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This story is a sequel to What If? - Equestrian Avengers Chronicles: Age of Umbra

What if things had turned out differently from the original ending of the Spiders and Magic saga?

Laura Kinney, lastly known as X-23,was cloned from James Howlett, AKA the Wolverine. Somehow, she awakes from stasis in the land of Equestria with no explanation as to how she came to be. Now, she wants answers, and they’re tied to an old acquaintance. Prequel to Shattered Dimensions.

Collab with Azu

*Thanks to Commander Stelios, Regreme, Lord Lycaon, and cosmic flash for editing!

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Jeez. So she was there since before Mayday was even born? Holy crap! I kinda feel bad for Laura, but at the very least no time passed for her.

I'll be honest, I've rarely seen Spidey and X-23 interact, but I recognized the small banter from MvC3 and the gags with her and Twilight's voice. So, it seems they have some history. By the way, what exploding psychopath were they referring to?

And Logan, he may not have been involved with Laura for most of her life, but he's doing his best to be a father. He sacrificed his chance at happiness in Equestria just so she could have a fresh start. At lease he can trust Peter and Twilight to watch over her.

And with Laura, the Avengers have been formed. Starlight Glimmer is gonna regret coming out of hiding! :rainbowdetermined2:

So X-23 got brought to Equestria by Discord, but at the request of Logan... Interesting...

Once again, you guys have done an amazing job with this series! Vive le Spiders and Magic!

Peter totally took Dr. Strange's idea for an all females Defenders, lol. Still nice to see another non-Spider-Man hero in Equestria, plus it seems right, Peter won't feel so alone. He has his Aunt May and Felicia, but now he has a fellow hero that he'll be able to be around (Even if she dislikes him.)

Kinda wish Wolverine came too, I'm sure he would have loved Equestria, and he would have gotten along well with Fluttershy, oh well. But the whole thing about her being there for twenty years seems so weird, that could have gotten a better explanation but I'm cool with it. I wonder what other of Peter's old buddies Discord has somewhere.

Shame Electro returned to Marvel Earth, kinda hoped he could reform and join The Avengers, oh well. But I'm happy to see Discord again, Eris just doesn't have the same charm he does.

My personal favorite of the prequels honestly, because it has one of my favorite female heroes. This Avengers Team looks interesting, though they'll have to do something incredible to fully amaze me.

Happy that she is a clone and not from rule63 or what ever rule.

In comes Laura Kinney, the living legacy of the Wolverine! :rainbowkiss:

So twenty years ago during the final battle against Green Goblin on Earth, Logan had made a personal request to Discord that he send Laura to Equestria so that she can start anew there and put behind the horrible things that Weapon X had done to her and so she would not have to worry about her trigger sense endangering the lives of others around her. And so Discord complied and had her sent to Equestria after putting a stasis spell on her. But since he was so focused on his Sinister Six plan, he forgot about her and she spent the whole time in Tartarus until the spell eventually wore off.

While it was kind of a dick move of Logan to have Laura sent to Equestria without consent, I suppose he's only doing what he thinks is the best thing his "daughter" should have and deserve more than he does. He may have not gotten to know Laura in her childhood, but at least he could make sure that she doesn't fall down the same path he went on, and he knows that she'll be in good hands (or hooves rather) since he trusts Peter to watch over and help her every step of the way. And heck, hopefully this Laura will be spared the grief of hearing about Logan's death, that is if "The Death of Wolverine" has occurred on Earth.

And now the Avengers have a reserve member. Laura takes up the mantle of the Wolverine, as her way of honoring her "father" and her memories of him, and leaves to get her bearings around Equestria to grow more familiar and attached to it. If Peter and the Avengers ever need her help, and when they will need it, she'll be there to answer the call.

X-23 blinked as her demeanor softened, evident by her relaxed shoulders. However, a blank expression surfaced on her face. “Well, we didn’t leave each other on a good note the last time.”

:twilightsheepish: Laura still remembers that crazy thing Peter did with that fastball special.

Mayday shook her head, freeing herself from her self-induced trance before sharing a glance with the siren. “Oh, sorry. There’s just something about her voice.” She tapped a hoof against her chin in a pondering manner. “I swear that she sounds exactly like my mom.” Clearing her throat, the mare waved a hoof dismissively to avert the baffled gazes of everypony away from her. “Never mind. I’m overthinking nothing in particular. There’s no way that they’d have the same voice. That’s just… stupid.”

“Off-topic. Did I ever mention that your voice sounds exactly like my wife’s?”

:rainbowwild: Same voice actor joke! Now imagine both Twilight and Laura somehow talking at the same time or anyone, particularly Peter and Mayday, mistaking one's voice for the other and misunderstanding hilarity ensues. Could make that a running gag. :rainbowlaugh:

I like the idea that Peter will have an ally that he doesn't really get along with. Tension like that makes for some good drama. Also, seeing Umbra lose control was a neat little character moment.

However, there's a bit too much exposition here for my liking (even if some is necessary). Also, receiving the explanation for 23's arrival so quickly was a little bit disappointing. A little mystery goes a long way. Overall, it was an alright prequel. I can't wait for the main event. :raritywink:

Stasis for a long time, but that doesn't even really matter since she's in a different world entirely. Another great short-ish story though!
I have a feeling that Umbra's occasional loss of control when in deep rage will play a part in the future. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. We'll see :rainbowlaugh:

That bit about Laura having the same voice as Twilight. I guess there was a show where Tara dubbed Laura? I'll admit I'm not really even remotely full on knowledge about anything Marvel-related, so... yeah. I'll stick to that. Still, a nice touch.

