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The creator of the Spiders and Magic universe and concept. Yay, I guess??


This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane

Based on the Super Cafe series and centered around the Spiders and Magic series.

A short collection of what-if scenarios had everyone practiced hindsight, foresight, and common sense to prevent some of the biggest plot-holes in the Spiders and Magic series. Might be expanded upon, depending on the feedback and requests. (Officially Complete)

Cover Art done by woogiegirl (Woogs)

Thank you, XangelMusic, Lord Lycaon, Regreme, and Darth Cygnus for editing!

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Ouch so true on all of them. Then again Discord would have copied Mr. Mxyzptlk’s playbook to fight Superman I bet.

Loved it! And yes, that cafe pic is adorable. Thanks for writing!

Always fun reading/watching HISHE. You could make a chapter about Mayday using her brain to stop the Symbiote possessed Luna much earlier and not have her shank her father!!!

:rainbowlaugh: Ah classic HISHE! Even you can be a good sport at making fun of your own series and exploiting the flaws of it for comedic effect. Though I wish Batman could've pointed out how the story of Part 3 is a rip-off of that TMNT episode with the Turtles making a quick cameo to give Spidey a piece of their mind.

Here's a few suggestions:

Twilight: "Luna is acting weird. Shouldn't we check on her."

Peter: "Ah, just let her go. She'll be fine."

Changeling (Bright Idea Guy): "Here's a bright idea. Why don't you MAKE SURE she'll be fine before something like an alien parasite attaches itself to her and turns her into a crazy psycho lady and then you end up getting yourself killed just because you were too lazy to show concern for your fellow teammates!"

Peter: "Ugh, fine... Oh look, there is an alien parasite on her!"

Spider-Gwen: "Well, guess I have to go home now because Madame Web said so. I hope Peter will be fine though."

Changeling (Bright Idea Guy): "Here's a bright idea. Why don't you MAKE SURE he'll be fine instead of leaving so soon and assuming he won't have to possibly fight different bad guys alone multiple times and end up getting beat up by all of them at once in the long run and you weren't around to help just because you were too stupid to NOT stay longer than you should've had!"

Spider-Gwen: "Ugh, fine.. Hey uh Madame Web, can I stay a bit longer?"

...Why did you write a 'how it should have ended' fic for a story you wrote yourself?

Simple. To poke fun at myself. Plus, the first story is over 4-5 years old. It was the first crossover story I ever wrote, fanfic and fimfic. So there are a LOT of things I wish I did differently. So this is a way for me to write and say to my followers, "I know I dun' goofed. Let's laugh about it." :rainbowwild:

Dude! Those suggestions are great! I'll work on that now!

Well, if you can’t laugh at yourself, (Bill Clinton laugh)

I We missed you, man.

This was fun. I like how you were able to poke fun at some of the old tropes from the series, like all the crying. Even HISHE Tobey Spidey would be surprised at how many tears were shed. And of course when it comes to superhero adventures, who better to throw a few quips than Batman and Superman? At the very least, they didn’t mention the kid who wasn’t feeling too good.

Do you mind if I suggest a gag for Part IV?

Peter: Okay, why couldn’t we go back to my Earth?

Madame Web: Because Discord and his Sinister Six would’ve figured out where we were sooner. And so you can face your greatest challenge in a dramatic manner.

Peter: And if they did show up they would have to deal with us, the Avengers, the X-Men, the Fantastic 4, and I’m pretty sure the Guardians of the Galaxy could’ve stopped by to help as well. Since you brought Gwen here, the time-displacement doesn’t seem to be much of an issue. Not to mention, Eris is only exhausting herself by using her magic whenever Discord does bring someone here.

Madame Web: ...Very well.

They go back to Earth-672 and the Sinister Six track them

Discord: Alright. Time to cause a some chaos while we’re here. Spider-Mane and his amazing friends are around here somewhere—


It’s revealed that the Avengers were waiting for them.

Discord: Aw, crumbs...

This was fun and the Super Cafe stuff was an excellent idea. I can't wait to ruthlessly criticize read the reboot!

Guess this story wasn’t really for me. Some of these scenes were a little underwhelming and odd choices, though I did enjoy the Apple Bloom scene. Others like the crying scene and the ending with Chrysalis seemed a bit forced. It’s not this story’s fault, it’s very similar to an actual HISHE, but even the real one has been underwhelming, such as the Infinity War one.

If I had to wish for one, it’d be right after Peter left to Equestria for good.

Peter: Guess I’ll never see my world again.

Deadpool: But you’ll still have me

Peter: Deadpool!? Where did you come from!?

Deadpool: Snuck over while you weren’t looking, seriously if any Marvel character is gonna be in a pairing with an MLP character, it should be me and Pinkie Pie! We’re much better than Parker x Sparkle.

Peter: How exactly? You’re a Mercenary who shoots people for money, not exactly the type of guy welcome in this world, so what makes you a better pick?

