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What if things had turned out differently from the original ending of the Spiders and Magic saga?

Following fifteen years after the events of the Spiders and Magic series, Starlight Glimmer unleashes the powers of the Tablet of Order and Chaos along with the forbidden time travel spell from Starswirl the Bearded. Now, Peter must travel across various timelines and alternate realities to locate the missing fragments of the tablet as well as rescue his fellow Avengers.

Featured~ 3/5/2017 - 3/6/2017

*Thanks to Kestrel, Darth Cygnus, Commander Stelios, Regreme, Lord Lycaon, TheGradualGhost, Vandenbz, cosmic flash, Jetfire, Striker1959, CrimsonEyedPrince, and XangelMusic for editing!

Collab with Azu

Coverart done by jmkplover and edcom02

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Ben manages to go against starlight when she sees how twisted she is and helps to beat her

That's gotta be a record. First mission and we already have the Avengers Disassembled title used. :rainbowlaugh: and I like the Dragon Ball styled chapter names. Pretty good start.

Just like old times huh, Pete? The tablet, fragments scattered across worlds, and an augmented Spider-Sense. So, we have eight different worlds/timelines to visit each with a fragment, an Avenger and possibly someone using the fragment like Amulet!Twilight. Is there a Spider-Man in each one?

And will these four ever reunite?

And for some reason, Peter deciding on a nickname reminds me of Danger Duck from Loonatics Unleashed.


Here we go again. :pinkiecrazy:

Enjoy everyone! :moustache:

:rainbowdetermined2: AVENGERS, DISASSEMBLE!!!....:applejackconfused:Wait, that's not right!

The new saga begins. And it starts with Peter and his newly formed team of Avengers beginning their first mission to save the world by stopping Starlight Glimmer before she can use the Tablet of Order and Chaos and Starswirl's time travel to reshape reality as she see fits, having spent years in hiding studying both tools and even had Peter's own son Ben as her own student. But since its their first time, teamwork is not one of the Avengers' strongest suits right now given the team's inexperience with each other and that some of their members are loose cannons like Laura/Wolverine, preferring to be loner type like her old man, and Umbra, who could easily lose control over herself if she's not careful.

And like he once did before years ago, Peter accidentally shatters the Tablet again and eight fragments break off across the plains of reality and separating the Avengers from each other including Dream from Peter while the remaining two are each held in Peter and Starlight's grasp. That's just the Parker Luck! They've just only started and assembled only to get disassembled.

Now with Madame Web II's assitance, Peter has to travel across different dimensions to find his teammates and retrieve the scattered fragments before Starlight can to restore reality. I wonder what dimension, the "What If" dimension being one among the eight, he will arrive at first? And what of Ben? He might either side with Starlight, given that he's been her student for some time, or he might turn against her seeing how mad she really is to threaten the balance of reality and maybe try to convince her to stop.


:applejackunsure: Meh...






:unsuresweetie:Not "cosmic" enough.


:facehoof:Oh come on, Pete, are you even trying? You're not an Autobot and you're definitely not Optimus Prime.

Seriously though, even if Peter does get a new superhero name or decides 'screw it' and sticks with his old, I think everyone is still gonna call him by his old name Spider-Man/Spider-Mane as they have known him over the past couple of decades even if he says otherwise. Sure 'Spider-Mane' does sound a bit silly saying it out loud, but I've grown quite attached to the name.

Awesome. So we now get to reenact "Shattered Dimensions" With a dash of "The Cutie Re-Mark" and a hint of "The Spiderverse" arcs from Ultimate Spiderman. (Please don't think less of me for mentioning that show:)) This is going to be fun.:pinkiehappy:

I so want to beat Starlight Glimmer to death becuase of this. She hopefully gets her world view shattered even further when she finds out nothing she does leads to a positive outcome for her or Equestria.

Wow, straight to the point, I like it. :pinkiehappy:

So it looks like Mayday is having more trouble than she expected, Laura doesn't care for orders or Peter (Logan would be proud) and she doesn't really get along with Umbra, Peter can't think of a good name to replace Spider-Mane, plus he's getting attitude from Dream, Trixie and Sonata are being themselves, but Eris and Ember seem a bit rational. Peter really could use advice from Iron Man or Captain America about leading an Avengers team. (Though they themselves had their own troubles so their advice may only go so far).

Starlight messing with Time Travel and Alternate Dimensions huh? That's so cool! Eager to see the dimensions each Avenger got pulled into. There's about eight members, seven of them got pulled into different portals, so at least seven other dimensions. The Spider-Knight Dimension is one of them, there's also a good chance to see Future Equestria. Others could include the Equestria Girls world, Marvel world (with the time travel spell, it could even send one of them back to a point where any heroes familiar to Peter can appear), Spider-Gwen's world and the Reverse Gender world.