Imagine the huge confusion when a shouting match happens, people/ponies who don't see Twi and Laura hear it, but they think it's just one person arguing with herself :rainbowlaugh:

You keep linking Azu in the description but It keeps taking me to a page that doesn't exist.

Laura is my favorite marvel girl. Thanks for bringing her to the ponyverse. :yay:

7777270 In the game, Marvel vs. Capcom 3, X-23 was voiced by Tara Strong, and Spidey was voiced by Josh Keaton.

7776973 Ah, I see. A little too much exposition. I can understand that.

Every team has a rebel that doesn't get along well with the leader or others. I think Laura completes the group now. :ajsmug:


7777422 7777772

Because apparently he doesn't type out my full user name for the link, as I generally just go by "Azu." So much that I hadn't even noticed or or thought that the link might be wrong until now. I think the same goes for Maximus.

So I just switched it back to Azu. Now the link should work! :pinkiecrazy:


Maximus pretty much handles almost all of the plot related elements in the stories. I can't take credit for any of that stuff. Besides, he's clearly better than me at storytelling anyways. I'm just a boring easy-going slice of life writer, where the characters progress the plot, not the plot progress the characters. On a scale of one to ten with one being pure slice of life and ten being pure action/adventure, I'd be a 2, while Maximus would be a 7 or an 8. :pinkiecrazy:

However... while I may not be able to do much more then provide input and feedback with plot and plot progression, (due to the plot-eccentric nature and genre spiders and magic falls into.) when it comes to characters and character development, that's where my hands are in the deepest. ...unless it's a marvel character. Then I am competently out of my element. :rainbowlaugh:

So far as characters go, the more MLP;FiM or "OC" they are, the more freedom and fun I have while working with Maximus to develop them. (Such as: Trixie, Mayday, The Dazzlings, Discord, ect.) Like Umbra for example. She is a lot of fun to write and interact with. shes quickly becoming one of my favorites. half of the avengers team is made up of characters I really like, while the rest are characters I either don't know very well or don't have too much of an opinion on.

However, regardless of your own thoughts or opinions, they are never an excuse to not try your best when writing all of the characters in a story. :moustache:

...I just spoil the ones I really like with more time and special attention. :trollestia:

I just clicked on your avatar to go to your page and I got the same page not found error. Weird.



Because I literally just changed it back to Azu seconds ago. :rainbowlaugh:

This was very well written and I like the fight scene with Laura and Umbra, that was epic. But Discord forgetting about her is just awful... I mean seriously I know you had your hands full discord, but come on how do you forget about someone that could literally murder everyone and walk away without a scratch.

Loving that comic

7777270 She was also voiced by Tara in Wolverine and The X-Men.

And I hope you will be delighting us with a scene of Twilight herself noticing that in the future, Maximus.

3 good stories to prepare us for what's in store :pinkiehappy: as always guys keep up the good work :raritywink:

I don't know if you'll do it but maybe in the new story line could we see Miles Morales:scootangel: It would be cool to see spider-mane's reaction to that

Interesting way to bring about The All-New Wolverine when the last we saw of the Marvel universe was in the 2000's I'd say.

Wolverine will certainly be a big help to the Equestrian Avengers.

I find it ironic that I only now got around to reading this after watching Logan.

“Oh! And I see Sonata’s come a long way. You even upgraded the aquarium for her. It seems to run through the entire place now. That makes me ask, though… does she need to stay in water that much? Every time I came home to visit, she was swimming.”

Peter edged closer to the mare, tapping a command into the keyboard. “She’s quite literally a fish out of water. That’s why I added a water line throughout every section of the castle. It’ll help Sonata get around. She’s actually faster in water than on land now.”

Mayday’s eyes widened. “Really? We clocked her in at three-hundred miles per hour once on land. How fast is she underwater?”

“Really fast. If the walls weren’t reinforced, Sonata would’ve leveled the entire castle with the shockwave she generated when she clocked in at mach three underwater,” Peter declared, nodding. “I would call her Aquagirl or Namorita, but I feel like that’d be copyright infringement.”

Peter, you're in another goddamn dimension. I don't think you'll have to worry about any lawyers going after you. Well, unless it's THIS one.
Am I giving you any ideas, Max? :ajsmug:

Mayday shook her head, freeing herself from her self-induced trance before sharing a glance with the siren. “Oh, sorry. There’s just something about her voice.” She tapped a hoof against her chin in a pondering manner. “I swear that she sounds exactly like my mom.” Clearing her throat, the mare waved a hoof dismissively to avert the baffled gazes of everypony away from her. “Never mind. I’m overthinking nothing in particular. There’s no way that they’d have the same voice. That’s just… stupid.”

It's no more stupid than sounding like a younger version of her own mother. :ajbemused:

8003758 Aight, can't complain there

7825141 Don't hold your breath, bud

Max doesn't do requests, he does whatever the hell he wants, everyone else's ideas be damned

7778107 Umm, this's Discord we're talking about, man

Since when did he give a damn about anyone but him, hisself and he

7777772 I can't say anything bad, cause I like Laura

But, the only thing I don't like about it is Discord

8130801 :ajbemused:
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8130809 Then to quote... well, you,

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If ever there were whining personified... it'd probably be the human asbestos infection living in the White House right now, but you'd DEFIENTELY give him a run for his money.

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