Deadpool: Right, you totally love Twilight, that’s why you’ve mentioned her in your Homecoming movie...oh wait, you didn’t! Meanwhile I gave a little attention to my sweet Pinkie Pie in my movie

Pinkie: He’s got a point, Peter didn’t mention you at all Twilight

Twilight: ...

Deadpool: So PinkiePool is more canon than Parker-Sparkle, suck on that!

Peter: Ugh, really kinda hoped to leave my world behind, at least you’re the only one

Johnny: Yo nerd! Heard this place was sweet, so I decided to come by and show these ponies an actual cool hero, but don’t worry, one day you’ll be half the awesome guy I am *sees Rainbow Dash* Now if you don’t mind, I have my own pony to bang

Peter: And now that happened...At least Green Goblin’s dead

Goblin: *from distance* HA!

...Yeah this is just as bad, actually it’s worse. You’re supposed to be much better than me dammit! :flutterrage:

Here's a suggestion :
Batman : "I am Batman!"
Owlowiscious : "Who?"
Batman : "I am Batmaaan!"
Yondu : "I'm Mary Poppins y'all!"
Spidermane : "You shouldn't have brought your pet..."
*Twilight groans*

This was a fun read that I wouldn't mind seeing more of. I'm actually kinda surprised no one has done something like this yet.

Dude..... I can't breath... I couldn't stop laughing after you mentioned the Toby Migure Spiderman 3 walk XD

Next Chapter everything WRONG with fall of Spider mane :facehoof:

This clears up somethings. By the way is House of Parker still a thing?

Luna: Can you imagine if I'd dwelt on my jealousy instead of talking to someone, and then went completely psycho and let the symbiote possess me, then tried to murder you? Yeuch!
Rainbow: Or if we'd all started having the hots for Parker? Like some Gary-Stu harem stuff?

This is the work of a genius.........MOAR! GIVE ME MOAR!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDD

Okay there has to be more of this!!! It's just too good to end it here!

:rainbowwild: The Turtles calling out on the story of Part III, Mayday not going along with the whole "stab your own father" thing and Discord getting outwitted by Doctor Strange. Can this get any better? And you would think Discord would've been bright enough to know that Spidey would've had more help if he had gone back to his Earth which would've made things so easy. And the part with Owlowiscious, just priceless!

Mayday walked past Discord, exhaling. “You and me… We’re done professionally.”

Mayday, you're channelling your inner Christian Bale.

Doctor Strange materialized next to Peter while sitting in midair, causing the young man to yelp out. “Before you ask, the good princess asked a favor. She wanted to see if you two ever got together. I showed her a world where you two are married, and she ran off on her own to join that Peter Parker. I believe his hero name is Spider-Knight. Now, she isn’t sulking, because you can’t see what’s in front of you. And if I may add, his name isn’t as ridiculous as yours.”

“I… How… What?!” Peter stammered about. Unfortunately, Strange vanished as quickly as he appeared, leaving Spider-Man to deal with his befuddlement. Slack-jawed, Peter alternated his gaze wildly before screaming at the top of his lungs. “I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!

TFS reference there! But does this mean that Spider-Knight has two Lunas now. If so, then Midnight is not going to be happy about that. :trollestia:

Here's some more suggestions

Venom-Luna: "We are Venom! And we will-!!"


Venom-Luna: "Oh dear..." *gets engulfed by Spike's flames, burning the symbiote away and sending Luna flat on the ground scorched*

Twilight: "....Huh. Well that was surprisingly easy."

Spider-Man: "Yeah. Can you imagine if we actually had to fight her like that. Good thing we have a fire-breathing dragon on our side since symbiotes are vulnerable to fire. Nice job, Spike!"

Spike: "Thanks!"

Wolverine: "Uh, is she gonna be okay?" *points to Luna still burnt on the ground moaning in pain*

Spike: "...Oops."

Jameson "Hey, aren't you that same woman in the magical girl outfit who was with Spider-Man earlier?"

Twilight/Tara Sparkle?/Velvet Faust?: "Wh-What!? No, no! You must have me confused with someone else."

Jameson: "Oh really? Correct me if I'm wrong Miss Tara Sparkle or Velvet Faust or whatever your name is? But don't these photographs, given to me by an anonymous source, of this person look exactly like you? I mean you, never before seen or heard of, just shows up out of nowhere to purchase the Bugle claiming to clear Spider-Man's name just as soon as said menace comes back out of hiding with two magic ladies and a dragon fighting a raging she-demon. You didn't even bother to hide your identity for God's sake, you amateur!"

Twilight: "...Oh horseapples. Guess I really didn't think that far ahead."
*Peter watches Twilight on TV get dragged away by police*

Peter: "Oh man, I knew I should've told Twilight to wear a mask, or at least put on a wig....Though I wonder who took those photos?"
Jameson: "Good job, Miss Watson! Way to show that menace her true colors. We'll make a fine reporter out of you yet!"
Mary Jane: "A pleasure, JJ. Just happy to get back at the woman who stole my man. After all, Karma's a bitch, and so am I."

Michelangelo stared intently at the group of ponies. “So, this is a Spider-Man and My Little Pony crossover that’s ripping off an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?”