Nice start to this, eager to see who else appears, maybe find out what Twilight's up to as far as running Equestria, where Ben and Gwen Reilly are, plus whatever else.

Mama Mia. Peter your gonna threw some Deja hi again.

But Peter going into the dimensions. Now that's a combination of Return to the Spider verse.

So the other Spider-men will be showing up?

I haven't finished the second story yet. Would starting back up with this be a problem?

Wait wait wait wait wait! The 4th one is over?
WOW I have a lot of catching up to do!

7998718 I don't get why he can't jsut help the name spider mane

That was awesome!:pinkiehappy:..... Great job Max and Azu, I have to say that you've out done yourselves with this one. I'm hoping that this story will turn out to be better than the Rise of Spidermane.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy: Keep up the good work.



Each story holds chronological relevance and continuity with it's predecessors. To start here without having finished, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, and the mini's, would lead you diving head first into a sea of confusion. Major spoilers of the previous stories goes without saying, but more importantly is learning the storytelling of the world and characters and how they have developed from where you are now.

Around 25 years or so have passed between then in story two, to now in the avengers. To say a few things have changed during this time would be a colossal understatement.


Yep! part 4 is finished, as is a few introductory mini-series for new members of the avengers teams. Who they are and how they came to join is shown in them.

Awesome start! Is this based on one of Spider-Man's video games?

Can't wait for the next chapter! :twilightsmile:

The story starts off with a bang... 2 thumbs up

Crazy that this story swung its way into the featured box!

YES IT'S HERE!!! :pinkiegasp: :pinkiehappy: ...and what beginning I can't believe he shattered the damn thing again but he did have a point that thing is not really sturdy :applejackunsure: oh man I missed your stories so much I can't wait for the next chapter :raritystarry: how I am right now Max and Azu well pretty much like this :i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/773/175/a26.gif

It's been a while since I've read the 4th story. Where did the tablet come from? Can I get one at my local Apple store?



Considering how easily they break, I suggest waiting for the next model to release. :trixieshiftright:

The tablet is actually from a spider-man game, which is what this story is biased on.


I'm liking what I'm seeing so far. As much as I liked Spiders and Magic, it will be nice to have a fun adventure without all the old melodrama. I could use something fresh.

Keep up the good work!

7999430 I'm a bit iffy on the Gore and Tragedy tags, though.
Do they get all that graphic or what?

Am liking this start and I can't wait for the next chapters, But am a little surprised. I didn't realize this would be their first mission together.

I played the shattered dimensions a long time ago and really enjoyed it. Reading this chapter makes me want to buy the game again.

8000547 Yeah. As I've told you before, this is meant to be as straightforward as possible- with nothing but sillyness and action in mind. Classic Spidey with an MCU tone.

I’m sure I’ll be prepared for whatever’s thrown at me next!

Darn it Peter you should know better then to say something like that! So how will the old Parker luck kick him in the flank now? Otherwise great chapter!

I'm so interested and excited to see the other worlds that the avengers will be in. Its proberly to be expected that he will end up in the world of Spiderknight from the what if story and the distopian future that Peter visited is also a possibility. I just want to know if Laura (X-23) will end up in the world of the movie Logan or the Old Man Logan comic, it would seem appropriate and would allow her to see her dad(wolverine) again.

Level 1: Infurnus
Dimension: Rule-63
Avenger: Umbra
Spider: Patricia Parker/Spider-Mare

Peter's quest for the Tablet fragments begins and he starts off at the Rule-63 Dimension, the home of Umbra, Eris and his female counterpart Patricia. Reuniting with Umbra and Patricia, the latter temporarily coming out of retirement to offer assistance, they face off against the blazing Infurnus and obtain the first fragment. One down, seven to go.

I knew the Rule-63 Dimension would pop up again, given that world has more connections with the Prime Dimension. And Patricia is still as humorous as ever. And Umbra hasn't gotten over the last time Patricia beat her. And she can't even take a bunch of heat jokes from both Spiders. Gee Umbra, they're just having a bit of fun, no need to get all fired up. :trollestia: Heh? Get it, fired up?.....:ajsleepy:okay, shutting up now.

The scepter cackled in a far too cocky and over dramatic tone, matching Peter’s voice. “You dare challenge a god?"

:rainbowlaugh: Oh god, the Twilight Scepter! Peter is really digging his own grave for this. :rainbowkiss: And Gwen Reilly is definitely daddy's little girl!
:twilightangry2: "Note to self; Remember to make Peter play another game of 'Hide-or-Die' when he gets back."

just imagine if Firelord and the Thing had a baby. That’d be Infurnus

:pinkiesick: Okay...that just sounds disgusting. I don't even want to imagine it.

