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This story is a sequel to What If? - Equestrian Avengers Chronicles: Rise of the Dragon Lord

What if things had turned out differently from the original ending of the Spiders and Magic saga?

Many moons ago, Queen Umbra was once a valiant ruler and honorable knight to her land, but personal loss and betrayal would cause her to drift into darkness. Legend says that she still resides in the ruins of her own castle. Peter ventures off to explore the rumor. Prequel to Shattered Dimensions.

Collab with Azu

*Thanks to Commander Stelios, Regreme, Lord Lycaon, and cosmic flash for editing!

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And once again, Peter's idealism wins. If there's one thing I love about this series it's that Peter doesn't just solve problems with fighting, but also by his words and his beliefs.

Umbra was the character that seemed strange to recruit when we first saw her, but this story pieces it all together. If there's something Sombra and Umbra share. It's that they were driven mad by loss. And no one understands that more than Peter, it seems.

Also, it's weird and awesome to see Peter be the one looking for and recruiting Avengers. Can't wait to see Laura's reaction to Spidey taking charge of things.

Now comes the second step to Shattered Dimensions and we see how Peter was able to recruit Queen Umbra from the R-63 dimension and his reasons why. Umbra bares similarities to her male counterpart Sombra, difference being that she is not as tyrannical as him and that she actually had a child (who conveniently has the same name as her male counterpart) while Sombra did not. And instead of returning to conquer her Equestria after being banished, she instead secludes herself in self-exile and baring guilt over the loss of her son and having lost faith in the world when everypony in it turn against her even when some of those those acts she did that were view evil were done only for the right reasons. But even so, Peter (still feeling guilty and responsible for King Sombra's death despite the latter's wish for it and wants to make up for it) still believes that Umbra can change for the better and make her see that she can find a new reason to keep going rather than just wallow and cling to the past, even he can relate to what Umbra has been through given his own history. After a test of strength and honor, Umbra finds her new path, sees Peter as a worthy knight and equal and accepts his offer to fight by his side with the Avengers,

Seriously, out of all the members of the Equestrian Avengers you picked, Umbra was the most strange and interesting choice for recruitment. At first glance, you would think that someone like her looks too evil to be on a team fighting for good. But after learning more of her tragedy and background, it shows that you should never judge a book by it's cover. While it may be a start for Umbra, clearly she is not as mad and corrupt as Sombra was and there is still much hope for her yet. I can't wait to see how much further her character develops with the Equestrian Avengers.

Now there's only one more Avenger whose appearance and role is yet to be revealed. Can't have a Avengers team with a Spider-Man on it without a Wolverine to join them! :rainbowdetermined2:

Another interesting start for the character, though once again, might need more time to grow on me. There's already a female version of another character on the team, and my interest in that is limited as it is (took a while for me to like Patricia). But I just like seeing more to this, I await the full team soon.

You did it once again Max.... You made another great story and Peter gets another mare to his harem :pinkiehappy: Oh, yeah my story is out and I was wondering if you'd like to check it out....:pinkiesmile:

I like this. I like this a lot. Good show! :trollestia:

Two shorts. Two great stories. That's two for two so far. Great track record :pinkiehappy:



But seriously. We spent a great deal of time on these for how short they are. Then again, I am very fastidious when it comes to characters; so Introducing new ones has to be done just right.

I'm glad to see everyone is enjoying our work on these. :twilightsmile:

7770430 Keep up the great work then, you're really rocking it :pinkiehappy:

Still corny and pretentious as all hell, but still enjoyable.

Peter has yet to learn the lesson his 616 counterpart has. Leaving behind the 'no one ever dies, not ever not once!' rule and simply saving those who can.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. It has yet to bite him in the ass but it could still very well happen.

Something Peter mentioned kinda bugged me. He said he has only killed 4 people in his life. Nightmare, Future Chrysalis, Future Trixie, and King Sombra. Did Spider-Man really not kill someone before he was sent to Equestria? I know he was sent shortly after Gwen Stacy's death (or at least I think it was shortly after) but I could've sworn some villain died at his hands, at least accidentally, before that.

EDIT: Ok so if Venom and Carnage exist it can't be soon after Gwen's death lol forgot about them

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