Well, it’s better than the time the TMNT ripped off Amazing Spider-Man at least.

Discord’s words fell into his throat as his crimson gaze peered up. Peter and his entourage stood before them, but they weren’t alone. The entirety of the Avengers were standing alongside them. To make matters worse, the X-Men were there as well. Thor swung his mighty hammer about while the Hulk and Wolverine cracked their fists respectively, growling. Iron Man held his cannons in place, aiming them at the Sinister Six while Cyclops adjusted his visor’s recticle. Hawkeye pulled back an arrow in his quiver while dark clouds hovered over the city, evident by Storm’s blank white gaze.

Peter: You guys are screwed now!

Glad to see Mayday become self-aware about stabbing her own father. And Gwen’s traveled to different dimensions before? Is she a Web-Warrior already?

The only other suggestion I have if you ever do another followup is Peter and Twilight telling Batman and Superman about when they watched The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and ask them if it ever got a sequel, only to get interrupted by MCU Spider-Man, who tells them about how awesome his adventures are now that he’s home.

Peter: This kid got to be Tony Stark’s protege and an Avenger before finishing high school! I wish I had that when I on Earth...

Tobey’s Spidey while crying: And he gets to be in more movies too... It’s not fair!

Andrew’s Spidey: Yeah. He got to be Spider-Man for more than two years and meet other superheroes!

MCU Spider-Man: What the heck is going on?

Peter and Twilight: Good question.

I like this better, more Marvel cameos, best was Doctor Strange. I even like the other crossover cameos, seeing TMNT was so cool. Hope we see a Dragon Ball one soon.

But yo teased me...where was Johnny Storm? You mention the Fantastic Four yet no Johnny Storm. At least Peter finally acknowledged that having help from his world is a good idea, even if it was non-canon.

Meanwhile, a bald blue man floated about outside while holding a mechanized umbrella. “And I’m Mary Poppins, ya’ll!”

HAHAHAHAHA can't stop laughing!

This is making it hard to completely hate the original fic...because comedy like this.

Way too many jokes. I knew it would be a joke, but I thought it would not dissolve into staright up jello of nonsense. Sorry, dislike. I even checked if it was published on April Fools or something.

Can I have any other link? I cannot connect to whatever site it is from Russia. From one part of it I think it's derpybooru? It's been blocked here, I think.

this was HILARIOUS a little more I would probably start crying with laughter

Here's how it should have ended. "Well Twilight and I had sex but cause her form was artificial she didn't get pregnant and we developed our relationship and got married based on growing closer as a couple and not forced contrivances."
"What about all of Equestria knowing you were human and hating you for it?"
"What are you talking about? They already knew my identity and I've been knighted by Celestia herself, the whole populace hating me would be the biggest asspull I've ever heard of."
"And how about the deal with Venom absorbing Princess Luna?"
"When did that happen? Yeah Luna was upset that she and I couldn't be more than friends, but she's not going to let herself fall to despair cause of that. She's far more mature. Man the situations that you guys came up with sound like the shittiest ending to a good fanfic."


Yeah. My FIRST fanfic. I seriously hate it nowadays because it comes off as a BAD fanfic with a ton of terrible cliches.


I'm mostly taking the piss with that. I appreciate the good humor about it. Like I commented, it was a good fic..... up until the end. Thanks for being such a good sport though. I had gotten some really hateful replies on the comment I left on the actual fic from some fans. Keep writing man, if read the others and you have improved by leaps and bounds.

It's the whole reason I'm doing a reboot. I need a serious reset. And I love your comments. It helps me avoid making similar mistakes in the future. The original is an old story and it SHOWS. I'm right there with you. Looking back at the entire story, I outright HATE how it went and ESPECIALLY the ending bugs me. I have NO IDEA what I was thinking back then.

Is your reboot going to have Peter be more like his OG version? As in, the Peter Parker who is more of a confident asshole?

I did not see this coming.

Outmatched and outnumbered, Discord could only watch as his forces were utterly decimated. “Ah, crumbs…” Faster than he could respond, Hulk snatched the draconequus by his tail and swung him high overhead, reminiscent of a whiplash. He slammed his frame into the ground repeatedly, ceasing only once the earth beneath them was reduced to a pile of rubble. Discord could only stare at the sky with a bewildered gaze, letting out a pained grunt eventually. He weakly lifted a paw and groaned. “I surrender.”

Hulk scoffed, stomping away. “Puny god.”

In the distance, Loki threw his arms in the air. “See how that feels!”


all gods are puny.

Outmatched and outnumbered, Discord could only watch as his forces were utterly decimated. “Ah, crumbs…” Faster than he could respond, Hulk snatched the draconequus by his tail and swung him high overhead, reminiscent of a whiplash. He slammed his frame into the ground repeatedly, ceasing only once the earth beneath them was reduced to a pile of rubble. Discord could only stare at the sky with a bewildered gaze, letting out a pained grunt eventually. He weakly lifted a paw and groaned. “I surrender.”

This was so appropriate what with the scene and Loki after it. God of Chaos/Mischief and Trickery shipping anyone?

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