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There is a new danger threatening the Equestria and Peter Pony Parker/The Amazing Spider-Mane and his friends are here to save the day. However, this menace is far more greater and more dangerous than anything else Equestria had ever experienced before. Peter and Twilight must assemble a very special team of unique pony heroes along with an old friend from the past and together join forces in order to stop and prevail against this evil.

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At the beginning of the chapter you talk about four elemental but only mention three. Then after that you say they had a four way battle between the three groups. It is only after that that you mention Grogar.

Sorry, my bad. A little grammar mistake.

nice work, but I've seen that bit at the end before:

no one, or pony, escapes the eyes of the Watcher...

Alright, finally caught up with reading this. Not bad start so far, and a unique villain to face off. I'll keep an eye on this.

And I wonder what the Watcher is here for. He's not known to intervene, but only observe.

So this spin-off is now on fimfiction. Nice!

Apart from the few spelling and grammar mistakes, this looks like an interesting plot with Grogar as the antagonist. I'll give it a watch.

I wonder why Uatu the Watcher is here. He normally wouldn't break his vow to only observe unless it was absolutely necessary like if the fate of reality was at stake.

first half:
okay, I'll admit it: fairly certain that everyone, er, everyPONY was spot on character-wise as to how they'd react to the one who sees all...
second half:

alright, jokes aside...Uatu: I like story time as much as the next guy, but could we maybe get an explanation as to why you're choosing to interact with Equestria?

part 1:
well, I'll say this much: the ponies seem to be taking this pretty well...
part 2:
for some reason, I'm reminded of Aron, the renegade Watcher...
part 3:

7632128 What is the matter? Opalescence got your tongue?

7632268 (shrugs) sorry: I'm just at a loss for words to describe how AWESOME this was... :twilightsmile: :yay: :raritywink: :ajsmug: :rainbowkiss: :pinkiesmile: my kingdom for a "squee" emoticon for this site...

It has been worth for hard work. This was actually the longest chapter i have ever wrote so far.

Mmm. Ineterrsted in or wondering about Wolverine/Logan by the way?

7619389 Hey there. You know, I might have a question. About the site: Spiders and Magic earth 672, there are lots of spin-off in there, how come my story is not there yet? I am supposed to give it there somehow? And how?

:rainbowderp: credit where it's due: this chapter left me torn between cooing over Mayday's innocence and cringing at Peter's PTSD...

7695429 Um, if I remember correctly and thouhg I may guessing, it actually wasnt PTSD at all. Only a Nightmare Moon, trying to free herself from the seal of Peters magic that kept her back within Luna. Besides, this spin-off takes place nearly a three years before a fourth sequel of main story saga. So I make things my way.

There is also a good reaseon for me to bring Peters nightamre about Days of the Friendship Past events up in this spin-off. You will see.

Furthemore, arent you a little excited about mentioning Wolverine?


Um, if I remember correctly and thouhg I may guessing, it actually wasnt PTSD at all. Only a Nightmare Moon, trying to free herself from the seal of Peters magic that kept her back within Luna.

first off, I know that, but I think there might possibly be a little PTSD in there since Alicorn of Darkness or no, there IS some underlying trauma in there when all is said and done; secondly:

arent you a little excited about mentioning Wolverine?

I might have been...if I'd been able to place where he was in this chapter :ajbemused: seriously: the hype only holds up in one chapter if it was clearly carried over from another...

Guys....About this chapter....The part where Peter, Mayday and Dr. Hooves were discussing things about Time Dilation Accelerator/Dimensional Dilation Accelerator, there was lots of mentions and theories about science, mathematics and technology.

To tell the truth and funny thing though is that I had never actually been very good or familiar with this kind of "sciency staff" at all. Yet, I have been doing my best to put it all rogether somehow, like physics, time travel, parallel universees, dimensional portals wormholes, Einsteins theory of relativity etc.

So...If there were any sort of mistake or uncertanity about science, you are free to inform or give me a notice anytime.
I would be glad to learn soemthing new and lesson.

uh where's little bengamin

can't wait for more I'll b waiting my friend keep me posted thanks

7563788 that's ok it happens to most of us

I'm liking this story

Wow that was the most amazing and awesome chapter my friend l can't wait for the next uploads for this story

Awesome chapter my friend and I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story thanks

I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story

Hey guys. If I shall say to myself, the last four images are personally of my very own creation. If you would like to know and see more, go to deviantart and see by yourself.

About Luna, her original design was and looked like way more simple and the least sophisticated, but I had eventually decided to redesign her dress to that one original she had and wore during her stay on Earth in Spiders and Magic Rise of Spider-Mane because it simply looks cool on her, looking like a true princess. Literally.

Didn't you used to have more stories?

No. Not exactly. Funny....This is actually my very first story in the process on Fimfiction. And this one is a little bit unique one. He will be long and it may take a long time before finish, but I assure you it would be worth it.

How come Masterob's Spiders and Magic stories have a sex tag, but this story doesn't?

Why didn't you respond to my comment?

Because unlike Masterorb, I have decided to make my story a little bit mor bolder, excited and adventurous, more likely something like "Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes" or "Transformers Prime" series yet just like Maximus, there are also some hillarious and funny moments in there as well.

You need an editor; I found several gramer errors.

Um. Sorry about that. But.....You still like the chapter, dont you?

Guys. I am truly sorry for some and various of these grammar mistakes and gaps I make in my writings. It is perhaps due the fact that I am not an American but an European, from Czech Republic, yet I am also quite busy in my job, so perhaps I write it just a little too fast or maybe a bit without much considering so I could finally finish the story. I can speak English very well, yet with my writing……

Hope at least the plot and background of my story might made up for those grammar mistakes and gaps….

So far, this just might be arguably the best of Peters/Spider-Manes fight scenes in the entire story, with Apheliote the griffon mercenary being quite an opponent and quite fitting and gaining his place into Spideys rogue gallery in Equestrian like style.

And.....Once again sorry for some gaps in my writing.

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