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"If you’re writing fiction, it’s a great idea to have a plot. It will coordinate your thoughts and add consistency to the text." -Lydia


Update and Name change · 2:41pm Jul 23rd, 2018

An update on the next chapter. It's still in the rough draft stages but it's coming along so it wont be a year before it updates like last time. More importantly, I'm considering changing the name of the story itself to "The Dusk Shine Anomaly" since I kind of misunderstood what Anthology meant. I figured since each chapter was it's own little story arc like the episodes in the show that it qualified but since each chapter is chronological and connected in a larger arc it doesn't.

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Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

*shrug* It was worth it.

Thank you so much for adding Was It Worth It? to your bookshelf! :twilightsmile:

Oh that, I said that the Doom RPG gave Doomguy the surname Blazkowicz so people speculated that he was a descendant of BJ. There’s also the fact that in the Wolfinstine RPG, the final boss is a giant brown goat demon who you kill by blowing of his arm and leg so a lot of people think that was the cyberdemon before he got his robot parts. Officially it’s unconfirmed one way or the other as Doom’s creators only ever saw the story as an excuse to kill demons on Mars.

Nah. The BJB/Doomduy thing.

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