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The creator of the Spiders and Magic universe and concept. Yay, I guess??


Spin-off to the Spiders and Magic series.

The butterfly effect, the phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. What if Princess Luna never hesitated in confronting her feelings for Peter Parker before Twilight Sparkle?

Featured! 12/25/2016 - 12/26/2016 (Thanks, everyone!) - Officially complete!

*Thanks to Kestrel, Darth Cygnus, Commander Stelios, Regreme, Lord Lycaon, cosmic flash, and XangelMusic for editing!

Collab with Azu

Cover Art by ameliacostanza

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They say we as people are defined by our actions. But what if you could go back and change one? A past regret? A missed opportunity? Would you still be you as you are today? Would the world?

Maximus and I had a lot of fun writing this story. I hope everyone enjoys it! :yay:

And so the the story begins where Peter is taken to Canterlot by Luna, but now fate is about to change... And a whole new adventure is about to start...

7818237 You and Maximus have done a smashing job so far, and I look forward to more chapters!

Ave Dominus Nox!

The differences are already starting to show themselves. So far, it's a pretty calm story, but the changes are gonna alter the series greatly, I'm sure.

Time to take a step back and see a world of different choices.

"Most of you may already know the outcome of Spider-Man and Twilight Sparkle's destinies joining together and the challenges they have faced together from the moment the young unicorn student of Princess Celestia had summoned one of Earth's greatest heroes to her home world to saving all of reality and defying fate itself."

"But what if...? What if in another time, in another life, Peter Parker's destiny instead flowed to a different path to join along side with Equestria's night princess and Goddess of the Moon, Princess Luna? What if she had confessed her mutual feelings for Peter before Twilight could? What unforeseen consequences could it possibly unravel as this one change sends ripples across the flow of time? Those of you who know may notice the differences yourselves."
"I am the Watcher. I observe all that transpires throughout the Multiverse. But I do not, can not, will not interfere. I shall be your guide through this new reality. Follow me and dare to face the unknown. And ponder the question..."


The alicorn’s horn emitted magical energy before they vanished from sight in a burst of light. Twilight furrowed her brow at the sight before simply closing the door. An unsettling irritation churned at the center of her chest, but she ignored the sensation, feeling that there was nothing to fret over.

Oh, Twilight... little does she realise that in this reality, she was too late to confess her feelings for Peter.

The changes are starting to kick in. On the day of the Manehatten race between Spider-Mane and Spitfire as Peter was just about to have his accident, Luna intervenes and saves Peter, sparing him from the injuries his Earth-672 counterpart sustained and leaving him with a sense of gratitude and possibly growing feelings for the Moon Princess.
And it seems this version of Discord wasn't expecting Luna to start showing affection for Peter, even at this early time of his plan, and now it's throwing his original plan off course. And he had a back-up plan using Rainbow and Rarity in case Peter ended up with either of them instead of Twilight, though I'm surprised he doesn't have one for Applejack (who bares a similar appearance to Gwen) and Fluttershy (maybe Discord doesn't want Peter with her). But despite this setback, he's going to improvise and see how this all turns out. And if he's anything like the original, then he as well may start taking his plans too far.

Well, this should be interesting... I'm sure the ride will be quite engaging. XD

Another Magnificent masterpiece at work:raritystarry: Keep up the good work Maximus

Awesome! I was really looking forward to this one! Keep up the good work!

It feels weird to see a Spiders & Magic story in which Peter's love interest would be Luna, unless something happens and it still ends up being Twilight. Otherwise wouldn't it be called 'Spiders & Moon'?

Weird as it feels, I'm also very curious on how it would be different.

Congrats on getting your story featured XD

Reading this story reminds me of why I liked Spiders and Magic in the first place. Absurd plot? Sure, but you've got to love the charm of it all. Keep it up!

Oh man this started good they have to add Another Side, Another Story to the tropes page of this!!!:pinkiehappy:

And the changes are starting to show :applejackunsure: umm what could possibly have Discord in store? and how would have thought he was a Shipper On Deck :rainbowlaugh: let's see where this new development take us :rainbowkiss:

Being given an involuntary day-off by her sister (:trollestia: Oh Celestia, you're such a troll!), Luna hesitantly takes this to spend more time with Peter. And Peter takes her to an ice cream shop (callback to the ice cream flashback from Part IV) and she relishes every moment from the taste of her ice cream to the continued banter with the pony that she likes but is too prideful to admit it. I really love the shipping between Peter and Luna. Him being the oblivious yet kind hearted oaf who doesn't know when to shut up and her being the stubborn giddy princess who tries to keep a stern and serious face but she is always at the mercy of his big mouth and terrible jokes and yet deep down she enjoys every moment of it, even if she doesn't want to admit it.
But as Peter spends more time with Luna, Twilight is feeling down and neglected as she hasn't been able to get the time with Peter to talk about her feelings for him. Somepony's getting jealous! :pinkiecrazy:

“I would have made it sooner, but the batmobile lost a wheel and the Joker got away.”


:ajbemused:"This is why Superman works alone..."

I recognize this chapter from the old Harem fic you posted years ago. So I probably asked this before but please remind me, Does Peter know about batman through fiction or that he's from another universe?



Pretty sure through fiction. I don't think Spider-man has ever met Batman in canon. Different universes and all that. (Marvel vs DC) However I could be mistaken. My spidey knowledge is far from as sharp as Maximus'.

