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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Magic III: Days of Friendship Past

Every hero rises, but they eventually fall.

This is how Spider-Mane died.

Featured: 9/25/2015 - 9/26/2015

*Thanks to Kestrel, Darth Cygnus, Commander Stelios, Regreme, Vandenbz, Lord Lycaon, cosmic flash, Derp McShirk, NeilHD, and Dark Seqvus, for editing!

Collab with Azu

Cover art done by BlackFreya

Chapters (54)
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How come you're reloading this story?

There was a blog. He said he wanted to rewrite the ending so it was compliant to the title. I think he changed his mind.

Time for a reread! :pinkiehappy:

I never finished reading this the first time because it was taken down. Is there any way for me to determine where exactly I left off at?

It's pretty hard to argue with Mayday's point. Perhaps little Ben should be forbidden from ever walking, that way he'll never hurt himself by falling.

Honesty, I was hoping for more from Blueblood's last stand.

Just the way that Discord aka ( John De Lance) said that he wants to see a certain young filly just sounds wrong to me.

Sonata giggled. "Well, I thought spiders were supposed to have eight limbs instead of four."

I dunno Visorak are spiders and they have four legs.

He suddenly felt small, no different from an ant. Blueblood stormed off, cursing under his breath as he exited the premises.

Honestly my OC would see him as an ant or more likely a gnat and would call him as such with either an unimpressed or smug look.

Blueblood's level on my OC's annoyance scale: level 1 you're a gnat and won't bother dealing with you other than saying what I think of you or just ignore you.

"Maybe. Just a little bit. Yeah." Peter gave a weak nod, only to receive a patented response from his wife in the form of a hoof to the back of the head.

Twilight seems to give Peter a lot of dope slaps.

Before Adagio could respond, Aria departed with a knowing gaze, and the Dazzlings' leader scowled, mumbling to herself and lowering her glare to the ground. "I know what's best for us. Those two clearly don't know anything!"

*eye roll * Right.... keep deluding yourself like that

I just realized(Treebrary) It’s a combination of treehouse and library, I’m so dumb

this sounds like some Avengers endgame amount of awesomeness:pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile:

More like Captain America Civil War with the line about not stopping.

Okay... Now you're channeling Superman vs Darksied with the I won't stop...greasy smear comment.

You named her gwen

Why not Annie

Unless you made this before renew your vows

Well I hope anna is gwens middle name or something

Can I say something, This part "Spider-Mane dies", is that a reason why he abandoned the ponies in ponyville? I mean everyone knows that he died. and Chrysalis took over Equestria.

Uh what do you mean the Legend of Spider-Mane is dead?

Man great story I am just sad that it isn’t recognized for its greatness

Greatness? I appreciate the thought, but I personally can't stand this story. I am grateful that you still found a way to enjoy it.

You don’t like your creation eh

Well I had some questions about mayday acting dark and moody and about Celestia

But you can’t change the past unless with a “what if”

The only thing left to do would be to perfect the ultimate series which could be great since now you have information of all 9 seasons

Shouldn’t Luna have saved him from that nightmare?

You read that comic about sexual offense?

I remember that school memory

Bruce Banner had the same issue in ymca

Blueblood as a vessel really?

I guess there wasn’t much options since the season within Stygian hasn’t happened

Celestia is right, I mean look at our world, it’s a harsh world to live in

Making pony eat hot dog,

It feels awkward

Why? Why did he let Patricia live?

You think so,

But technology also caused factory pollution, toxic waste, noxious fumes

Not to mention monsters like ultron and the sentinels and the adaptoids

Norman had an innocent good side…it was never explored

Also I knew blueblood was the wrong choice

Too bad this story was before Stygian’s time

Peter becoming a spirit of order, will bite him in the butt…

I’ve seen the Gen 5 comic, Discord is alive and he outlived everyone he cared about even the alicorns are no longer immortal

And eating healthy food produces smelly shit. What's your point?

Hmm, so you say self destruction is inevitable?

I don't know, I still feel like Mayday got off too easily. I was following this story chapter by chapter way way back until it's completion but I still can't help but believe that Mayday got off too easily. Not even in the comics that ... a majority of this was based off of, she would still be carrying that on her back.
If folks didn't carry any resentment for the Parker family as a whole, I know that at the very least folk would still blame Mayday for the death of Celestia. You can't just 'erase' a beloved leader for literal millennia, forgiveness be damned, there'd be a lot of people that'd refuse to serve her in certain places, or not let them into a taxi, etc.

She did get off easily. It's a big reason why I look back and hate how Mayday was handled. She started off great and developed soundly, but everything at the end sabotaged everything. I would like to do a redemption arc for Mayday at some point in the future.

Well, at the very least a side-story or something involving it would be nice to soothe the vindictive justicar in my brain.

But yeah, she was the catalyst for -all- the bad things finally happening in the end. Ah well. It was still an intense ride regardless.

Glad you still find enjoyment from it. I've grown to hate this series. Hence the reboot. :rainbowwild:

I can imagine. I actually liked it, I never got a chance to read the reboot. (Because I'm lazy/my brain got fried from work) can I get a link to it?


It’s a rare fact it’s mostly unknown due to how uncomfortable it was

I feel conflicted.
On one hand, the ending of the series sucked ass in my opinion and I’m guessing yours too.

But on the other… you kind of just left the original series to rot on a cliffhanger.

Also, I have no intention on reading the reboot. I’m all tapped out on MLP stuff for the most part.

I’m sorry, dude. :ajsleepy:

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