her meaning and place in the world. Let the games begin!

Episode V "Neogenic Nightmare"
The horrifying Man-Spider is terrorizing Canterlot City, and the Rainbooms try to take it down. However, they are quickly overwhelmed, leaving Fluttershy to team with the Wolverine and Kraven the Hunter. Can they survive the night and restore Peter?

Episode VI "Smokes and Mirrors"
Trixie's father, Jackpot, comes into Canterlot City as the Great and Powerful Mysterio. Now Peter and Trixie's friendship is put to the test while Spider-Man contends with the magician's illusions and advanced technology.

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