Amazing Arachnid?

:ajbemused: Nah, that sucks.

The Bug Wonder!

:raritydespair: That just sounds insulting. Spiders are arachnids, not bugs.

The Web Warrior?

:ajsleepy: That name only sounds cool as a nickname or if it was a team name for a group of spiders.

I just wanted to let you know that it's 2017 now and you have day it was featured 3/05/16 XD

One fragment down, seven to go. How long will the Parker Luck remain on our hero's side? Judging by his comment, I give it until he reaches the next world.

Glad to see Patricia make a brief return from retirement, if only to help find the fragment. The banter the two share is brilliant, especially with Umbra there as the sane mare. I do hope Patricia doesn't drive Umbra insane in finding a name for Parker's new identity! :rainbowlaugh:

And poor Twi has the scepter, designed specifically to annoy her. Peter better hope she doesn't banish him again when he gets back from dimension-hopping.

Now let's hope fate is on Spidey's side in the next dimension. :rainbowdetermined2:

Just as i thought: This story is gettin' real good. Too bad Peter had to potentially Jinx himself with that statement. What a goofy noob.:D

When I saw the Scepter reference, I nearly died laughing! And hoo boy, Infernus really brought on the heat!

Can't wait to see what's next!

Whoo, that battle was on FIRE, heck the Spiders really brought the HEAT to that battle.

Also, seemed that version of a yeti was rather HOT. Annnd now I've burned all my fire puns. Other than that, a easy start to what will soon be a little bit... how would I put it... Oh right, chaotic.

Hmm, I honestly shudder to think of what's going to happen when he reaches the reality where he married Luna.

Okay, where in the world did that idea come from?:rainbowwild::yay:

Supervillain origins and shout out's to DBZ Abridged and the Ultimate universe game man you guys are throwing the best of the best already good job as always :twilightsmile:



Well. If you plan to go big, best to start big, right? :pinkiecrazy:

However the real question is, how deep does the rabbit hole go? The multiverse is a very big place; full of puns and references galore. :trollestia:

Ember’s eyes widened before she stepped forward alongside Peter. “Wait! Don’t go in yet. We need to form a plan of attack before we engage the enemy.”

Laura huffed, unsheathing a pair of claws from her hoof with a snikt. “I’ve already got a plan: attack.”

Meanwhile on Earth-199999

Tony Stark is sitting at a desk before his eyebrows suddenly rise for no apparent reason.

"Hey, FRIDAY?"

Need something, Boss?

"See what we can do about getting Stephen Strange and Matt Murdock on the line. I feel like I need to head to another dimension just to sue someone."

8002140 My guess: Peter Prime is going to freak out for a little, Luna of THAT dimension would be intrigued/concerned at how her counterpart never had the chance to tell Peter how she felt and of course, Evil Twilight will show up and upon seeing a Peter that married her in another dimension and had kids with her, something that will no doubt infuriate her even more so, everything will go to shit.

Bwhahahahahahaha!!! Back to school for poor Peter, I take it this is where Sonata is.

What would have happened Peter spoke a foreign language that didnt use Latin letters? Like Hebrew, for example. Also, thete are many noises without letters in the Latin alphabet(the click noise you hear in Zulu is an example)

I'm not sure if the next chapter is going to be a dejavu moment or a freak out moment for Peter.

Welcome back to high school, Peter! Have fun...

I wasn't expecting a Discord AU. But I hope we can see more of him, even as just an astral projection.

Level 2: Discord
Dimension: Discorded-Equestria
Avenger: Eris

Peter's quest continues. Meeting up with Eris, he arrives in a chaotic version of Equestria where Discord was never sealed by the Elements of Harmony and instantly took over without even playing by the rules. In a game of wits, Peter beats Discord at his own game by pulling a face to get him to laugh out the taboo words. Clever! Peter would've had a hard time if he had to fight Discord for the fragment, with the tablet fragment enhancing his chaotic magic, Discord could've easily won the fight if he wanted to. But of course as Peter pointed out, it would've been too easy and no fun for him.
I'm relieved to see that this Discord is more reasonable than his S&M Prime counterpart, and he's seen how the other dimensions were played, so he has an outlook on how his existence should proceed. And after this, he may reconsider following the rules and find a new way to make fun out of chaos without making too easy and boring.

Of all his nightmares, the worst had come to light. Peter Parker… was back in high school.

:raritydespair: "NOOO!!!! I DON'T WANNA GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!"

:rainbowlaugh: Oh lord! To get the next fragment, Peter has to go back to school in the Equestria Girls Dimension! He better not count on not running into someone named Flash while he's therel

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