Also you just might notice a few other throwbacks here and there to the old fics if you pay close attention. For all you followers that have been around for a while. :raritywink:

7820998 Fiction. As mentioned before, in the Marvel universe, they have DC comics and vice versa.

Personally I still think you should have kept the herd bit in the story, would have made an interesting Dynamic. But meh... you ended the trilogy well so I can forgive it.

Is it bad that I find this dynamic much more interesting than the original? Luna is just...more fun to watch here.


Celestial is the real shipper here. She's using national resources to put them in the same room. :trollestia:

7821544 Is it because Luna is more of a light tsunder and somewhat resilient against Peter's advances? :ajsmug:

7822066 Well...maybe? It may be because I find Luna more interesting in this story and she's very indecisive which makes romance usually more fun unless that's all she does...which she isn't. That and I felt the original story just had Twilight immediately fall for Peter and Peter kinda just went with it. (I'm very skeptical when it comes to romance)

7822113 7822135 I can understand. Luna's in full tsun-mode being very indecisive, and that can be fun if done right.

Peter and Twi have been together for quite some time now that it's easy to forgot how it started. Granted, Twi was slow to open up to Peter but she harbored a crush. And Peter was resistant against the idea of dating a horse until he remembered that he was a horse himself.

Still, they were both at that point. Twi liked him, and Peter needed somepony to pull him out of his grieving stage (from Gwen Stacy). So, yeah. I can understand what you mean. Peter did just go along with it, but it isn't often that the girl makes the move first. If you're a guy and a cute girl likes you while you're single, wouldn't you just go along with it if there was an attraction between you? :rainbowwild:

Still. I blame experience. I'm far more experienced now than I was then. I'm able to give Luna a proper build whereas I kind of just put Twilight with Peter without resistance.

Pacing. Looking back, I kind of hate my old progress. At least now, Luna and Peter in this What-If feels more... organic. :trollestia:

Got a bad feeling about Twilight.

7822129 While that's true...I don't know, I think the way you write Luna here is why I like this more. She's more dynamic and wishy-washy compared to Twilight who just jumps the gun after a little while and Peter just goes along with it.

Sure, there's an obvious crush here but Peter is kinda going for her as well. Its more fun when both sides are there and are 'friends' even though they obviously want to be something more. This is less one-sided, (Which the original was very one-sided, at least that's how I saw it) and makes it more fun to watch...at least, that's my opinion.

7822164 No, I agree. :twilightsmile: I've had fun with Azu with this one BECAUSE of how great Luna is. That indecisiveness is perfectly natural. She wants it, but is hesitant against it. Peter is actually aggressive in his approach, too. (Much different than his S&M counterpart, who was much more laidback in his approach).

7822188 That was because Peter didn't need to be aggressive there. Here...both of them will kinda have to be aggressive otherwise they'll just be awkward all the time. Which would make us even more happy.

7822214 Welp, can't wait for the next chapter!

7822226 Expect it today (or tomorrow). Depending on your timezone. :twilightsmile: Well, sometime Tuesday (to avoid confusion).

“Uh, Canterlot talk or Shakespeare in the park? Okay, I’ll try it.” He cleared his throat. “Nay, nay, my fair lady. Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?”

Pfffft, I should have known you were gonna use that quote!:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

7823280 Haha, yeah. One of the great MCU quotes. :rainbowwild:

7823359 Agreed, right up there with Hulk using Loki as a flail

Luna is going to end up tying Peter to the bed and have her way with him...and Pete is going to like it.

Comment posted by LucarioMaster41 deleted Dec 27th, 2016

>>Maximus_Reborn is it bad that I like LunaxPeter a little bit more than TwilightxPeter

Oh ho! My, my, my... This Peter is certainly way more forward than his other self, having the nerve to pin down Luna on until she told him how old she was and even planting a kiss on her cheek when she didn't expect him to. Cheeky little bug boy! I'm loving it! :pinkiehappy:
And unlike Earth-672 Peter, this Peter has earned his cutie Mark much earlier and he now acts as Luna's personal knight (without having to make his secret identity public, at least maybe not yet) and will be getting a new costume to honour his new duties and will be better financially supported. I think the Peter we know would be a bit jealous of this Peter. In fact, this Peter should have a new hero name to fit him, something like 'Moon Spider', 'Lunar Arachnid' or 'Spider-Knight', whichever one works best to distinguish him from Earth-672 Peter.

Peter flailed his hooves about before easing into place, nonchalantly arching a brow as his face continued to be smushed against the railing. “Uh, Canterlot talk or Shakespeare in the park? Okay, I’ll try it.” He cleared his throat. “Nay, nay, my fair lady. Doth Mother know you weareth her drapes?” Luna offered no response as her brow twitched involuntarily. Peter hummed under his breath. “No? How about this? I refuse the invitation thou doth make to speak…”


Peter’s grin widened. “I’m waiting… Moonbutt.”

:twilightoops: Oh snap! If Luna didn't have feelings for Peter or if she was still Nightmare Moon, she would've blasted that idiot to the moon for calling her Moonbutt! :rainbowlaugh:

7823387 No. I'm the same way. I like LunaXPeter much more than the other.

That was great! Just forget the plot and just have it be these two, it'd be one of the best romance comedies on this site!

That is the most ridiculous knight accent I ever heard. It's friggin' hilarious.

Are you going to be updating everyday until the story is finish?

Seriously her birthday is December 22? That's my birthday!! Lols XD

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